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It doesn’t matter if you’re a strength athlete, Olympic lifter, or bodybuilder, if you’ve weight trained at some point in your life, you have probably achieved a good pump. And if you’re ANYTHING like us, you find a good pump pretty addicting—so much so that some of our workouts are even predicated on JUST getting the muscle as full as possible! This makes our review even more fitting given the name of the product we’ve been testing out. Pump Addict, one of the strongest and most complete pre-workout products you may not have heard about yet! Pump Addict is formulated by Muscle Addiction, a company that’s been around for a while but more notably known for a few of their more “hardcore” products like ECA Stack and EpiAndro300. Don’t be fooled by the name, Pump Addict is more than just some glycerol and citrulline. In fact, this 12-ingredient formula boasts a 3-pronged complex bringing together pump, energy and focus, plus absorption ingredients to take your workout to the next level! After our first dose, we knew this was going to be a fan favorite—so why not let our readers in on one of the industry’s best kept secrets? Keep reading below to find our full review and breakdown of Muscle Addiction’s newest pre-workout, Pump Addict. Flavors: Pump Addict is currently available in 2 flavors; Candy Explosion and Blue Raspberry Lemonade. We’ve heard great things about the Blue Raspberry Lemonade but have only had a chance to try Candy Explosion. Here’s our thoughts; at first, you get a sweet, generic candy flavor with a slightly bitter undertone. There’s no real resemblance to any specific candy and has no hints of tartness throughout. The bitterness is evident only on the tail end of your sip and goes away a few seconds after consumption. The recommendation is to use 1 scoop in 6-12oz of water—we found about 8oz being the “sweet” spot for Candy Explosion. If you have a sweet tooth but may be picky on your likes/dislikes than this is a safe, sweet flavor you’ll definitely enjoy! Mixability: Again, the recommendation is to use 6-12oz of water per scoop and we found the sweet spot to be slightly more, around 10-12oz for best mixability. Don’t get us wrong, the product mixes fairly well given the sheer amount of ingredients included per scoop. At the lower ends (6-8oz) the product mixes okay but there are some particles floating and settling occurring in the bottom of the cup; requiring some shaking/stirring in between sips. At 10-12oz the product mixes almost completely with very little settling in between sips. We found anything more than 12oz up to 20oz per scoop enhances mixability slightly but can inhibit the true flavor of the product. For optimal flavor and mixability we recommend sticking around 8-10oz per scoop! Ingredient Profile: With a 12-ingredient list, strap in and get ready for a load of information ahead. The label is dosed for either 1 or 2 scoops and will be labelled accordingly on our breakdown. We will break down the ingredients by the 3 main aspects of Pump Addict; Pump, Energy, and Absorption. Check out our full breakdown below

Pump Addict Ultra Hardcore Pump Matrix L-Citrulline- 3,000mg/6,000mg- We love L-Citrulline for so many of its positive effects including its ability to convert to nitric oxide. Studies have shown that L-Citrulline promotes vasodilation and can improve blood flow, enhance recovery, and reduce fatigue (DOMS included!). Citrulline has also been noted to improve recovery out of the gym, not just between sets. Long term supplementation of Citrulline has shown to improve your body’s ability to resynthesize ATP which directly correlates to its endurance improving benefits. Due to its vasodilation properties, Citrulline is the perfect component to add alongside agmatine and Vaso6 to improve uptake and pump those muscles full of blood and nutrients. Most studies show that the sweet spot is 3,000 mg of L-Citrulline to reap all the benefits but you can get up to 6g using a 2-scoop dose! Betaine Anhydrous- 1,500mg/3,000mg- Also known as Trimethylglycine, Betaine is one of our favorite supplements for increased athletic performance. Betaine works in a similar way to Creatine, although the mechanisms by which it works are different. Betaine works by promoting cell hydration and resilience to stressors while also increasing muscular endurance, power output, and total workout volume. One of the neat things about Betaine Anhydrous is it works better the longer you take it. You may not notice huge benefits within your first few doses but within a couple weeks Betaine will surely leave lasting effects. So why in a pump product? Simple, replenishing the body with Betaine can help you maintain hydration at a cellular level. Hydrated cells= improved pump! Agmatine Sulfate- 500mg/1,000mg- Agmatine Sulfate is known as a great pump agent and nitric oxide potentiator as well as a nitric oxide extender. Agmatine has been shown to inhibit arginase, the enzyme that degrades arginine. This helps to prolong the effects that arginine (or citrulline malate) have on your body. Combine this with GlycerPump and Super Spinach and you’ll be walking around for hours after your workout with full, solid muscles. Agmatine has also been shown to increase Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Growth Hormone (GH) with prolonged supplementation VASO6- 150mg/300mg- Vaso-6 has become one of the most commonly used ingredients in pre-workouts, some fat burners, and tons pump-based products the last couple years. Vaso6 is a patented form of green tea oligomer that has been shown to be quite possibly the BEST vasodilator on the market today. Vaso6 is comprised Studies have shown that the standard dose of Vaso6 (300mg) is 10x more effective than 7 GRAMS of arginine! You read that right, 7 grams or 7,000mgs of arginine. Studies also suggest that Vaso6 can increase vasodilation by 50% at the standard dose of 300mgs. With increased vasodilation comes numerous benefits. Many clinical trials suggested that Vaso6 not only enhanced blood flow, but also improved glucose uptake (important for cellular energy and metabolism), reduced fatigue, improved strength, and better recovery. What makes Vaso6 so special is that although it can be used for enhanced energy and performance, it is non-stimulant and can be stacked with pretty much ANY other supplement! Stim Addict Fast Acting, Long Lasting Intense Energy & Focus Complex Caffeine Anhydrous- 150mg/300mg- We say this far too often but the gold standard of energy supplements. Each school of Pump Addict Provides you with 150mg of caffeine; light enough for the stim sensitive but combined with the other ingredients in Pump Addict, perfect for the stim addict. Expect energy, improvements in strength, improved cognition, mind to muscle connection, and a host of other performance enhancing benefits due to its synergy with ingredients like Dynamine, VASO6, TeaCrine, and more! N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine- 150/300mg: Labeled often as Eria Jarensis extract, N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine makes a strong case for our favorite nootropic/stimulant compound of all time, Eria Jarensis is one of the most powerful nootropic ingredients on the market today. Studies suggest that this ingredient can improve cognition, memory, along with focus and alertness. Eria Jarensis has also been shown to improve natural energy levels, without the use of a stimulant or adaptogen. We’ve seen and heard its comparison to DMAA take over the supplement industry as it provides long lasting focus, energy, and will have you feeling more focused and locked in than ever! Combined with Choline, caffeine, and Rhodiola, 75mg of Eria Jarensis makes for a MASSIVE cognition booster. Theobromine- 100mg/200mg: Theobromine is another mild stimulant that acts on a similar pathway to dopamine. Theobromine can be used as a vasodilator, stimulant, as well as an aid to assist in brain health. Although no nootropic-like effects have been noted with theobromine, its ability to signal dopamine-like reactions make it a perfect combo to synergize with other stimulants and nootropics. Essentially, theobromine provides an extra boost and keeps that energy going without the anxiety and jitters. Dynamine (Methylliberine)- 87.5mg/175mg: Much Like TeaCrine below, Dynamine is a patented ingredient created by Compound Solutions that is thought of as a faster version of Teacrine (Theacrine). Dynamine works through similar mechanisms as Theacrine and caffeine but the effects vary. Where caffeine and Theacrine give you long lasting energy, Dynamine is thought of as a quick hitter without the crash. It has benefits such as increased energy, elevated mood, improved focus, and improves synergistically with caffeine with one major difference; its noticeable within 15~ minutes after supplementing! Not only does it hit quick, but it doesn’t cause an elevation in heart rate or blood pressure, ultimately leaving you with a massive boost of energy without the jitters. Not to mention coupling this with ingredients such as caffeine and Eria Jarensis above and TeaCrine below, only enhance the effects of Dynamine!

TeaCrine (Theacrine)- 50mg/100mg: One of our all-time favorite sports supplement ingredients and possibly the most synergistic ingredient on the market today, TeaCrine not only provides a long-lasting stimulant effect, mood elevation, mental focus, and other cognitive benefits, but it also ENHANCES the ingredients its s paired with! That’s right, as if the other stimulants weren’t enough, TeaCrine enhances the energy, focus, and thermogenic effect you’ll get with caffeine and green tea extract. The standard dose of Teacrine is around 300mg but a modest 50-100mg still offers smooth energy, focus, and an intensity boost to your workout. KannaEase- 12.5mg/25mg: Also known as Sceletium Tortuosum extract, KannaEase is known for its nootropic effects as well as its anti-anxiety and stress relieving effects. Users often report improved cognition, sense of well-being, improved mood, and improved feelings of motivation. Studies have also reported that supplementing with KannaEase, especially in a pre-workout, has the ability to enhance the effects of other ingredients as well. When stacked alongside other nootropic or neuro-boosting products Sceletium works synergistically and increase effectiveness of both ingredients! Studies have shown that this ingredient also has the potential to increase blood flow which makes it the perfect addition to so many pre workouts, nootropics, energy enhancers, and more! We’ve loved KannaEase ever since we first reviewed it back in 2018. Rauwolscine- 1.5mg/3mg: The last and smallest dosed ingredient is actually one of our favorites in this formula! Rauwolscine resembles the effects of the popular Yohimbine without the anxiety that some people receive with it. Some individuals love yohimbine for its ability to increase energy, reduce the formation of fat, and its potential to improve energy. With that being said, many users of yohimbine get a nervous, anxious, or panicked feeling when taking the ingredient. That’s where Rauwolscine saves the day. Users report none of these negative side effects and even report its ability to act as an aphrodisiac for some users. Talk about a win/win! Maximum Absorption Component Astragin- 25mg/50mg: Astragin is undoubtedly one of the most underrated ingredients in pre-workouts. AstraGIN is the ingredient that makes Super Swole and any other supplement for that matter, the best version it can be. Astragin is a top-quality absorption enhancer and bioavailability preserver when paired with other ingredients. What this means is Astragin makes sure that the nutrients you want are being delivered into the blood stream safely, effectively, and at the amounts that should be getting delivered. Essentially, Astragin is the vehicle that provides all the goodies inside Pump Addict into your blood stream to make sure you’re getting exactly what the nutrition label says. Price Point: Like most popular pre-workouts in today’s industry, Pump Addict comes with a 40/20 serving label depending on how many scoops you use. A tub runs you $39.99 and at the 40 serving (1 scoop) dose $1/serving is a GREAT deal for all that you’re getting. Using 2 scoops however, makes this tub a bit pricier, at $2/serving. Although $2 per serving is right around the price of your favorite energy drink (or 1/3 of your favorite coffee!) the combination of high-quality ingredients at clinical doses and great flavor can make up for reservations you have about price. Plus—1 scoop is going to be MORE than enough for many users, especially those who are stimulant sensitive! Our Thoughts: Not many pre-workouts in recent memory have WOW’d us the way Pump Addict has! Sure, this product may be targeted for those chasing the pump, but when we think of comprehensive pre-workouts, this is one that definitely comes to mind. With 5 of the 12 ingredients being patented and a host of other performance enhancers, Pump Addict will be in our rotation for years to come! Some of the biggest benefits we noticed while using Pump Addict were: - A Killer Pump: Obviously this is a given with a name like Pump Addict but the pump is no joke! Be ready to experience a skin splitting, shirt tearing, muscle filling, painful at time, pump! - Vascularity Increase: With most pump products come vascularity increases, but Pump Addict hits a little harder than other pre’s. The combination of VASO6, L-citrulline and Agmatine will leave your muscles looking like roadmaps! - Focus: The tunnel vision, mind-to-muscle, locked in feeling with Pump Addict is INSANE. If you’ve ever “fallen off” a good workout because you can’t get dialed in or mentally exhausted, then Pump Addict is a necessity. - Nootropic Effects: Yes, focus is considered a nootropic aspect but the heightened sense of well-being, elevated mood, and total improvement in cognition is worth noting - Energy: PLEASE FOLLOW THE RECOMMENDATIONS! The energy from Pump Addict is SERIOUS, even at a single scoop. We highly recommend starting with a single scoop to assess your tolerance before trying a second or even an extra half scoop. - Improved endurance: One of the most surprising aspects of Pump Addict was the increased endurance, both between sets and during the workout a whole. The energy seemed to last for hours, even post workout. While it’s not a heart racing, jittery energy boost, this is definitely something we would advise you to take away from your bed time.

If you’re looking for a pre with tried and true pump agents, coupled with a wide variety of stimulant and nootropic ingredients, then look no further. If you weren’t addicted to chasing a pump before, Pump Addict will surely have you chasing one daily!

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