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InnovaPharm MVPre 2.0 Review

InnovaPharm MVPre 2.0 Review

If our friends at InnovaPharm have taught us anything, it’s that sequels can certainly be better than the original, especially, from InnovaPharm’s product line. We last reviewed the new and improved NovaPump Neuro, a reformulation of the original NovaPump less than a year after the original was released. And today were talking about InnovaPharm MVPre 2.0, the reformulated high stim pre-workout that followed in the footsteps of its predecessor MVPre. MVPre 2.0 is another InnovaPharm pre-workout coming from a long list of award-winning formulations that have been hits worldwide. Much like NovaPump Neuro, the reformulation of MVPre 2.0 has newly added ingredients, upped the ingredient doses, and bolstered the formula with more nootropic and focus enhancing compounds. Unlike NovaPump Neuro (fantastic for those looking to avoid stimulants) MVPre 2.0 on the other hand is far from stim free, containing 350mg of caffeine in a 1 scoop serving as well as newly added ingredients like Biophytum DC and EJ Extract. MVPre 2.0 is absolutely PACKED with the goods to give you a massive energy boost, training aggression, a long lasting pump, and focus needed to bust through the most grueling workouts.

Keep scrolling to get a detailed breakdown of their flavors, ingredients, and where to get MVPre 2.0 for best price available!

Flavors: If you’ve read any of our previous InnovaPharm reviews, you know that we’ve raved about every flavor we’ve had the opportunity to try. Whatever Innovapharm is doing for the flavoring systems, it’s working, VERY well. At the moment, InnovaPharm offers 4 flavors for MVPre 2.0:

• Jungle Juice- A tropical fruit blend that is extremely light and refreshing!

• Roadside Lemonade- A sweeter twist on the classic lemonade stand flavor from when you were a kid!

• Freedom Pop- For the icy bomb pop lovers. Red, white and blue true!

• Candy Necklace- The perfect flavor for those with a sweet tooth. A little sweet, a little sour!

As always, InnovaPharm’s product mixability is second to none, even with a formula as packed as MVPre 2.0

Ingredient Profile: While the ingredient profile may have changed a bit from the original version, InnovaPharm did stick with the 10-ingredient number from the OG MVPre. For those unaware, InnovaPharm lists the ingredient profile for a half scoop and a full scoop. Due to the strength of the contents in MVPre 2.0 we recommend you start with half a scoop before jumping to a full scoop. If you use the half scoop method, a tub of MVPre 2.0 will last you 40 workouts, while a full scoop will last you around 20 workouts. For reviewing purposes, we’re going to list what each serving size yields in parenthesis using the following model: (half serving/full serving). Let’s dive into the goods!

InnovaPharm MVPre 2.0 Review


Citrulline Malate- (4g/8g): Citrulline Malate has become a staple in most pre workouts because of its ability to improve blood flow, exercise performance, and a host of other benefits. Citrulline Malate is known for its ability to increase blood levels of arginine and improve vasodilation, lower blood pressure, and deliver nutrients through your body via increased nitric oxide. Studies suggest citrulline can also reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and decrease rest times during exercises because of its ability to increase oxygen utilization. It is also thought that Citrulline Malate can also reduce soreness and improve recovery post workout due to the enhanced blood flow and nutrient delivery properties. MVPre 2.0 packs a whopping 8g per scoop while the clinical dose is anywhere from the 3g-6g range!

Beta-Alanine- (1.6g/3.2g): Another staple in many pre-workout products, Beta-Alanine is most commonly known for its paresthesia or tingly effect it gives users. Studies have shown that beta-alanine has the ability to prolong endurance and reduce the lactic acid build up and enhance carnosine levels when exercising for a long period of time. Studies have also shown that the longer you supplement with beta-alanine, the more effective it becomes due to your body increasing its stores in muscle tissue. Its endurance effect is not just during anaerobic (short bursts) training, beta-alanine has been shown to enhance anaerobic training specifically exercises lasting from the 1-4minute range! This makes beta-alanine the perfect supplement for weight training AND HIIT cardio after your workout!

GlycerSIZE- (1g/2g): GlycerSIZE is the king of all glycerol products. GlycerSIZE was designed to be the most stable glycerol powder available, meaning it mixes very well, won’t clump in water, and yields a staggering 65% glycerol content. Glycerol is known in the supplement world as a great pump agent but also has other benefits such as hyperhydration via water retention in muscles, reduced cramping, and improving nutrient uptake by tissues. GlycerSIZE works by shuttling additional water and nutrients into muscle tissue during and after workouts, leading to those unbelievable pumps even early on in the workout. Users have even reported feeling “pumped” 4-6 hours post workout!

S7- (25mg/50mg): The name may be vague, but the blend of 7 plant-based ingredients in S7 have been shown to increase nitric oxide levels in the body by as much as 230%! The standard studied dose is just 50mg making a full scoop the perfect pairing agent for other ingredients like GlycerSIZE, Citrulline Malate and more! S7 works very well alongside other performance enhancers and pump-products due to its ability to move nutrients more effectively through the blood stream.


Choline Bitartrate- (500mg/1,000mg): One of our favorite nootropic ingredients on the market, Choline Bitartrate provides numerous positive effects to amplify workouts. The first is its ability to improve the mind-muscle connection during weight training. Supplementing with choline gives you the ability to get that tunnel vision, dialed in feeling that you sometimes lack during training. Aside from the mind to muscle connection, choline has been known to provide a host of other benefits such as improved cognition, memory, and increasing the production of acetylcholine which can further improve focus. Studies have shown that this affect can occur with as low of dosages as 50-100mg per day!

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- (250mg/500mg): Derived from L-Tyrosine, this variation of the amino acid Tyrosine is more readily absorbed because of the acetylation. L-Tyrosine is known for its ability to improve cognition, and is metabolized by the body to produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine epinephrine and adrenaline. By supplementing with L-Tyrosine, you will notice increased endurance and drive because of its ability to open metabolic pathways and increase these hormones’ flow throughout your body. Tyrosine can give you that extra “drive” during your workouts by delaying physical and mental fatigue and give you that extra burst at the end of your set! Studies found that Tyrosine combined with caffeine (and other stimulants) can improve cognition, alertness, focus, and reaction time even after exhaustive exercise! L-Tyrosine is the perfect workout ingredient to make sure you don’t fall short and finish every rep of every set!

Caffeine Anhydrous- (175mg/350mg): Caffeine is King and has been shown to improve energy, improve focus, enhance strength, synergize well with nootropic ingredients and enhance their effects and so much more. Even at a half scoop, 175mg of caffeine is no joke but when combined with other ingredients in the Cogni-stim Matrix, it provides you with long lasting energy, feelings of well-being, and the mindset needed to accomplish your goals.

InnovaPharm MVPre 2.0 Review

Biophytum DC Extract- (75mg/150mg): Biophytum DC extract is an ingredient we’ve touched on less than a handful of times and we’re still trying to figure out what InnovaPharm is using it for in MVPre 2.0. Here’s what we know so far about Biophytum DC Extract; it was traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as an “anti” supplement. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-microbial, and so on. Some recent studies have also suggested that Biophytum has nitric oxide boosting properties, as well as strength and power output benefits too. This comes from the (-) epicatechin components found within the extract itself. Although this is an interesting add in to a pre-workout, studies are suggesting that the benefits of Biophytum DC Extract can enhance much more than just exercise performance. MVPre 2.0 offers a unique feeling of training aggression (desire to take on and conquer workouts) and we have to think that this unique ingredient may be largely responsible for that!

Eria Jarensis- (50mg/100mg): Eria Jarensis is known as one of the most powerful nootropic ingredients on the market today. Studies suggest that this ingredient provides numerous effects to improve cognition, memory, along with focus and alertness. Eria Jarensis has also been shown to improve natural energy levels, without the use of a stimulant or adaptogen. Many users compare this ingredient to old school DMAA—except this is much safer and just as strong! Quite possibly the most powerful low-dose ingredient on the market today Eria Jarensis provides long lasting focus, energy, and will have you feeling more dialed in than ever!

Huperzine A- (75mcg/150mcg) Last but not least, Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, or the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. For high stim and nootropic based products such as MVPre 2.0, and ACH inhibitor is absolutely needed to prolong the effects and keep you from crashing before your workout ends, as well as once the stimulants begin to fade. We have used some heavy stimulant formulas that failed to include and ACH inhibitor and trust us, it isn’t pleasant! Acetylcholine, as mentioned above, is crucial to enhance focus and also enable the mind-to-muscle connection. By adding Huperzine A, breakdown of acetylcholine is slowed and thus can provide users with longer lasting focus, concentration, and sustained mind-muscle connection, even during the longest workouts. These effects have been shown at doses as small as 25mcg (micrograms) yet MVPre 2.0 contains triple that in a half scoop!

Price Point: If you stroll over to right now, you’ll see that MVPre 2.0 is priced a little higher than many popular pre-workouts on the market. Of course, if you’re a 1-scooper per workout like us, $49.99 seems a bit pricey for 20 servings. That is, until you enter code MODERN30 at checkout to get 30% off your entire order (or just MVPre 2.0 if you’d like) bringing your price per tub down to a much more appealing $35. If you’re a half scooper or a little stimulant sensitive, this will make you even more “pumped” as your price per serving drops to $0.88 cents!

Our Thoughts: On paper, InnovaPharm has put out another market MVP (most valuable product) in MVPre 2.0. The reformulation of the original MVPre has many of the same foundational ingredients, but the addition of more Choline, EJ

Extract, and S7 put this pre-workout over the top. Many users have already commented that this is the most powerful pre-workout InnovaPharm has created to date and we’d have to agree. Users have also reported MVPre 2.0 has given them;

• INSANE pumps

• Razor sharp focus

• Improved sense of well-being

• Improved stamina during exercise

• Enhanced Training Aggression

• Reduced recovery duration both during exercises and between sessions

• Energy that lasted in upwards of 8 hours!

InnovaPharm MVPre 2.0 Review

So, if you’re looking for a pre-workout that does it all, is clinically dosed, and contains patented ingredients without the questionable proprietary blends, look no further than MVPre 2.0. InnovaPharm has once again given us hope for sequels—not for our favorite movie, but our favorite supplements. We highly recommend picking up a tub before they sell out (again) and don’t forget about MODERN30 at checkout!



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