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SHEATH Womens Cheeky Boy Shorts Review

Ladies, listen up. We know we’ve written some reviews about how great the SHEATH men’s underwear is, but now it’s your turn; and yes, we have female reviewers for this one, not men!

sheath underwear womens boy short review

SHEATH Underwear have made some pretty comfortable undergarments the past couple years but they were all for men. Recently, with the release of the men’s SHEATH 4.0 undergarment, they decided it was time to venture in women’s fashion as well.

We’d like to introduce the SHEATH Women’s Cheeky Boyshort.

Much like the men’s attire, the women’s boyshort is designed for style, comfort, and functionality. The boyshort is designed with their signature modal/elastane fabric blend that creates a form-fitting feel, coupled with the moisture wicking breathable comfort that has become the face of the brand. We had the opportunity to have a couple of our ladies here at Modern Athletic Health review the Women’s boyshort and give us some feedback on their thoughts. Let’s find out how they felt about SHEATH’s first women’s product.

Women’s Style:

Obviously with the introduction of the first women’s undergarment, there isn’t a major number of options; much like when the first men’s product dropped. In our eyes, we understand this because it gives plenty of opportunity for feedback from the women around the world purchasing SHEATH underwear. At the moment, SHEATH offers 5 sizes (XS-XL) with accompanying waist size and dress size on their size guide. Based on reviews from the site as well as our own thoughts, the sizing chart is accurate and you should feel confident ordering accordingly.

The 3 colors available are red, purple, and black, and we hope to see additional colors offered in the future! Much like the men’s undergarment, the women’s boyshort was designed to ensure breathability and comfort first because of the form-fitting style. Although the fit will be snug, SHEATH ensures the underwear “will not affect a woman’s natural pH environment or the microclimate of the skin while producing that long-lasting, unimpeded comfort that has become synonymous with our apparel”. This is something we applaud form this brand; not only their commitment to comfort, but also the fact they want individuals nether-regions to maintain total “regularity” in their product.

sheath underwear womens boy short review

Our Thoughts:

We were lucky enough to have two women reviewers for the women’s boyshorts. Here is how they felt about their SHEATHboyshort:

"I’ve tried many brands of underwear that are labeled to be great for fitness and breathability. In my experience, all fall short of SHEATH. The underwear feels like a second layer of skin; almost as if you’re not wearing underwear at all. Extremely comfortable for both daily wear and fitness focused as they’re absorbable, stretchy and light. Even the waistband is stretchy and comfortable, which is hard to come by. SHEATH is super flattering, too, which is always a great added bonus. It certainly got my boyfriend grabbing my butt more often!

When I’m working out the last thing I want is to feel suffocated and uncomfortable by my clothing and undergarments. I need a wide range of motion and complete comfort; SHEATH provides that. I have been a dancer my entire life and I even recommend SHEATHunderwear for dancers as the underwear moves with your body; not against it. For those who feel uncomfortable dancing while wearing underwear under their tights: SHEATH should be your go to during those “wonderful times of the month.”

I truly have only positives to say about SHEATH underwear. It checks off all of the important aspects that underwear should: 1) comfort, 2) breathability, 3) stretch, and 4) flattery. When it comes down to it, comfort is the ultimate necessity for underwear. For me, SHEATH is 10 out of 10 for comfort. I look forward to purchasing more SHEATH products as they come out since the Women’s 4.0 Cheeky Boyshorts are currently my favorite underwear that I own!"

-Alysia C.

sheath underwear womens boy short review

"Upon opening my SHEATH package, the first thing I noticed was the colors; black and red are my favorite! Before I even tried them on I noticed they had an unbelievably soft texture, one that's comparable to the velvety cotton t-shirts that Brandy Melville has become so popular for. The waistband at the top of the underwear is the remnant of the famous Calvin Klein underwear; however, unlike Calvin Klein I noticed upon trying the underwear on they were more flexible, stayed up better, and didn't hug in the wrong places giving me a muffin top. Typically, I order a size up in Calvin Klein underwear because the band creates the muffin top whereas SHEATH fits perfectly. When wearing the boy short underwear with a pair of skin-tight skinny jeans they were invisible not only to the eye but in feeling and comfort as well. I was able to skate all daywhile staying dry and comfortable without any annoyances from bunching and riding up. It was like the comfort of going commando without actually having to. These are definitely a pair of underwear I will be purchasing more of in the future. The only thing that would make these better would be more styles and colors for the women; some thongs and compression shorts would be awesome!"

Hayley T.

sheath underwear womens boy short review

It seems the jury has spoken; the Women’s boyshort 4.0 is just as, if not more highly regarded than the men’s underwear! Don’t just take it from us though, the SHEATH Women’s boyshort has a perfect 5-star rating on the company website as well!

Price point:

As if the product wasn’t good enough already, we can get you a CRAZY good deal on these Women’s boyshorts as well! Normally, they are a modest $19.99, about half the price of your name brand compression shorts for women. However, if you use the code MODERN at checkout, you get an additional 25% off your entire purchase (both men’s and women’s). That’s right, 25% off your whole cart, bringing the Women’s boyshort down to $15/pair! Talk about an insane deal! We dare you to find another pair of compression shorts or athletic style underwear for that price!

It's official, SHEATH underwear now makes the most comfortable men AND women’s underwear on the market today. Not only is the underwear breathable, its comfortable, sleek, stylish, and now insanely affordable! We recommend you head over to today and checkout their Women’s Cheeky Boyshort today. Remember, SHEATH still has their 100% satisfaction guarantee in play so if for some reason you just do not like your first pair of underwear, they will refund your money 100% no questions asked. So, as their mission statement says, may today be the best day of your life, and may they only get better from here (with SHEATH)!




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