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Pure Capsule Company CBD Review

Over the past 2 years, CBD products have taken the world by storm. Since 2018, we've seen 1000's of companies pop up with CBD oils, creams, snacks, gummies, and so on. While most of these companies create great products, there's been an growing trend of concern regarding quality, potency, and veracity behind some of these products and companies. Since there are so many CBD companies for us to potentially review, we are constantly searching for the ones dedicated to quality production, full transparency, and top-tier customer service. One of our most recent finds was a smaller CBD brand called Pure Capsule Company (PCC). PCC has a small line of just two CBD products, A gel capsule and a tincture bottle, both containing 750mg of pure CBD per bottle. Sure, many companies will market their CBD as non-GMO, Vegan, and artificial color/dye free (among other buzz words), but many aren't focusing on the important factors such as where its sourced, if it’s organic, and most importantly, the purity of their product. That's where the Pure Capsule Company comes into play. As a reviewer that checks for the aforementioned criteria, as well as for lab testing, quality, price point, and other factors, we were extremely impressed with the amount of information PCC has readily available on their website. If you've been interested in CBD products for a while but didn't know where to start or just want to learn more about PCC, keep reading below to find out more about the Pure Capsule Company, their CBD products, and how CBD may be able to help you!

What is CBD and its Benefits? CBD (Cannabidiol) is the second most abundant cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. The primary cannabinoid being, you guessed it, THC. Unlike THC, isolated CBD, most commonly found in products like the one we're reviewing today won't get you "high". CBD products work in a few ways, but most commonly by affecting the endocannabinoid system and its targeted receptors within our bodies. While tons of studies are still being conducted to determine exactly HOW, CBD is known to affect a variety of receptors that can control:






-and have also been shown to benefit those diagnosed with cancer

CBD can be either ingested in a capsule or in oil form, as well as used in a cream or salve, or even though vapor/vaping. Although there have been many studies on how CBD “works” the evidence is not yet concrete. Studies once suggested that CBD binds to specific receptors (CBD1/CBD2 and inhibits responses that trigger pain, anxiety, etc.) While that was the original thought, more studies have suggested that CBD doesn’t always bind to those receptors and rather causes an increase in your body’s ability to tap into its own cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system. Regardless of whichever biological pathways it uses, studies have suggested that supplementing with CBD can:

• Reduce chronic pain

• Reduce inflammation

• Aid in reducing relapse of those trying to quit smoking or other drugs

• Treatment of Epilepsy and seizure disorders (actually is what spurred the worldwide boom of CBD)

• Anxiety disorders

• Type 1 diabetes

• Alzheimer’s

• Acne

• Improved sleep quality/ability to fall asleep

• And more

While the “how it works” is still being studied, the feedback from users over the past 2+ years has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re certain that by now, everyone knows someone who has experienced the positive benefits of CBD.

Why Pure Capsule Company CBD: Aside from being incredibly well priced compared to others on the market, Pure Capsule Company’s CBD also undergoes rigorous 3rd party testing and labs to ensure you're getting exactly what you pay for. A 2017 study suggested that up to 69% of CBD products did not actually contain the listed amount of CBD claimed on their labels, while 21% had THC levels high enough to result in intoxication, impairment, or high enough to show up on a drug screening. This is where the purity and lab tests of Pure Capsule Company’s CBD shines. If you would like to see their 3rd party testing, they make it readily available for you on their website It is also worth noting that their CBD contains less than 0.03% THC per bottle.

So, what else separates Pure Capsule Company CBD from any other “pure” brand on the market?

1. PCC uses only organic hemp grown in the U.S that is certified by U.S Hemp Authority to extract their CBD from.

2. CBD found in their products is full spectrum and not isolates

3. PCC’s CBD is CO2 extracted which is the cleanest chemical-free extraction process available.

4. Every batch of CBD extracted is sent to an independent lab for quality and purity testing.

5. When comparing PCC’s CBD apples-to-apples with other CBD products on the market, they have some of the most competitor prices available based on the above criteria

6. Last but not least, CEO Scott Christ personally welcomes emails with questions, comments, or if you just want to share your story and experiences with him. How many CEO’s would take the time to read your email and communicate back and forth with you? Not very many...

We’ve met many individuals who are curious about trying a CBD product but can’t pull the trigger due to things like purity and the ever-growing anxiety that it could make them fail a drug test causing them to lose their job. While we would always suggest to check your work by-laws to ensure they allow the use of CBD, Pure Capsule Company’s CBD oil and capsules are some of the cleanest and purest we have found so far.

Price Point: The price point is one of the biggest things that drew us to the Pure Capsule Company. Their two products vary slightly in price; The CBD tincture bottle runs for $79.95 while the CBD gel capsules run $69.95 That’s right around the market average, however PCC offers a reusable 15% coupon as well as a free CBD buyer's guide just by entering your email on their home page. This brings the tincture bottle down to about $68 and the gel capsules to under $60! Both of those prices are great considering you can get 30-60 servings from the tincture and 30 servings from the gel capsules. Oh, and we can’t forget, they offer free 3-day expedited shipping on every single order.

Our thoughts and experiences: The Modern Athletic Health team has been avid users of CBD products for many years now. We hopped on the bandwagon in early 2017 even before the worldwide popularity exploded and haven’t looked back since. We’ve used Pure Capsule Companies CBD oils and capsules over the last few weeks and here is some of the things we’ve noticed compared to our other CBD experiences (when comparing 25mg per serving):

• PCC’s CBD tastes great- The Tincture is mixed with peppermint oil and has a strong but not overpowering peppermint taste.

• Anxiety/Tension relieving effects kick in rapidly. Usually you start to notice effects within an hour after your first dose; we noticed effects within a half hour at most.

• Inflammation/pain relieving effects kicked in even quicker—within 15 to 20 minutes we noticed aches and pains begin to fade away

• Sleep improvement was one of the most noticeable effects. Not often do we get our 8 hours, or even 7 hours for that matter, but the relaxation effects and deeper sleep that PCC CBD provided helped us to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day even on those 5 or 6 hour nights sleep

• We also noticed that taking PCC’s CBD when we felt the onset of a headache or migraine eliminated it almost instantly. This can be a huge tool for those who get frequent migraines or headaches that affect work, sleep, or daily activities

While we can’t claim it’s a “cure-all” for whatever it is you may be going through, Pure Capsule Company’s CBD is certainly to be considered top notch across the board. If you’re concerned about purity, quality, verified organic, or customer service, then look no further than Pure Capsule Company. We don’t often give a seal of approval like this, but if you’ve ever wanted to try a CBD company, put Pure Capsule Company atop your list of must try brands.



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