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Innovapharm RecoverEAA Review

innovapharm recovereaa review

We’ve reviewed our fair share of amino acid products and have already dispelled the myths and concerns about BCAA’s and EAA’s. Yes, dosing them can be beneficial in some ways but no, they aren’t going to help you gain 10lbs of pure muscle in a month. Normally a review for amino acids would be short, just highlighting the flavors and what the ingredient label looks like, but when we heard it was an InnovaPharm product, we knew it wouldn’t be another lackluster addition to the overflowing BCAA/EAA products that already flood the market and would of course contain some unique ingredient or approach to the formula. Introducing RecoverEAA, a clinically dosed BCAA plus EAA athletic recovery blend with all the good things you want and none of the fillers. We recently got our hands on their newest flavor OMG! (Orange Mango Grapefruit) and decided to try it out ourselves. Is it another overpriced and overhyped amino acid product, or something worth including in your supplement arsenal? Keep reading for our review of InnovaPharm RecoverEAA!


RecoverEAA comes in 3 delicious flavors; OMG! (Orange Mango Grapefruit), Mommas Sweet Tea, and Pink Lemonade. If you’ve read any of our past reviews with InnovaPharm, you probably know how this is going to go..!

OMG is right! InnovaPharm boasts about this flavor combination being the first of its kind to hit the market—and it’s true. This flavor combination is unlike anything we have tried before. It has a tropical sweetness with a more than a hint of sour. The flavor is a true citrus blend that tastes like a thinner, smoother Sunny Delight! Even though this is an amino acid product, the flavor and taste reminds us more of a childhood drink than a sports nutrition supplement. For all of you tropical and sour lovers out there, this is a flavor you HAVE to try.

innovapharm recovereaa review


Unlike most amino acid products, RecoverEAA mixed surprisingly well; like all InnovaPharm products do! We followed the label directions and added one scoop in about 20oz of water, mixing with a spoon, a coffee frother, and a shaker cup. This is one of the few amino acid blends that was mixable by just using a spoon or coffee frother and not needing constant shaking or stirring as you consume it. Residue at the bottom is minimal and there is no obvious grittiness with RecoverEAA. It mixes smooth and dissolves as quickly as a packet of Kool-Aid in water!

Ingredient Profile:

Now the real reason you’re all reading this review (aside from the flavor ratings) what could InnovaPharm bring to the table that other amino acid products could not? Let’s take a look at the ingredient label and break down some of the highlights:

• Electrolytes: Albeit not a ton, InnovaPharm added 150mg of potassium and 100mg of sodium into their RecoverEAA’s. 250mg isn’t anything crazy, but can certainly help deter cramping, improve hydration, and help you achieve proper muscle contractions.

• BCAA’s: RecoverEAA is packed with 10g of BCAA’s in the classic 2:1:1 ratio. The tried and true 2:1:1 ratio can lead you to the same muscle sparing and recovery benefits as higher ratios

• Other EAA’s: aside from the 10g of BCAA’s included in RecoverEAA, the other 6 EAA’s (Lysine, Threonine, Histidine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, and Tryptophan) are also included to the tune of an additional 4g per scoop! Most other products on the market deliver somewhere between 1-3g of additional EAA’s why RecoverEAA offers 2-4x that amount! These amino acids play a crucial role in immune function, central nervous system support, recovery, and support of lean muscle tissue!

• No Fillers: We shouldn’t have to make this a point with any supplement but it’s especially important to recognize that InnovaPharm doesn’t add any fillers and is processed in a GMP facility. Not only that but InnovaPharm’s 100% transparent ingredient label with no proprietary blends or artificial colors puts them up there with only a few companies that follow those standards!

innovapharm recovereaa review

Price Point:

Although the ingredient label and EAA dose is huge, the price tag is not! If you head over to and check out the RecoverEAA, you’ll notice it seems a bit pricy at $39.99. However, Modern Athletic Health always has the hook up and using code MODERN20 at checkout will bring your total down 20%! For the 14g of EAA’s you’re getting in every scoop, along with a delicious flavoring system, you’re doubling the ingredients and halving the price of its competitors.

Our Thoughts:

Sure, RecoverEAA is another amino acid product, but it is the highest dosed product on the market for its price! Featuring a unique 4g combo (2g Threonine+ 2g Lysine) this ingredient profile is stacked and contains exactly what you need to speed up and enhance your workout recovery efforts. As if the ingredient label wasn’t selling you, the flavor and mixability is on par with all other InnovaPharm products as some of the best in the business. Of course, using this over the last month, while in a caloric deficit, has helped us to recover from our long workout and cardio sessions with ease. Don’t expect magical gains from RecoverEAA but you can be assured it’s going to do exactly what it is designed to do. InnovaPharm has raised the bar on BCAA/EAA’s products and flavors in the past and has further pushed them to the top with RecoverEAA. If you’re in the market for a new EAA product that is reasonably priced and properly dosed from a company you can trust, look no further than RecoverEAA, and remember to use MODERN20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire order at!



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