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SNS Stress & Anxiety Support Review

SNS Stress & Anxiety Support Review

As we enter the late stages of 2020, it’s safe to say that this may have been the most stressful year of our lives. To say it’s been “stressful” may even be a gross understatement. For a majority of you reading this, we know your productivity may have taken a big hit, your mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness might have fallen by the wayside, and you may just feel out of rhythm and unable to get back on track. Hopefully, we aren’t the first to tell you THAT IS OKAY, but if you’re ready to get back on the proverbial horse and need that extra boost to make your day-to-day endeavors easier to manage, reduce your stress and anxiety, and a safe alternative to other common coping mechanisms, then SNS has the perfect product for you. Enter SNS Stress & Anxiety Support— a 4-ingredient, all-natural stress and anxiety reduction formula comprised of clinically studied and dosed compounds proven to help you relax, feel more calm, and improve your sense of well-being. We thought a product like Stress & Anxiety Support could benefit most of our readers now more than ever so we’re bringing the scoop on how to get the most out of SNS’ hottest supplement.

What is Stress and Anxiety Support: SNS Stress and Anxiety Support is a precise ratio of clinically dosed ingredients designed to support healthy stress levels and symptoms related to stress and anxiety. It’s important to note that Stress and Anxiety Support is NOT intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or mental illness. Rather, SNS Stress and Anxiety Support is a natural adaptogen-based product designed to help you improve how your body physically and mentally respondS to stress! The 4 ingredients we cover in depth below are used in countless nootropic, cognition, and mood elevating products due to their powerful synergy with each other and their adaptogenic effect on the body. So, what are adaptogens? Essentially, an adaptogen is a compound that helps your body adapt better to stress. We have seen patented adaptogens such as Peak O2 take over various genres of the supplement industry because they can be so versatile in use. For instance, using an adaptogen in a pre-workout can prepare your body for the intense exercise you are about to undertake and improve in your recovery. Many individuals use adaptogens when taking a break from stimulants to help improve adrenal function and bring their body back to equilibrium. In short, those energy drinks, coffees, and 3 scoops of pre-workout not doing much for you anymore? Adaptogens can help with that! Within Stress and Anxiety Support, the 4 key adaptogens help your body and mind remain calm during stressful situations. Over time, you may notice the way you handle stress and your temperament towards stressful situations will changes for the better. Ever feel like you need to cry? Want to scream into a pillow? Perhaps throw a failing laptop across the room as you struggle to work from home? Well, while we can’t really suggest doing the last one, adaptogens like the ones found in Stress and Anxiety Support can certainly help with those types of urges too!

Ingredient Profile: The ingredient profile for Stress and Anxiety Support is short, but very sweet. 4 ingredients totaling 750mg per serving (2 veggie capsules) of clinically dosed ingredients. Let’s take a look at what makes Stress and Anxiety Support one the highest quality products in this category.

SNS Stress & Anxiety Support Review

Sensoril Ashwagandha- 250mg: We’ve covered in other reviews that there are actually two patented forms of Ashwagandha commonly used in supplements: Sensoril and KSM-66. KSM-66 is commonly used in sports performance supplements due to its performance enhancing abilities, although it does some with some nootropic effects as well. Sensoril is quite the opposite; touted for its cognition properties, high level of bioactives, and lower dose efficacy. 12+ clinical studies have been done on Sensoril Ashwagandha and effects have been shown to start at 125mg per day—HALF of what you’re getting in Stress and Anxiety Support! Studies have shown that Sensoril plays a key role in:

• Managing and reducing stress levels

• Boosting natural energy levels

• Improving focus and reaction time

• Improves mental cognitive health, mood, fatigue, vitality, and sleep quality

• Improves total strength (much like KSM-66)

• Can promote joint health, cardiovascular health, and although KSM-66 is commonly used in fat burners, can support healthy lipid profiles!

What’s NOT to love about Sensoril Ashwagandha? Especially when SNS uses a hefty 250mg per serving.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract- 250mg: Rhodiola Rosea is without a doubt one of our favorite and perhaps most underutilized ingredients in the supplement industry. We are FINALLY starting to see more companies take this ingredient seriously and use it in their cognition enhancing supplements! Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen compound, which delivers an anti-fatigue effect for the body, helps to increase the body’s ability to perform under stress, improve endurance, lower effects of prolonged physical distress, and is also neuroprotective! Rhodiola is so potent it is often prescribed as a powerful natural antidepressant and mood regulator. Rhodiola has numerous studies on its ability to decrease fatigue and improve cognition, making it the perfect ingredient for a Stress and Anxiety Support. Many individuals will use JUST this ingredient when cycling off stimulants, specifically caffeine, because of its ability to help the body cope with stress and assist the body while the adrenals are not being stimulated from outside sources like caffeine and energy drinks. On the other hand, Rhodiola can be paired with stimulants and nootropics to ensure their effects are not diminished over time. We absolutely love the addition of Rhodiola Rosea, especially because its synergistic effects with Sensoril and Bacopa Monnieri.

Bacopa Monnieri- 150mg: A commonly used herb in ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa Monnieri may actually double as a performance AND cognition enhancer! Bacopa is a unique ingredient in that it is a powerful nootropic, but also a powerful adaptogen. Bacopa has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve memory, increase your ability to focus, and has been shown to improve reaction time! This ingredient can be so powerful at such a low dosage, that current studies are determining whether this can potentially be a natural solution to those who have trouble paying attention and focusing on tasks for extended periods of time (ADD/ADHD)! Bacopa is also thought to improve mental processing and the mind to muscle connection. For those of you who may struggle with “feeling” a certain muscle working during exercise, Bacopa can actually improve that aspect of exercise. Much like Rhodiola, Bacopa Monnieri is starting to become another popular ingredient for pre-workouts and nootropics alike.

L-Theanine- 100mg: The amino acid L-Theanine is becoming an absolute staple in any cognition improving supplement. One of the greatest benefits of L-theanine is that it is able to help you to achieve a relaxed state without causing grogginess or lethargy. L-theanine is frequently used in nootropics, pre-workouts, and even sleep products. Users report feelings of relaxation, less anxiety, and the “calming of nerves” in as little as 50mg doses. Studies have shown L-theanine inducing similar brain activity that is seen during REM or deep sleep. This is an absolute perfect addition to Stress and Anxiety Support as it can calm you down, but not knock you out for the day.

Price Point: If you head over to SNS website right now, you’ll see that Stress & Anxiety Support is currently on sale. Their 120-capsule quantity is marked down to $34.99 (from $44.99) and their 60-capsule quantity from $29.99 to $24.99. You can also find sales (including one at DPS Nutrition) for 10-20% off their already low price bringing your total down to around $20!

Our Thoughts? Undoubtedly, anyone that is in need of something to take the edge off of their stressful life without any harmful side effects needs to invest in SNS Stress and Anxiety Support. SNS definitely formulated this product the right way; minimal, high-quality ingredients at clinical doses with no fillers and NO BS. Users have reported effects such as:

• Heightened sense of well-being and elevated mood

• Calmness

• Improved sleep and deeper REM sleep

• Improved effects from other supplements (Pre-workout, stimulants, etc.)

• Reduction of jitters, shakiness, and other effects associated with anxiety and nervousness

• Positive attitude and improved productivity/motivation

• And more!

SNS Stress & Anxiety Support Review

If you’re sick and tired of feeling run down, anxious, and overwhelmed, then head over to right now and pick up a bottle or two of Stress and Anxiety Support. At under $1 per serving, no proprietary blends, and ingredients with scientific backing, you’re in good hands with SNS. We understand stress, anxiety, and the unknown present very difficult times right now, but being proactive and supplementing with Stress and Anxiety Support can give you the edge to stay on track.



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