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Innovapharm Elderberry Immunity Gummies

InnovaPharm’s recent release of their “Essentials” series was predicated on providing users with foundational supplements dedicated to improve their health, wellness, and longevity.  The series contains many single ingredient, and a few multi-ingredient supplements that are great as a standalone or make the perfect addition to your current health and wellness regimen or sports supplement stack.  Today, we’re focusing on one of the general health and wellness essentials, their Elderberry Immunity Gummies. As we enter the cold and flu season, making sure your immune system is in tip top shape should be your number one priority—at least it is for us; and what better (and tastier) way than with InnovaPharm’s newest immunity product!  We’ve been using these daily for the last month or so, and although this isn’t something you necessarily “feel” working, we can confirm we’ve felt great, with no signs or symptoms of a cold, the flu. 

Keep reading below to find out more about InnovaPharm’s newest Elderberry Immunity Gummies and learn what Elderberry extract can do for your immune system!

What is Elderberry? The elderberry is a dark purple berry that comes from the European or Black elder tree.  The berries are harvested, cooked down, and can be made into a concentrated extract (as seen in the Elderberry Immunity Gummies), a syrup, juices, jams, wines, and more!  Numerous parts of the elderberry tree can be used in culinary or medicinal ways and have been for 100’s of years!  Let’s take a dive into what we consider a true superfood and even a super-supplement!

• Rich in macro/micronutrients: Like most berries, elderberries are low in fat and are a good source of carbohydrates, however it is higher in fiber than most berries.  It also is rich in vitamin C, flavanols, and anthocyanins which are important antioxidants (explained below).

• Rich in Antioxidants/Anti-Inflammatories:  When we talk about antioxidants, Vitamin E often gets brought up because of its powerful antioxidant function and ease of consumption as it’s found in seeds, nuts, green vegetables and vegetable oils.  By comparison, elderberry extract has over 3x the antioxidant power as vitamin E.  The antioxidants present appear in the form of phenolic acids, flavanols, and anthocyanins which also provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect (and provide the berries with their dark color).

• May improve cold and flu symptoms:  Studies have shown that elderberry extracts have been shown to reduce the severity and length of the influenza virus and cold symptoms.  Studies shown that individuals supplementing with 175mg of elderberry extract (just 25mg more than 2 Elderberry Immunity Gummies) for two days showed a reduction in flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle aches, and congestion.  Other studies showed that symptom improvement occurred in just 2-4 days rather than 7+ in a placebo group.

• Variety of other health benefits:   Outside of the powerful antioxidant effects and immune system benefits, elderberries have been also been associated with improved heart health, cancer inhibiting benefits, UV radiation protection, anti-depressant properties, and improving blood sugar levels.

You can can see, elderberries and elderberry extract are an EXCELLENT ingredient when it comes to improving overall health and wellness!

Ingredient Profile:  InnovaPharm’s Elderberry Immunity Gummies have a relatively small ingredient list and provide minimal in the macronutrient department.  Each serving (2 gummies) provides 20 calories and only 5g of carbs/sugar.  The highlight ingredient is, you guessed it, 150mg of Elderberry Extract at a 30:1 ratio, but the gummies also contain 100mg of Vitamin C (111% DV) and 10mg of Zinc (91% DV). We’ve explained all the benefits of elderberry extract already but it’s important to note that the 30:1 ratio signifies a 30x concentrate of the extract—one of the highest you can find on the market!  As we know vitamin C provides a host of benefits to help with the immune system, formation of collagen, absorption of iron, and so on.  We all know vitamin C is a key aspect in immune function so including it in the gummies is a no-brainer.  You may be thinking to yourself, why zinc?  Well, zinc plays a key role in multiple body functions such as brain function, immune system, and testosterone support. Zinc plays a role in antioxidant enzymes and has been shown to reduce frequency of contracting an illness.  On top of that zinc plays a huge role in balancing electrolytes, hormones, and can improve symptoms of depression or improve acne if zinc levels are low. If you follow a standard American diet, you may find yourself zinc deficientwhich can put you at risk for illnesses.   The combination of vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry extract make for the perfect immune support trifecta!

Price Point:  If you head over to InnovaPharm’s website, you can select from two sizes, a 60-count bottle  (30 day supply) or 120-count bottle (60 day supply).  The 60-count bottle will run you $29.99 while the 120-count runs you $49.99.  Of course, throwing in code MODERN30 for 30% off your cart at checkout will bring your 60-count bottle down to around $21 and the 120-count bottle down to about $35 (which is a STEAL!).  We think this is an incredible cost for a great immune support product, and comparing it to the cost of doctor’s visit, or some prescription medicine to help with that cold, flu, or infection, and we know what we’d take ANY day of the week!

Our Thoughts: You can probably tell by now how much we love the Innovapharm Elderberry Immunity Gummies and we haven’t even addressed flavor yet!  Of course, InnovaPharm knocks it out of the park again, and this time, the flavor made us feel a little nostalgic.  The gummies come in a “berry” flavor, but they really taste JUST like our childhood favorite snack, the Fruit Roll-Up.  The gummies are sweet, with a little bit of sour to them, but tastes just like those delicious fruit snacks mom used to throw in our lunch box.  We know that so many gummy supplements can take a turn for the worst with a bitter flavor and a chalky residue left in your mouth after you chew for a bit, but not these Elderberry Gummies.  What an awesome flavor, consistency, and overall tasty product!

As for results, well, you don’t really have results from a product like this!  In fact, no results can be considered good results on our end, as in, not getting sick. We’ve supplemented just 1 serving (2 per day), normally in the morning upon waking and haven’t felt any type of sickness over the past month!  If you do start to feel a little off and think you may be coming down with an illness, InnovaPharm does state on the directions that you can supplement up to 6 gummies per day (2 gummies spread out over 3 times).  We’re not excited to get sick, but know that InnovaPharm will have our back when we do; and we ARE excited to put the Immunity Gummies to the test! As cold and flu season approaches, take control of your immune system and prepare your body for success.  Elderberry Immunity Gummies provide you with three of the most critical ingredients you can supplement with to promote a healthy immune system, packed into 2 delicious gummies per day!  If you’re ready to get serious about your immune system, head on over to InnovaPharm’s website and checkout their Elderberry Immunity Gummies.  While you’re over there, take a look at the other products in their Essentials line and don’t forget MODERN30 at checkout to get 30% off your entire order!




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