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SNS Energized Aminos Review

SNS Energized Aminos Review

It seems the days of over priced and overhyped BCAA products are numbered. While most companies still have an amino acid product in their line, more and more companies are striving to make those products more diverse and comprehensive. Through stimulants, EAA’s, carbohydrate blends, and other patented ergogenic aids, once boring amino-acid products have recently undergone a much needed facelift in the supplement industry. One of the companies transforming amino-acid products is, not surprisingly, Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) with one of their newest products, Energized Aminos—SNS’ take on a stimulant-based amino designed to improve endurance, muscular recovery, focus, and energy. We’re always stoked to try out new products from SNS, so let’s dive right in to our complete review of their newest workout beverage, Energized Aminos!

Flavors: SNS’ flavor game is always on point; formulating some of the most unique and tasty powders on the market. We had the chance to sample all 3 flavors of Energized Aminos for this review:

• Pink Star Candy: The initial flavor actually tastes like a strawberry juice but then moves into a sweet “pink” candy flavor. The flavor is hard to distinguish and compare to a brand name candy but closely resembles other strawberry flavors we’ve tried. The flavor itself is tasty and pretty sweet with no sour or tartness to follow. If you’re a fan of the red/pink flavored candies and are more of a sweet than sour person—this is for you!

• Strawberry Limeade: The initial flavor was a lot like Pink Star Candy with just a hint of lime flavor on the back end. Again, the strawberry flavoring tasted more natural and like a true strawberry with pops of lime. This flavor, much like the Pink Star Candy, was also very sweet but carries a light note of sour at the finish.

• Mango Iced Tea: Our personal favorite flavor and the truest to form flavor of the 3! You get a strong natural mango flavor right away and the sweet tea flavor on the back end. The mango flavor is sweet, not bitter at all like some mango flavors can be. The flavor itself is very refreshing and light enough that it can be mixed in any amount of water and still taste great. We found this flavor stacks will with other tropical flavored pre-workouts, intra workouts, or post workout beverages. This is the perfect flavor to sip in between meals or workouts on a hot summer day!

Mixability: SNS has always done a tremendous job in the mixability category. Energized Aminos are no different! We mixed a scoop in water, juice, and even tried stacking it in a pre-workout cocktail and found that Energized Aminos mixes perfectly. Minimal settling, moderate foam that releases shortly after shaking, and no grittiness to the texture of the beverage, even in smaller amounts of water (8-12oz) Mixability is on par with some of the best amino acid products we have reviewed!

Ingredient Profile: Energized Aminos “only“ has 4 ingredients—2 of which are patented in an 8g total formula. Let’s take a look at what comprises Energized Aminos and why this perfectly dosed no-nonsense formula is great for use anytime.

SNS Energized Aminos Review

Amino9-5g: Our friends over at Compound Solutions formulated the leucine-enhanced Amino9 to be the next game changer in the amino acid category. Forget just using plain BCAA’s, Amino9 is composed of a unique, clinically-substantiated blend of the nine essential amino acids. Amino9 has been clinically shown to boost muscle protein balance through an increase in anabolism, reduction of catabolism, optimizing muscle protein synthesis, and can perform better than just whey protein alone! Amino9 is the next revolutionary amino acid product that delivers results, without wasting your time or money.

Caffeine-125mg: Supplemental gold. We all know that caffeine has so many benefits regarding power output, energy, focus, cognition, strength, and so on but let’s talk about what makes it special in Energized Aminos. At 125mg per scoop, Energized Aminos is perfect for those who are sensitive to stimulants, but also stackable for those who are stim tolerant. We know how important caffeine can be in your pre-workout and even helping you power through as an intra workout, but what about post workout? Well, studies suggest that consuming caffeine post workout can improve insulin sensitivity, recovery, and when taken with a post workout meal, can help aide in digestion! These are some of the many reasons that Energized Aminos is the perfect supplement for any time!

Green Tea Extract-125mg: Green tea extract has long been used as a weight management tool, antioxidant, and energy booster. Aside from its fat oxidation properties, studies also suggest that green tea extract can enhance blood flow, improve insulin sensitivity, and increase adiponectin (hormone responsible for glucose regulation and fatty acid breakdown). On top of all of these things, green tea extract acts as a great antioxidant and also provides alertness and a mild stimulant effect as well. In Energized Aminos, Green Tea Extract plays a subtle, but relatively important role. Don’t expect to “feel” all the added benefits that come with Green Tea Extract but a 125mg dose, especially combined with caffeine and Teacrine will provide a fairly solid stimulant effect.

Theacrine (as TeaCrine)-125mg: One of our all-time favorite sports supplement ingredients and possibly the most synergistic ingredient on the market today, TeaCrine not only provides a long-lasting stimulant effect, mood elevation, mental focus, and other cognitive benefits, but it also ENHANCES the ingredients its s paired with! That’s right, as if the other stimulants weren’t enough, TeaCrine enhances the energy, focus, and thermogenic effect you’ll get with caffeine and green tea extract.

Price Point: If you head on over to the SNS website, right now, Energized Aminos is listed for $29.99 or about $1 per serving. For about $1/serving, Energized Aminos is a solid choice for those looking for patented amino ingredients and a no-nonsense formula.

Our Thoughts: Serious Nutrition Solutions continues to be at the forefront of the supplement industry with their ever-growing product line and dedication to providing consumers with top-tier quality supplements. Energized Aminos, much like many of their other formulations, take a classic product design and give it a facelift with clinical doses of patented ingredients. We’ve loved our experience with Energized Aminos—it makes for the perfect mid-day pick me up after a long training session, it’s extremely stackable with other pre-workouts (like SNS Focus XT) and it works great as a standalone pre/intra/post workout beverage for those who may be stimulant sensitive. Overall, we’re impressed with SNS’ plan to keep it simple, but unique and effective with their newest product Energized Aminos. With a formula containing favorites like Amino9 and Teacrine, a mid-range price point, and a company you can trust, Energized Aminos is a no brainer! If you’re looking for a product that can boost recovery, improve gym performance, and give you that extra edge in your supplement stack, then we suggest checking out Energized Aminos!



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