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NCN Shredderall Review

ncn shredderall review

It seems the new standard of fat burning supplementation isn’t just for burning fat anymore. Most “fat burning” products now are being formulated to include nootropics and focus enhancers to go along with the thermogenic ingredients. In fact, many true fat burners today have shifted their focus so much that the term “fat burner” is nearly obsolete! With that in mind, Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals (NCN) set out to create a fat burner that offers weight loss and management properties first and foremost, but doesn’t neglect all the other goodies that make it such a noteworthy product.

Enter Shredderall , not only a high quality and very potent fat burner but also a jitter-free energy enhancer, mood elevator, and cognitive functioning aid! Shredderall’s formula is free of proprietary blends and packed with powerful and properly dosed ingredients that set a benchmark for nootropic fat burners. NCN was kind enough to send us a couple bottles to see how it stacks up against other products on the market. It’s safe to say that after 3 short weeks, we already think that Shredderall is in a category leader! So what makes Shredderall so special?

Shredderall is a combination of all the best things we look for in a fat burner, as well as a nootropic formula, and then some. Shredderall’s formula doesn’t just aid in fat burning, but has ingredients to help with long lasting energy, increases in focus and cognitive abilities, and increases in positive mood! Let’s Break down the label.

ncn shredderall review

Yohimbine HCL- Yohimbine HCL may truly be one of the most underrated dietary supplements on the market today. Studies show Yohimbine is a potent vasodilator which can help in the mobilization of fatty acids through the bloodstream. It also can give the guys a decent boost in the bedroom if you know what we mean… Certain users have also reported thermogenesis to be an added effect of yohimbine, which makes it perfect for a weight loss supplement. Vinpocetine- While concrete research lacks for Vinpocetine, many studies suggest that it helps with blood flow and nutrient transportation to the brain. Some research has also suggested that it aids in the protection of neurons in the brain and can help to prevent injury to brain cells. This is what makes it a perfect aid to help shuttle nutrients and other ingredients in Shredderall through the bloodstream. Hordenine HCL- Hordenine is a common ingredient find in many nootropic products because of its mood lifting, energy increasing, and cognitive functioning properties. Frequently, Hordenine HCL is used to aid in focus, concentration and attention. Not only used as a nootropic, research and anecdotal evidence has shown that Hordenine HCL can also decrease appetite when dosed properly. These aspects make it perfect for those looking to drop weight as well as experience an elevated mood that so often lacks during dieting phases. P-Synephrine- Synephrine is an ingredient that is similar, but not as strong as old school ephedrine. It works in a very similar way that aids in digestion, circulation, and thermogenesis. Many studies have shown that synephrine has led to an increase in resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure when dosed properly. When P-Synephrine is combined with caffeine, its effects are amplified and can lead to an even higher increase in resting metabolic rate. Studies have also shown that P-Synephrine supplementation has shown ergogenic effects on muscle strength and endurance performance. These are just a FEW of the many benefits of P-Synephrine supplementation. One thing to note however; synephrine is banned by the NCAA and can result in a positive drug test. WADA currently allows synephrine but like always, contact your federations to find out if synephrine is allowed or disallowed in competitions. DMAE- Dimethylaminoethanol, or DMAE is a choline molecule and has shown to increase cognitive health and functioning in healthy adults as well as the elderly. Research has shown DMAE has increased positive mood, improves memory, and aids in faster neurotransmitting in humans. Studies show that it may increase acetylcholine in the brain, which is our main brain chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter. The increase in neurotransmission in the brain has numerous benefits both in the weight room and in the classroom or workplace. Improved memory, mind to muscle connection, and rapid response times are just a few reasons why we love DMAE in Shredderall .

Theacrine- Theacrine’s multiple benefits are shaking up the supplement industry and giving caffeine a run for its money. But here is the kicker-- Theacrine works SO MUCH BETTER when stacked WITH caffeine! Theacrine users have reported increases in mental and physical energy without jitters, positive mood enhancement, and improved focus and cognitive functioning. When stacked with caffeine, theacrine’s effects amplify and turn into a powerhouse for cognitive improvement.

Phenylethylamine HCL- The pathways by which Phenylethylamine HCL work may be difficult to understand, but try to stay with us for a second. Phenylethylamine HCL works to cause the release of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. Both are extremely important when we look at positive mood, attention, alertness, and focus. Any dopamine precursor is essentially going to have potential to aid in fat loss, energy, mood enhancement, appetite support, and razor sharp focus. This particular ingredient can do all the above. Shredderall adds 300mg into their product and boy can we feel it! So now you know what’s in the product, but how can we verify that you're actually getting what the label says?

Don’t worry, NCN went through all the trouble to prove that they are all about quality. NCN recently released lab work and a quality control report for Shredderall .

Here’s what they found:

ncn shredderall review

That’s right, lab reports have proved that every single active ingredient listed on the label is found within each capsule of Shredderall. Quality control shows that NCN has nothing to hide and they are committed to providing users with the highest quality supplementation and the doses they should be getting in every capsule. We applaud NCN for their commitment to staying true to their customers and brand’s belief. So what do we think?

As we said before, we had the opportunity to run Shredderall for a few weeks and really get a feel for what the product is all about. Aside from quality here are some key points we noticed with the product. Energy from Shredderall lasted between 6-8 hours and didn’t leave us feeling groggy or tired when it finally did wear off. Energy didn’t leave us feeling jittery either which is even more impressive given how long the boost lasted.

ncn shredderall review

The product is one of the few fat burners that didn’t rely on its thermogenic properties in order to have us feeling it. Rather than sweating profusely all day, it rarely made us sweat at all (aside from during workouts).

We felt the appetite suppression but it didn’t make us feel like we had to force feed ourselves to hit our macros. It simply made adhering to a reduce calorie diet (below maintenance) much easier, eliminating hunger pains.

Lastly, the nootropic effects definitely hit us in the best way possible. Our mood was elevated but we didn’t get that nootropic “high” feeling that some supplements give us where we feel good, but almost too groggy throughout the day. It gives a feeling of well being and motivation to take on the day. The surprise is that this isn’t even the main point of the product!

So often with fat burners we get caught up in the numbers on the scale rather than what we look like in the mirror. This product is one of the few that keeps us looking full and muscular while also leaning us out. Not many natural supplements can say they provide those types of effects! We loved Shredderall and it’s something that we can safely say can be used on a recomp phase, a cut, or even if you want to make sure your bulk stays as lean as possible!

ncn shredderall review

Price Point

Right now you can find Shredderall on their company website for $39.99. For that price, you receive a 60 serving bottle of Shredderall, which if used the way we did at Modern Athletic Health (1 cap daily), will last you two months! At $20/month, you'd be hard pressed to find another supplement with the capabilities of Shredderall at that price. For those hardcore stim junkies that will want two caps, it’s still an affordable price for a product that does, well, just about everything you could want! Modern Athletic Health readers can use the code SHRED20 when ordering off of their website, you’ll receive 20% off your order! That makes Shrederall even more affordable for those looking to drop a few pounds and feel better than ever.




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