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Interview with You+Sleep CMO Lee Scharfstein

Competitive bodybuilder, weekend warrior, crossfitter, yogi, moms & dads, and everyone in between. What do all of these people have in common? They all need a solid night’s sleep in order to perform their best. Sleep doesn’t discriminate; whether you’re an Olympian or just prefer watching the Olympics from bed, if you aren’t on a healthy sleep schedule, chances are your quality of life and productivity struggle significantly. But what is the root of your sleeping problems? If you struggle with the “I can’t get comfortable” tossing and turning phase all night trying to find that golden position on yOur mattress, then this article may just be for you! Enter You + Sleep, a mattress on a mission.

We’ve been searching the market for the next great mattress company and we were lucky enough to find and get in touch with You + Sleep! You + Sleep isn’t like other mattress companies that try to sell you on the bells and whistles that might impact sleep quality with no real scientific evidence. Rather, the team at You + Sleep has not only designed a mattress backed by scientific studies, but they’ve also created the YouPlus Foundation—centered around providing youth with the support, education, and tools they need to better deal with life’s challenges. We haven’t tried out their mattress just yet, but we were able to snag an interview with their CMO Lee Scharfstein to find out more about You+ Sleep’s mission, goals, and what we can look forward to next as they continue to grow and expand their brand.

Check out our interview with the team below and keep scrolling to find some more information on their company and products as well!

MAH: Tell us about YouPlus Sleep: What and who is the YouPlusSleep team?

Y+S: is a mattress-in-a-box company with a mission to help everyone sleep better at night. First, by making a great product, and 2nd with our foundation dedicated to promoting good habits and general mental wellness for our youth. The three founders, in addition to having home furnishing consumer sales experience, are all concerned parents who want to make a difference in the world.

MAH: What was the driving force behind creating such a unique mattress?

Y+S: There were many considerations regarding the makeup of our mattress and we wanted to ensure we answered the questions for 3 very important factors. First and foremost was quality. We've partnered with one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the country to ensure that the craftsmanship and construction of our mattress would be second to none. Our mattress features Patented Zone Quilting. This innovative patented stitching technique alleviates pressure on the center third of the body where it's the heaviest. This patented feature will reduce body impressions so you can enjoy the best night's sleep. Unlike most mattresses today, YouPlus mattresses have durable two-sided construction, allowing you to flip your mattress every 6 to 12 months. This helps even out the overall wear and prolong the life of the mattress for twice as long as a one-sided mattress.

Second was health. From the cotton down to the memory foam, all parts of our YouPlus mattress are made in the United States and our foams are Certi-PUR certified. Certi-PUR approved foams are low emissions for indoor air quality, made without ozone depleters, made without PBDEs, made without mercury, lead or heavy metals, made without formaldehyde, and made without prohibited phthalates. Our cool-to-the-touch fabric cover supports four layers of cooling gel by drawing excess heat from your body. Research has shown you can increase metabolism by 10% when sleeping cool. YouPlus mattresses help your body cool down naturally throughout the night, for faster, deeper slumber.

Third was convenience. Our mattresses are built “fresh” to order. We don’t start making it until you buy it. Once you do, we’ll deliver your YouPlus mattress to your door free of charge. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied after 100 nights of sleep, we'll pick it up free of charge.

MAH: Your mission statement is phenomenal and so heartfelt-- please tell us more about the YouPlus Foundation and your vision moving forward with it!

Y+S: Our foundation primarily looks to support organizations and causes that focus on the health and mental wellness of our youth. We feel there are many worthy charitable organizations and causes out there and we did not want to limit ourselves to one. The structure of our foundation provides us the flexibility to engage and provide support to as many of these youth organizations as possible. Our vision moving forward includes organizing a board and a developing framework to identify organizations and causes we will work with and defining the support we will provide to them.

MAH: What makes the YouPlusSleep Mattress a must have in 2020?

Y+S: The YouPlusSleep mattress is a must have because it is crafted for comfort for the maximum swath of the population. Unless you require an ultra-firm or ultra-soft mattress, the YouPlus dual-sided mattress is a dream (literally) - and with the You+ Support Zone with patented zone quilting provides additional support that other foam-layer mattresses don’t have adding many additional years of sleep and comfort.

MAH: With your Mattress being such a great hit, are there plans for adding other sleep products such as temperate pillows, comforters, etc.?

Y+S: Absolutely! We definitely plan on adding items over time and we are constantly searching for other made-in-the-USA products that we can add to our offerings. We recently added our branded mattress protector and by the beginning of Q3 2020 we plan on launching our bed frame, platform and adjustable base program. All items are made in the USA which is very important to our company! We also plan on adding sheets, pillows, comforters and basically any other high quality made-in-the-USA items that relate to bedding and a better night's sleep. We want to make things easy for our dedicated customers with one stop shopping! In the future we plan to offer bundles which will include the mattress and all of your bedding needs.

End Interview

So, what do they offer currently? As mentioned in the interview, You+ Sleep plans on expanding their line past their cornerstone mattress currently for sale on their site. As of today, they have 6 different mattress sizes and prices as well as their Premium Mattress Protector available for sale.

You can find the sizing and pricing below.

• Twin- $549.00

• Twin XL- $599.00

• Full $749.00

• Queen $899.00

• King $1,099.00

• Cali King $1,099.00

While their Premium mattress Protectors sizes and pricing looks like this:

• Twin/Twin XL- $29.95

• Full- $39.95

• Queen- $49.95

• King/Cali King- $59.95

Also, worth noting again that every Mattress includes a free premium mattress protector AND free standard shipping with purchase!

What’s not to love about You + Sleep? Their 9-layer mattresses are designed to promote proper sleeping temperature, maximum comfort, and complete support. They feature double sided construction so you can flip your mattress every 3 to 12 months, allowing you to double the lifespan of your mattress. Additionally, all mattresses are made in the USA and have a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to try it for 100 nights, and if you aren’t completely satisfied, they will pick it up for free! Not to mention their mattresses are all made with Certi-PUR approved foams containing no ozone “depleters”, PBDEs, or heavy metals and toxics. If you have any other questions or would like to find out more about You+ Sleep or how you can contribute to the YouPlus Foundation, head on over to

We want to give a massive shoutout to the You + Sleep team for taking the time to be interviewed and we are excited to continue working with them in the future! If you’re ready to get serious about your sleep, improve your quality of life, and wake up feeling ready to take on life’s challenges each and every day, then check out You + Sleep today!



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