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SNS Peak02 Review

Serious Nutrition Solutions has always thrived where so many other companies have come up short; with a major single ingredient line full of some of the most popular, clinically dosed and patented ingredients on the market.  We’ve reviewed numerous products that contain Peak O2 before, but we haven’t really dove deep into the science to find out what makes Peak O2 so great!  What makes this review even more fun is we were also able to test Peak O2 at a higher dose than many other supplements use; 2g per serving. Keep scrolling to find out about one of our favorite ingredients on the market in SNS Peak O2!

What is PEAK O2?  Although Peak O2 is marketed under the SNS label, it is actually a patented ingredient formulated by Compound Solutions.  The same company that brought some well known favorites like Vaso6, Teacrine, Dynamine, and MANY more! Peak O2 is an organic-certified combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the U.S.  For those unaware of what adaptogens are, they are essentially a group of herbs, roots, or in this case, fungi, that help the body adapt to and resist physical and cognitive stressors to keep the body in a stat of equilibrium.  These adaptogens work to restore the body’s normal physiological function while also helping you to recover from both short-term and long-term stressors. Each 3-capsule serving provides 2,000mgs of blended Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail mushrooms.  Through this combination of mushrooms, Peak O2 can improve athletic performance, cognitive performance, and greatly improve your endurance!

What are its benefits? Instead of a nice, long running paragraph, it’s a lot easier for us to list the benefits that come along with supplementing Peak O2. So, checkout the noted benefits list we’ve compiled from user feedback and a variety of clinical trials!

• Improved Energy- This multifaceted benefit can be applied to more than just improving training.  By helping your body adapt to stress, (i.e. poor sleep or sleep schedules, dieting for a show etc.) adaptogens like Peak O2 can help improve your natural energy levels.  Ever feel “drained” after along day at school or the office and you haven’t even made it to the gym yet? Peak O2 can help with that!  Speaking of the gym, where are all our stimulant fanatics out there?  Peak O2 is going to help you get more out of your supplement stack, especially your preworkout.  Many users have reported supplementing with Peak O2 has helped them feel “re-energized” when taken in conjunction with their pre-workout.  Over time your body gets used to the stimulants and that can take a toll on your adrenals and natural energy.  Using Peak O2 can provide a “reset” like effect to help you get more out of your stimulants, while also improving your body’s natural energy levels!  Talk about a win/win!

• Improved Endurance- This is an aspect where Peak O2 really shines.  Multiple human trials have shown that Peak O2 greatly improve your endurance levels through multiple biological pathways.  The first is improvement on blood-lactate levels or reduction of that “burn” feeling on high rep sets, cardio, or distance activities.  Studies suggest that Peak O2 can also help to improve oxygen consumption and as a result, increase users time-to-exhaustion. One study had even demonstrated that supplementing with Peak O2 improved time-to-exhaustion by 70 seconds; meaning users were able to push their bodies to the absolute limit for 70 seconds LONGER than without using Peak02!

• Improved Recovery- As a direct result to improved oxygen uptake, reduction of physical and cognitive stress, and improving your bodies ability to adapt to physical demands, Peak O2 is a valuable resource when it comes to improving your daily recovery

• Improved Power Output- Studies showed that supplementing with 4g of Peak O2 daily (2 servings or 6 capsules) for 7 days had improved peak power output 17.6% in athletes!

• Improved Performance- Studies have shown that Peak O2 can also improve performance by supporting ATP (energy) production- a key component to improved power and endurance.  Of course, without relisting everything above, it’s clear to see how Peak O2 can be a pivotal component to any performance enhancing stack!

• Easily Stackable- Because Peak O2 is simply a perfect blend of 6 key adaptogen mushrooms, it’s non stim, non-habit forming, and easily stackable in ANY supplement regimen.  In fact, adaptogens like Peak O2 work better with time; meaning a long run with no breaks will benefit you more than just using it here and there!

• Not to mention, Peak O2 is grown organically, is non-allergenic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and has received the Informed-Sport and Informed Choice seal of approval!

Price Point: We love buying direct from companies like SNS because of the quality of their products and their outstanding customer service.  While we do not have a discount code for SNS directly, they do run frequent sales and have markdowns on a variety of products almost daily! There are TONS of stores that carry SNS products as well, so if you’d like to buy from a supplement shop rather than direct, or even on amazon, you certainly can.  With that in mind, the 180-capsule bottle of Peak O2 is actually on sale at the moment for $36.99 ($49.99 originally).  For a just over 50 cents per serving and a bottle that would last you 2 months if you worked out EVERY day, that is an insane deal!  As we said you may even get lucky and be able to find it cheaper elsewhere but for $37 or under, this patented product is a steal.

Our Experience: We say this in every Peak O2 review but, we LOVE this stuff.  Peak O2 is one of the single most useful ingredients in the supplement world today.  We’ve been supplementing with 3 capsules (2,000mg 1 serving) during our workout days only and have been pleasantly surprised with how well things have been going.  We can already tell our recovery is improving and sleep has become deeper and more restful.  Workouts have gone great; our strength has increased, endurance has shot through the roof, and cardio post workout has no longer become a chore!  Our rest times have decreased substantially and we find ourselves much more focused during our sessions.  Energy is up and were no longer “2 scooping” our preworkout.  If nothing else, the money saved on daily energy drinks alone is enough for us to pick up another bottle of Peak O2 to have on tap.  As our first experience with Peak O2 as a standalone, we can see why this ingredient is in so many different sports supplements—and more importantly why seeing Peak O2 on the label alone is a reason to buy a product! We’re so happy to see that SNS has added Peak O2 to their line up for such an affordable price.  As one of the most stackable products in the game, we highly recommend you head over to Serious Nutrition Solutions or a store where their Peak O2 is solid and pick up a bottle or two.  It will change your workouts FOREVER and will quickly become a staple in your supplement stack.




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