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AEON Activated Earth Ocean Nutrients Review

With the supplement industry putting out a new pre-workout, amino-acid product, or protein powder nearly every week, we decided to turn our focus for this review from athletic performance to total health and wellness optimization. Now, that’s not to say that a product like the one we’re reviewing here doesn’t come with some great performance benefits, because as you’ll see, the benefits seem nearly endless!

Enter AEON (Activated Earth + Ocean Nutrients), the evolution of Shilajit and a natural Ayurvedic medicine used for 1000’s of years.

Aeon is what you call a truly comprehensive health and wellness product. Loaded with over 80 crucial minerals for optimal health per serving, Aeon is the earth and oceans’ most authentic ‘superfood’. The secret is in the Fulvic and Humic Acid contents which have been gaining rapid recognition as nature's cure for ailments like leaky gut and chronic inflammation. We took the Aeon test for a month to see what kind of changes to our overall health and wellness we might notice.

Keep reading below to find out our results and more about what Aeon can do for you!

What is Fulvic and Humic Acid? If you haven’t heard of Fulvic or Humic acids before, you’re not alone. Fulvic and Humic acid are not a common ingredient in sports supplementation and are an all-natural substance that is actually HARVESTED and not developed in a lab. Fulvic and Humic acids are very similar, with most of their differences coming from their carbon and oxygen contents. These organic compounds are components of the humus, an organic part of soil that is formed by the decomposition of leaves, plants, and other microorganisms. The Fulvic and Humic acids are generally found high in various mountain ranges usually where small lakes, ponds, and other lush environments once thrived. Aeon is sourced specifically from North America in the Canadian Rockies among ancient lake beds rich in Fulvic and Humic acids after millions of years of sedimentation. These areas have been highly touted as some of the most nutrient dense and pure Fulvic and Humic acid deposits in the WORLD! After harvesting, the thick sap undergoes a patented 2-stage purification and extraction process that completely eliminates mycotoxins and chemicals, leaving you with the purist forms of Humic and Fulvic acid available. This patented extraction and purification process use no chemicals and actually makes Aeon more bioavailable than traditional Humic and Fulvic acid products. Aeon separates itself from the rest of the Shilajit field by including 400mg of active nutrients per serving while may other brands are between 2-200mgs. Don’t confuse Aeon with other Shilajit products on the market; there isn’t much comparison when considering dosing, purity, and harvesting process!

What Benefits can you expect from supplementing with Fulvic and Humic Acid: So now that we know where Fulvic and Humic acids come from, lets dive into the benefits that come with supplementing with Aeon! First, it’s important to note that due to the ever-changing landscape of agriculture, farming practices, and the way food is created and consumed, our bodies often lack the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help us function at our peak. This leads to an unhealthy gut biome that can, over time, lead to chronic inflammation, leaky gut, digestion issues, allergic reactions, and so much more. Sure, we can supplement with pre/probiotics, and multivitamins, but how much of those ingredients are actually pure and bio available? That’s where a product like Aeon can help you completely change your quality of life. With over 1000 scientific studies backing up its efficacy, let’s take a look at what effects Aeon’s dose of Fulvic and Humic acid can provide:

• Increased Energy and reduced fatigue: No, not like slamming an energy drink but through Fulvic acid’s ability to improve mitochondria functioning and integrity. Not to mention increased uptake of oxygen and improved electrolyte balance

• Strengthened Immune System: Not only is Fulvic Acid non-microbial, but by regulating gut and digestive health, your body is less susceptible to disease and sickness

• Improved cognitive functioning: Emerging research has suggested that the two acid compounds in Aeon have nootropic and neuroprotective properties that can slow the decline of cognitive functions such as memory and learning

• Improved nutrient absorption: A healthy GI tract and gut make for a happy body. By supplementing with fulvic acid, your body’s ability to absorb important nutrients increases dramatically

• Improved Body Composition: Studies on Fulvic acid have shown that it can play a key role in healthy blood glucose levels and thus lowering obesity levels. Studies also suggest that supplementing with Fulvic acid can lower resting blood sugar and can be used as a tool to fight type 2 diabetes

• Antioxidant benefits: Studies suggest that Fulvic acid is a powerful combatant to excess free radicals and oxidative stress. This is just another way to regulate hormone function, slow oxidative damage, disease, and slow the human aging process

• Decreased Inflammation: Multiple studies have confirmed that fulvic acid can decrease pro-inflammatory markers. This ensures that chronic inflammation is stymied at the source and can reduce issues such as joint pain, swelling, migraines, and more!

Why Aeon? Since were making lists, why not make one to emphasize why Aeon is the market’s superior Fulvic and Humic acid product. Sure, we probably sound like a broken record but some of these points are too good not to repeat!

• Aeon contains over 20x more Fulvic and Humic acids than any other product on the market

• Aeon contains over 80-plant based nutrients, minerals, probiotics, anti-oxidants, and more

• Aeon is vegan and keto friendly as well as 100% organic and can be used regardless of what lifestyle or dietary choices you take part in

• Ingredients are minimal and it is naturally flavored with peppermint oil making it easy to mix in water, smoothies, or nearly any other beverage!

• Aeon’s patented double purification process makes it the most pure and concentrated Humic and Fulvic acid product on the market

• It is processed in a Non-GMO facility and is gluten free, dairy free, and soy free

• The cost per serving is the most efficient on the market based on dosing

Price Point: If you head over to, you will find that a full 30 serving bottle of Aeon is actually on sale for $69.95. While that price, at just over $2 per serving, seems a bit high, we always hook our readers up with the best discounts! If you enter code New-Aeon-20 at checkout, you’ll receive $20 off, bringing the price per bottle to under $50!

Our Results: With such a lengthy list of benefits and literally 1000’s of studies we expected positive things; and we were not disappointed. Over our month of supplementing with Aeon, we experienced interesting changes that went beyond what we listed above.

Some of them included:

• Improved digestion, no bloating, even with multiple “cheat” days where counting calories and tracking macros didn’t take place

• Improved energy—we even cut back on daily caffeine and felt BETTER for it

• Mental clarity improved; much easier to complete mentally strenuous tasks and deal with stressful situations

• Subtle weight loss—even without “dieting”

• Improved workout efficiency

• Reduction in nagging aches and pains from training and aging

• Improved recovery and less fatigue from strenuous activities

And these are just the most obvious things we noticed after a month of use! To say that Aeon encompasses a total body wellness supplement would be an understatement. We loved our Aeon experience and will definitely be loading up while their $20 off deal is active! If you’re tired of nagging issues like bloating, chronic inflammation, feeling unexcited and lethargic, or even just looking for a natural, caffeine free pick-me-up that can improve day to day life, then look no further. If you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or hardcore gym rat, we recommend you trying Aeon as well and see how it can amplify your workouts and nutritional efficiency. Aeon’s slogan is right on par with their results; A premium gut & total health drink used to unlock total wellness. Discover optimal health today and get on Aeon!



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