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InnovaPharm Cut and Dry Review

InnovaPharm Cut and Dry Review

Cortisol; we can’t live with it, and we certainly can’t live without it. This tricky little hormone plays a MAJOR role in countless body functions. Made by your adrenal glands, cortisol is often referred to the “fight-or-flight” hormone as it manages stressors but can also control how your body metabolizes macronutrients, regulates inflammation and blood pressure, controls your sleep cycle, and can keep you feeling energized naturally! Too little cortisol and you’re at risk for a condition called Addison’s disease that results in changing of skin tones, chronic fatigue, muscle fatigue, loss of appetite, low blood pressure and more. Too much cortisol and you’re facing symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, a higher risk for heart disease, weight gain, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, trouble sleeping, and the list goes on! While low levels of cortisol are more uncommon, excess levels of cortisol could be exactly what is causing your hard earned work at the gym to fall by the wayside. So, if we know the importance of cortisol control, how can we better balance it to help us achieve our health and fitness goals? Proper diet, sleep, and exercise can certainly help, but if you’re looking for an extra edge, our friends at InnovaPharm may have came up with the cheat code you’re looking for. Enter Cut + Dry, InnovaPharm’s newest topical product and cortisol control agent.

Cut + Dry is the perfect addition to your fat burning stack when you have your diet and exercise regimen in check but are looking for a non-stimulant boost that extends far beyond the realms of traditional fat burning. We had the opportunity to run a bottle of Cut + Dry for a full month leading up to this review, and we are also going to tell you a little more about the active ingredient Beta-Androstenetriol and what to expect on your first run of Cut + Dry.

What is Cut + Dry and How do I use it?

Cut + Dry is a cutting-edge physique enhancement gel that was formulated to help regulate cortisol, burn fat, and reduce catabolism (muscle breakdown). The minds over at InnovaPharm created Cut+ Dry as a gel due to the bioavailability of its active ingredients. So many natural anabolics and metabolites, much like Beta-Androstenetriol, come in the form of a pill or powder and yet, they cannot be absorbed nearly as well as a topical gel. Chris Yandoli, InnovaPharm’s CEO, created Cut + Dry with the best topical absorption enhancers on the market to ensure the active ingredient makes it into the blood stream for maximum cortisol manipulation. Cut + Dry is safe for both men and women and does not require post cycle therapy (PCT) after finishing.

Cut + Dry application is simple, shake the bottle vigorously before use and start by applying two pumps twice daily to a thin, hairless skin area for best results. The best areas for application sites are the chest, inner arms, thighs, lower back or shoulder areas. We recommend you space out your application times, one upon waking and around evening or bed time. Make sure that skin is dry and clean before applying for best results!

What can I expect?

Cut + Dry can be taken for a maximum of 8 weeks before an off period is needed. Although a full bottle should last you about a month, you should start to expect to see some results within the first few applications! Some of the effects you should notice are:

• Fat loss/Weight loss: As a direct result of controlled cortisol, you will begin to see fat loss in some of those stubborn spots. No, the gel does not work as a spot reducing cream, but rather can help you to target the larger fat stores or shed unwanted body fat in those hard to target areas (arms, inner thighs, lower abdomen)

• Muscle preservation: If you’re using Cut + Dry on a cut or caloric deficit, don’t worry about losing those hard-earned gains. Less or optimally balanced cortisol while in a caloric deficit can be the biggest game changer when it comes to getting peeled.

• Reduced Inflammation: While you still should expect some DOMS and soreness post workout, proper cortisol control can result in improved inflammation response. This means you’ll experience regular muscle breakdown but won’t have laboring joints for days after your workout.

• Improved Sleep: Keeping cortisol in check means less stress and a better circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). A better sleep cycle means better recovery; and better recovery means you can hit the gym feeling your best more frequently. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy catching a great night’s sleep and actually feeling refreshed when waking?

• Controlled Stress Levels: While this may not be something you “feel”, it is something to take note of. You may notice yourself responding more calmly to physically and emotionally challenging situations. With regards to exercise, you may likely not experience that “burnout” some do while dieting and/or increasing their activity levels, allowing you to continue training hard on less calories, leading to enhanced physique adaptations. Controlled stress levels can also improve your sense of well-being, happiness, and motivation!

• Improved Immune Function: This may be another aspect you don’t always feel, but being able to manage stressors, regulate sleep, and support healthy inflammation are all key roles to keeping the common cold out of your body. We’ve all been at a point where we feel so run down that we contract a cold or other illness—cortisol control plays a major role in avoiding that.

• Preventing Effects of Cortisol Imbalance: As we mentioned above, having high levels of cortisol cruising through your body can provide numerous negative side effects. Aside from the ones listed above, controlling cortisol can regulate blood glucose levels, improve digestion, regulate blood pressure, and keep a healthy appetite. All of which are major keys to overall well-being!

InnovaPharm Cut and Dry Review

Price Point: As with most hormonal modulators or potent natural anabolics of this magnitude, it’s expected to carry a hefty price tag. InnovaPharm has Cut + Dry listed currently at $79.99 per bottle. While an $80 a month supply is a bit pricy, entering MODERN30 at checkout will get you 30% off bringing your total down from $80-$56. Plus, InnovaPharm will run single product and stack sales from time to time so sign up for their news letter or check back frequently to get an even better deal than that!

Our Thoughts after 30 Days of Use:

We’ve learned to be pretty skeptical about natural anabolics, topicals, and tincture-based products because they can be so hit or miss depending on the person, however Cut + Dry has completely changed our view on the power of cortisol modulators, especially of the topical variety. The application process is simple, two pumps twice daily— we found it easiest if you apply directly out of the shower and then use a warm washcloth on a different body site before bed to warm and soften the skin for the second application. The scent is light and clean, with a slight hint of alcohol as most topicals will have. It dries extremely quick and doesn’t leave a sticky or slimy residue upon drying (great if you have little ones or pets at home). Now for our results.

We went on a month long mini-cut to see what we could accomplish for summer and documented a few things:

• We had a 7lb loss in 31 days: Most of the weight appeared to be from the lower abdomen and inner thighs which was totally unexpected. Cut + Dry really did target the stubborn hard to work areas where we hold fat.

• Multiple Gym PRs: We managed to set multiple personal bests both in weight and rep/time PR’s over the course of the month. Some of which included back squat, deadlifts, and many dumbbell/machine movements. We felt stronger on a “cut” than we ever have during a bulking phase!

• No cravings: Despite being in a caloric deficit ranging from 200-800 calories, we never once experienced a craving for sweets or comfort foods (fried food/fast foods). Appetite suppression wasn’t a key player in our run but we were able to stay on track with our diet plan without any hiccups.

• Improved Joint Health: As expected, DOMS didn’t decrease but painful knees, shoulders, and elbows did. For the first time in a long time we were able to perform back squats and bench presses without knee or elbow sleeves. Nagging injuries and pains seemed to diminish alongside cracking and popping joints.

• Improved digestion: While this was not something we expected, digestion seemed to be nearly flawless during our run. While this could be a combination of the foods we ate, nutrient timing, and quality of foods consumed, we did not experience any bloating or GI issues during our full run.

• Improved recovery: While soreness was still evident, we worked out in some capacity 29/31 total days we used Cut + Dry. Our body felt great and our off days were not because we needed them—we certainly could have pushed for 31/31 if we wanted to!

• Improved Mood: This aspect cannot be stressed (no pun intended) enough. Our stress levels seemed to be at an all time low despite work, training, life, and even during this Covid crisis. Small worries seemed to fade away and we approached everyday with a much calmer and level headed attitude. Our day-to-day life may not be as stressful as some of our readers, but we can certainly say that Cut + Dry allowed us to take the stress in stride better than we ever had.

• Improved Libido: This may have been the most noticeable effect out of them all. Libido was through the roof during our entire run and even so post- bottle. When you realize how much cortisol plays a role in aspects like libido and sexual health, it definitely makes you want to regulate it as well as you can!

Saying we were impressed with our Cut+ Dry run is an understatement. We already have a second bottle on the way and after our 8-week break, we will certainly be running it into the fall as well. If you are looking to shed those last few pounds for summer, or just need help finishing off your cut, then Cut + Dry is your go to! If you’re looking to regulate your cortisol better, modulate hormones better, and improve your day to day life then we recommend giving Cut + Dry a run too! InnovaPharm CEO Chris Yandoli said it best when he mentioned InnovaPharm “struck gold” with this formulation. If you’re tired of overpriced underperforming supplements, you won’t be disappointed with InnovaPharm’s Cut + Dry.

InnovaPharm Cut and Dry Review



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