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NCN Supps VasoSwole Review

First, we saw Natural Chemist Nutraceutical’s (NCN) drop one of the best fat burners on the market in Shredderex. Almost a year later we got our hands on their second product, Genbolin, a pure, single ingredient Laxogenin powerhouse. We knew they had something else in the works but for nearly 6 months they didn’t drop a single hint to the supplement world! That is until last week when NCN shipped us out the latest product to hit their product line, VasoSwole. VasoSwole is a single ingredient compound delivering 300mg of Vaso6™️ directly into your blood stream in just a 2-capsule serving size. Never heard of Vaso6 and want to learn more about what VasoSwole can do for you? Keep reading below to find out how being “red-pilled” by NCN may actually be the boost you need in your supplement regime to take your physique and training to the next level.

What is Vaso-6? Vaso-6 has become one of the most commonly used ingredients in pre-workouts, some fat burners, and tons of pump-based products over the last 2 years. Vaso6 is a patented form of green tea oligomer that has been shown to be quite possibly the BEST vasodilator on the market today. Vaso6 Studies have shown that the standard dose of Vaso6 (300mg) is 10x more effective than 7 GRAMS of arginine! You read that right, 7 grams or 7,000mgs of arginine. Studies also suggest that Vaso6 can increase vasodilation by 50% at the standard dose of 300mgs. With increased vasodilation comes numerous benefits. Many clinical trials suggest that Vaso6 not only enhances blood flow, but also improves glucose uptake (important for cellular energy and metabolism), reduced fatigue, improved strength, and better recovery. What makes Vaso6 so special is that although it can be used for enhanced energy and performance, it is non-stimulant and can be stacked with pretty much ANY other supplement depending on your goals.

VasoSwole’s Use: While single ingredient products like VasoSwole may not be as initially intriguing as some of those 10 ingredient proprietary blend pre-workouts, single ingredient products are quickly becoming more and more appealing to supplement brands from a production standpoint, as well as supplement users from a dosing and stacking standpoint. Check out the list we compiled below for various ideas on how to use and stack VasoSwole!

• Standalone: Use by itself if you’re looking for a caffeine break but still want that extra boost to achieve a pump during your workout.

• With Pre-workout: Stack with your favorite stimmed or non-stimmed pre-workouts for increased vasodilation, nutrient delivery, and a quicker hitting pre-workout formula. (Please ensure there is not additional Vaso6 in the pre workout)

• With Other Dietary Supplements: VasoSwole is perfect to stack with other dietary supplements due to studies which suggest that Vaso6 increases nutrient uptake and can help to increase the rate of absorption of other supplements.

• With Fat Burners: We’ve tested this theory and stacking VasoSwole with fat burners such as NCN’s Shredderex and HPS Parøslim or Innøslim (available as a stack on HPSSUPPS.Com) add a new level of efficiency and strength to the fat burning realm. If your fat burner does not contain Vaso6 we highly recommend trying it for yourself.

• With Nootropics: Another one of our favorite stacks, using VasoSwole with Nootropics synergizes and enhances their effects. Many nootropics are actually starting to include Vaso6 because of its synergistic properties.

• With Natural Anabolics/Test Boosters: If you’re someone who likes to dabble in the natural anabolic or test booster realm, using a product like VasoSwole can enhance the uptake, and thus, their effects. We loved our experience stacking VasoSwole and NCN’s natural anabolic Genbolin for periods when we are looking to gain quality muscle mass and strength.

If it wasn’t evident by now, VasoSwole’s uses are almost endless, it’s truly a something for everyone type of product. You can stack it with just about everything and use it anytime, day or night without worrying about feeling stimmed out or having crashing when it wears off. Of course, what would an NCN review be without a complete certificate of analysis from the formulators themselves, Compound Solutions.

Price Point: One of the reasons we have loved using NCN’s products over the past few years is the cost effectiveness. In typical NCN fashion, they have priced VasoSwole very competitively with other Vaso6 products on the market at $29.95 from their Amazon site. With that being said, they also gave us a coupon code for their Amazon page AND their own website which still has a live 20% off code! If you’re purchasing through Amazon, make sure to use code VASOSWOLE20 to get 20% off your purchase of the product there, or use NCN20 on their direct website to get 20% off of your entire order!

Our Thoughts: If NCN had to make another single ingredient product, they certainly picked the right one to use. Vaso6 has been one of our favorite ingredients through 2019 and we were stoked to find out NCN would be releasing this new product as a standalone. Our experience with Vaso6 has always been positive; with tons of benefits stemming from the increased blood flow. Our favorites have been:

• Improved libido and performance due to “total body” blood flow

• Increased synergy and energy boost with pre-workouts

• Improved cognitive benefits—which only get better when stacked with nootropics

• Improved strength, endurance, and reduced rest times in the gym

We rave about Vaso6 every time we see it in a product and love that NCN took the step to add it as a standalone for their product line. If you have yet to try Vaso6, we highly suggest making VasoSwole your first experience. VasoSwole Is going to change the way you view pre-workout, fat burning, and nootropic stacks. With the price point set at just under $24 after discounts and more than likely free shipping for all you Amazon Prime subscribers, this deal is a no brainer. Vaso6 has been one of our favorite products for years, so it only makes sense to order it from one of our favorite companies. Head over to Amazon or NCN’s direct site today and pick yourself up a bottle of VasoSwole!



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