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Write for Us!



Content (written and video) we are looking for includes:

  • Muscle building, training articles and guides that are rich with take home advice and/or tips.

  • Nutrition and supplementation articles or guides that provide readers with meal plans, specific recommendations and/or tips.

  • Healthy recipes that include macronutrient counts per serving along with a quality photo(s).

  • Specific workout plans designed to help men and women build muscle, lose fat, improve sports performance, increase strength, bring up weak body parts, improve their general health and wellness, improve mobility/flexibility.

  • Fat loss or lean mass gain articles and guides that assist men and women in reaching their physique and wellness goals.

  • Yoga articles and guides that include poses, benefits of yoga and/or meditation, etc.

  • Fitness Travel Writers for wellness/yoga resorts, Crossfit, Health and Wellness Retreats

  • Fitness Lifestyle and wellness coaching 

  • Holistic and alternative health 

Submission Criteria:

  • Professionally edited prior to submission to the best of your ability

  • Content must be original; owned by you as the writer and not previously published to any other content websites

  • As a writer providing health and wellness related content, you must be a licensed/certified professional in you respective field. You may be asked to provide verification of certifications/education

  • Provide sources at the conclusion of your article for any claims that are not accepted or known as general knowledge (no in-text citations necessary) 

  • Free of spelling and common grammatical errors.

  • Free of punctuation, capitalization and apostrophe errors.

  • Minimum of 500 words in length. This applies to articles only. Workouts and recipes have no minimum word count, as long as the content is clear and comprehensive.

  • Please include a short bio with links to relevant business/personal social media handles (facebook, instagram, twitter)



Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for us to review your work! We will be sure to reach out if we are interested in publishing your piece! Thank you for your interest in writing for us!

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