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InnovaPharm Genesis 1 Review

Just when you thought our infatuation with InnovaPharm was over, the readers spoke-- and they wanted more! Enter Genesis-1, a single ingredient ‘regenerative growth factor matrix’ clinically shown to support lean muscle growth, strength, improved recovery, improved natural energy levels, and so much more. Genesis-1 is safe to use for both men and women and its effects are further amplified the longer you use it. What single ingredient could provide this much support without ACTUALLY being hormonal? The answer may surprise you, but before we dive into the details of Genesis-1, we wanted to mention that Genesis-1 was our most requested review over 2019 and we are ecstatic to start 2020 with what might be the game changer the supplement industry has been looking for when it comes to vitality and longevity. Let’s dive into our review of InnovaPharm’s Genesis-1, “the latest and most potent natural legal supplement for athletes”.

What is Genesis-1? The answer to this is more than one part—lets break down what we know about Genesis-1! The product is just a single ingredient; a 300mg dose of Standardized Embryonic Oligopeptide Matrix yielding naturally occurring growth factors. According to InnovaPharm, the patented peptide included in Genesis-1 is not from humans, rather a chicken embryo! Scientists believe that this embryo peptide may act very similarly to human growth factors such as:

• Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGF): Potetial to repair and regenerate body tissue

• Nerve Growth Factors (NGF): Potential to grow, maintain, multiply, and repair neurons

• Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF): Potential to activate proliferation of fibroblasts and epithelial cells

• Connective Tissue Growth Factors (CTGF): Control of biological process, cell proliferation, differentiation, adhesion, and angiogenesis

• Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-Beta): Control of cell growth, cell proliferation, cell differentiation and apoptosis (cell death)

• Insulin Growth Factors family (IGF): Controls bone and tissue growth and development while also controlling blood glucose levels.

As if that wasn’t enough, studies suggest that the peptides in Genesis-1 also supply Immunoglobulins and anti-inflammatory cytokines that can improve immune function, reduce death of old cells, and aid in the regulation of new cells within the body. Genesis-1 is truly in a league of its own when it comes to potential effects on the body. Not only is it able to improve muscle growth, size and strength, and a host of other gym benefits, but its hormone, glucose, and cell regulation help to create a healthier YOU!

Dosing: InnovaPharm recommends you take two capsules per day, spaced out. One should be in the morning right around the time you wake up, and the other should be in the evening, either with a meal or right before going to bed. Genesis-1 does not need to be cycled and is not an exogenous hormone supplement that would require a post cycle therapy product. Although it may help to regulate hormonal function, it does not affect hormone production and is safe to be used over long periods, keeping all hormones within safe and healthy biological range. Users report that prolonged supplementation has increased and more noticeable benefits!

Benefits of Genesis-1: We’ve already talked about some of the benefits and mechanisms of Genesis-1 but let’s move past the science and explain what this means for you as an user of Genesis-1. The peptide used encompasses the true meaning of whole-body health. Lets first start out with body composition and move down to well-being benefits of the peptides included in Genesis-1.

Mass and Strength Gains/Fat Loss: We noted above that the IGF family compounds are affected by the peptides in Genesis-1. A huge benefit of this is the ability to regulate and control blood glucose as well as insulin levels. When insulin levels are elevated, issues such as over eating, hunger, and inflammation can become a chronic problem. The restorative peptides in Genesis-1 provide the regulatory effects to manage blood glucose, insulin, and cortisol levels thus allowing for better post workout recovery, improvement in leptin regulation, and reduction of oxidative stress. All of these play a key role in achieving the body composition you’ve dreamed of. The hormonal equilibrium environment that is created with Genesis-1 will help you to hit the gym harder than ever without the harmful effects of excess cortisol taking its toll on your recovery. This leads us to our next benefit.

Stress Reduction: No, we aren’t just talking about being able to relax after a long day of work. The peptides in Genesis-1 have the ability to reduce oxidative stress, and stress on your heart! Studies have shown that these peptides have the ability to reduce triglyceride levels which reduce the number of free radicals in the blood stream. These peptides can reduce oxidative stress and actually increase the number of antioxidants in the body! As we know, antioxidants are key to removing harmful toxins in the body, and can also help us to slow the aging process as well. We can’t forget about Genesis-1’s ability to improve cardiovascular health though. Studies suggest that the peptides in Genesis-1 have the ability to increase DHEA levels in the body, which, will improve levels of our good cholesterol and reduce insulin levels. America is known for the harmful “western diet” which leads to low HDL (good cholesterol) and high LDL (bad cholesterol). Genesis-1 has the ability even out cholesterol levels which can increase cardiovascular longevity. Since we’re on the topic of increased DHEA levels, we would be remised if we didn’t mention how Genesis-1 can improve our Sexual Health as well!

Sexual Health Promotion can be a benefit for both men and women who supplement with Genesis-1. Studies suggest that increased DHEA levels in the body can increase levels of testosterone and other sex hormones that play a key role in healthy libido and blood flow. This certainly doesn’t mean Genesis-1 is going to make women who supplement with it “manly”, rather it helps to regulate the key hormones responsible for a healthy sex drive, and regulation of testosterone AND estrogen.

So honestly, what CAN’T Genesis-1 do? From cellular health, to improved hormone levels and gym performance, Genesis-1 has the potential to be one of the most powerful natural health and longevity supplements of 2020!

Price Point: Of course, with a product of this magnitude, you’d expect to pay a pretty penny—and you’d be right! Normally, a month long bottle of Genesis-1 would run you $74.99. While that is on the higher side of our typical price ranges for products we review, using code MODERN20 at checkout on is going to get you 20% off which equates to a much friendlier price tag for a product of this high quality and health benefits.



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