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WODFitters Hand Held Percussion Massage Gun Review

wodfitters massage gun review

Whether you’re a hardcore athlete, weightlifter, crossfitter, or weekend warrior, you probably have some aches and pains at some point during your week. Even an office job or being in a chair for 6+ hours every day can stiffen muscles and joints and cause some discomfort. Sure, massages are great but they can be pricey and stretching and foam rolling sometimes become an afterthought even to the most experienced gym-goers. So, what’s stopping you from reaching for the Tylenol and ibuprofen, especially now that the temperatures are dropping?

For us, it’s WODFitters new Handheld Percussion Massage Gun, designed for anyone from advanced athletes to those with physically demanding jobs. WODFitters new Percussion massager is the perfect tool to break up scar tissue, aches and pains, soothe those sore aching muscles, and deliver immediate pain relief after the first use!

What are percussion massagers and what do they do?

You’ve problem seen advertisements for these “massagers” that look like a tool straight out of your father’s garage. You may have even seen some companies promoting their massage head attachments that fit into a handheld band saw that promise to give you the same effects. Well, the facts are-- percussion massagers are essentially massagers that rapidly pound into the muscle like a percussion instrument, or a drum. The goal with these percussion massagers is to loosen up stiff muscles and breakdown myofascial adhesions by repetitive pounding in a specific spot. By using a percussion massager, you can enhance blood flow, break up “knots” in the muscle tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve your mobility and recovery. Often, these massagers are used immediately after a workout to keep your muscles from stiffening & knotting up and/or right before a workout to get your muscles loose, warm, and ready to go. While it is a great warm up tool, the massager shines bright when working on painful and sore areas, especially those with impaired range of motion. The short bursts from the massager will not only improve blood flow but also helps to loosen up muscles surrounding the sore area. These quick pulses from a percussion massager also mitigate some of the “pain” you would normally feel by using a foam roller or getting a manual massage due to the “wave-like” effect it creates when hitting surrounding muscles. Let’s face it, manual massages are great but when you hit the dreaded “spot” that nearly leaves you in tears, you tend to move away from that body part and end up with the same nagging pain that won’t go away. Percussion massagers help you to hit that sensitive spot all while relaxing the surrounding areas for a pain-free massage and relief.

Why WODFitters Percussion Massager?

One thing we always do when comparing products like this on the market is to do a search of what else is available and what their specs look like. After looking around, when it comes to price, quality, and versatility, we feel the WodFitters Massage Gun ranks right at the top of the long list of massage gun options.

wodfitters massage gun review

Design: The design of the WodFitters Massage Gun is phenomenal, weighing in at a light 2.5lbs. It’s heavy enough to apply pressure without having to push down and light enough to hold and position in hard to reach places. The nearly 5” handheld grip, which is also the battery, is wide and is wrapped in a rubbery layer that helps you keep a nice grip on it. The battery pack snaps off with a button located on the side by the air vents and can be charged while not plugged into the massager; great if space is at a premium. The two vents on either side of the massager also ensure that the gun does not overheat when being used... because let’s face it, massages feel great and you don’t want to have to stop because your massage gun can’t last long enough. Probably most importantly, the gun is VERY quiet, making for a more convenient and relaxing massage without sounding like you’re using a power saw. Now you won’t keep your significant other or room mates awake if you need a late night or early morning massage gun session!

Power: The WODFitters Percussion Massage Gun offers 6 different power levels, ranging from gentle (1) up to very hard (6). The nice thing about the different levels is that it’s a noticeable change moving from level 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and so on—highly customizable. This is a great concept when moving from smaller sensitive muscle groups to larger ones-- there‘s a setting for every body part!

Attachments: WODFitters includes 4 interchangeable heads with their massage gun kit. The heads are easily switched out by simply screwing and unscrewing into the head of the gun.

The 4 heads include:

1. Standard round massage head; This head is great for large muscle groups. From your traps to your back, quads, calves and everything in between. The ball covers quite a bit of surface area and is firm enough to target stubborn knots.

wodfitters massage gun review

2. Flat Massage Head: This head is perfect for ANY part of the body, including small muscle groups and around the head and neck area. The flat surface allows you to move over the most sensitive spots around the neck, ankle, and foot without worrying about too much pounding, pinching, or pressure on those areas.

3. Bullet type massage head: This particular head is great for those deep stubborn knots as well as around areas with of joint tie ins like hips and shoulders. WODFitters also suggests using this around the hand or palm, soles of your feet, and we’ve used it to pinpoint areas on our back, quads, calves, and more!

4. U-type massage head: The U-type massage head was designed for going up and down the spine area and hitting those tight erector muscles. We also found that his works great on smaller muscle groups such as the forearms and lower calf into the Achilles area!

Battery: While this may not seem like an area to highlight, it definitely is. There are two things that stick out to us about the WODFitters massage gun battery. The first was that the battery was detachable and can be charged as a separate piece for the gun. Number two is that the battery lasts for a LONG time. Really. We charged it for about 30 minutes, and the battery was fully charged (as shown by the 99 on the rear display of the massage gun). We used it every day at varying power levels for about 20 minutes daily for a couple of weeks and the gun was still above 50% charged. Very impressive. While we recommend charging it more frequently to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your massage gun, it can last for weeks on a single charge.

wodfitters massage gun review

Portability: We’ve already mentioned it was light, with an easily manageable size, and the convenient carrying case WodFitters sends you with the massage gun makes it very easy to bring with you anywhere! If you don’t want to use the carrying case, it’ll fit easily in a drawstring bag, gym bag, or backpack. The massage gun is very durable and is built very tough, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty, adding to the long list of quality products WODFitters has to offer.

Price Point: There’s two locations we would recommend you check out if you want to purchase the WODFitters Percussion Massage Gun. You can either check it out on their website or hit up and search for WODFitters Percussion Massage Gun. On the WODFitters website, it is listed for $299.99 but using code WF30 at checkout gives you 30% off bringing your total to right around $210. Amazon currently has the massager listed for $199.99 AND an additional coupon as well. Keep in mind the coupon and current price will not always be available so keep in mind your WF30 code to use on the WODFitters website if needed!

wodfitters massage gun review

Our Thoughts: We need this, you need this, everyone needs a WODFitters Percussion Massage Gun in their life. We use this thing on the daily and it’s really been a welcome addition to our ongoing quest for optimal performance, health and wellness. Whether you’re using it for a specific sport, recovery from training, or just to help eliminate the aches and pains of everyday life, WODFitters has designed the perfect tool to help you live life to the fullest. The 4 interchangeable heads allow you to soothe even the most sensitive of aching muscles and reach the deepest knots you can imagine! Not to mention it is priced competitively with other popular percussion massagers and priced better than most. Whether you’re ordering from Amazon or the WODFitters website (remember WF30 for 30%off), you definitely need to try the WODFitters Percussion Massage gun ASAP.



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