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NCN Supps Shredderex Review

ncn supps shredderex review

Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals, ‘NCN Supps’ for short, has undergone a minor facelift over the last few months. Their long-time standalone fat burner product ‘Shredderall’ recently had a name change to Shredderex to accompany a vast overhaul of the ingredient profile. While this was in the works, NCN released a second product, Genbolin (our review can be found here), a highly potent and pure form of 5A-Hydroxy Laxogenin. All while updating their logo and building a household name for themselves with just a two-product line. We have been very fond of of NCN Supplements because of their dedication to quality ingredients, transparent labels, and CEO Christian Ferraro’s striving effort to provide some of the best customer service we have seen.

Recently, one of our favorite fat burners, the aforementioned Shredderall, underwent a complete transformation, with the ingredient list being reduced from 8 to 7, with caffeine anhydrous and Theacrine as the only remaining ingredients from the original product. NCN Supps has also dropped the number and dosage of overpowering stimulants in the new Shredderex while including a host of other goodies designed to improve metabolism, increase energy and focus, help you lower body fat, and control cravings. We’ve been using Shredderex for a few weeks and decided we were ready to release our thoughts on it now that it’s finally become available for sale to the general public. Keep reading below for our full review and ingredient breakdown on the NEW Shredderex

Dosing Protocol:

NCN Supplements offers a variety of dosing protocols to fit your needs. Check out the chart below NCN Supps provided us to help you decide how you feel you should dose Shredderex!

ncn supps shredderec review

Ingredient Profile:

One of our favorite aspects about the new Shredderex is that it is now a truly comprehensive fat burner; packed with ingredients that encompass the nootropic, fat burning, energy, focus, and appetite suppression categories. We loved the original Shredderex for its intense energy and fat burning qualities, but the new ingredients in Shredderex takes results and synergy to a new level with a lot less of that overpowered stimulant feeling.

The ingredient information below is based on the Shredderex serving size of 1 capsule

ncn supps shredderex ingredients

Alpha GPC 50%- 150mg: Alpha GPC or Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, is a compound in the choline family that has been shown to improve various cognitive functions, prevent cognitive slowing, and has also been shown to improve power output in athletes. Not only has Alpha GPC been shown to reduce age related cognition issues such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, it has also been reported to support the structure of the cellular membrane to improve health and resiliency of cells. Human clinical studies also suggest that supplementing with Alpha GPC can increase your power output by up to 14%. Anecdotally, users report various cognition benefits, from focus, to elevated mood, to appetite suppression; especially when dosed alongside a stimulant like caffeine. 150mg is enough to give you a boost in both athletic performance and cognition; however, dosing 2 caps, whether together or apart is where you will see much more profound effects.

Caffeine Anhydrous- 100mg: We say it with every review, but truly the most used and loved ingredient on the market today. Where, oh where, would we be without our precious caffeine? If you’ve read any of our previous reviews with caffeinated products and supplements, you should know the MO of caffeine by now..! Caffeine can improve strength, endurance, cognition, focus, energy levels, and further enhances the effect of almost anything it is paired with. We love that Shredderex didn’t follow the traditional “fat burning” stimulant cocktail that so many companies buy into pouring in 300+mg of caffeine per serving. Shredderex delivers a metered dose 100mg of caffeine per pill which allows you to still have your morning coffee or pre workout with Shredderex, and is also perfect for that mid-day pick me up. For those of us who are trying to ween ourselves off of stimulants, Shredderex is still going to be effective for fat burning and focus enhancement either in the one or two capsule doses, without all the extra stimulants!

Green tea Extract (98% Polyphenols 50% EGCG)- 75mg: If caffeine is considered the king of all supplements, then green tea extract can be considered its little brother. Green tea extract contains a host of general health benefits ranging from cardioprotective properties, to anti-diabetic, neuroprotective, stimulatory effects, and everything in between. Green tea extract is one of those ingredients that does a little bit of everything and has been shown to have no harmful side effects when taken in a healthy dose (between 50-300mgs). Green tea extract works well with caffeine in Shredderex to improve energy levels without the crash, improve fat oxidation, increase blood flow, and act as an antioxidant. Although its effects are not overly profound at lower doses, 75mg-150mg (or one to two capsules of Shredderex) will provide a great added boost to your energy and fat burning efforts.

Theacrine-50mg: Theacrine, or more commonly known as the patented Teacrine, is one of our favorite ingredients that seems to be a staple in almost every quality fat burner, pre-workout, or stimulant/nootropic-based product! Theacrine works similarly to caffeine. Studies have suggested it provides energy boosting effects, nootropic effects, reduction in fatigue, and improved athletic performance. The bonus? Theacrine also enhances whatever ingredient(s) it is paired with! Yes, a 50mg dose of Theacrine is going to boost any fat burning, nootropic, or energizing ingredient it is dosed with. While Shredderex keeps its base stimulants (caffeine and green tea extract) relatively low, Theacrine helps to boost the effects of those compounds, without causing increased jitters, nausea, or the dreaded caffeine crash!

Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise 12.5% 6-paradol)- 10mg: Grains of Paradise is the epitome of a “fat burner” put into one single ingredient. Paradoxine, one of the trademarked forms of Grains of Paradise, has been shown to improve body composition and help your fat burning efforts in a few ways. The first is its ability to convert stored white adipose tissue (WAT) into useable brown adipose tissue (BAT). BAT is used by the body as energy rather than being stored and is considered to be a “good” form of fat. This will in-turn lead to increased metabolic rate and energy expenditure both at rest and during exercise! Burn more calories-lose more fat; talk about a win/win! If that isn’t cool enough, studies have shown that doses as little of 5mg of Grains of Paradise can begin increasing the transition of WAT to BAT and improve daily energy expenditure! Depending on your daily dose, Shredderex can provide you with 2x-4x the amount of Paradoxine shown to help you reap all the benefits listed above. Studies show Grains of Paradise can be dosed as high as 150-200mg per day, and it is completely non stimulant so it can be taken around the clock to keep you in fat burning mode..! If you’re a fan of this particular ingredient and looking to add some extra Grains of Paradise to your supplement stacks, we highly suggest Parøslim by Human Performance Science, available as a Combo Stack with Shredderex exclusively on!

ProGBB- 7.5mg: ProGBB has a much longer name (Gamma-Butyrobetaine) so we are going to keep it short for your and our sake. ProGBB is an ingredient that has been shown to increase your body’s L-Carnitine supply which helps us in some exciting areas! Carnitine has been shown to improve cognition in a variety of ways, improve exercise performance in both aerobic and anaerobic workouts, and thus can help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Most notably, ProGBB users will notice an improvement in endurance, reduction of blood glucose levels, and improved fat burning. Users also report increased sweating during exercise and loss of stubborn water weight, but no increases in sweating during regular daily tasks, ensuring your clothes stay dry around the office or in the classroom!

Bioperine- 2.5mg: A staple in most capsulated products, Bioperine is one of the most popular and commonly used bioavailability enhancers on the market. Bioperine has been shown to help increase absorption of a variety of ingredients and compounds by at least of 30%. More often than not, ingredients will not always reach the bloodstream, especially when traveling through the stomach and GI tract. Through many different biological mechanisms, Bioperine enhances absorption, metabolism, and ensures that ingredients are not lost during digestion.

As you can see from the ingredient breakdown above, Shredderex truly hits everything you want in a fat burner; increased energy without the jitters, nootropic effects, multiple fat burning mechanisms, and more!

Price point: Shredderex can either be found on the NCN Supplements website for $40/bottle or a 2-pack for $75. NCN Supps has offered our readers a discount coupon (ncnsupps20) which can get you 20% off your cart price, which drops a single bottle down to $32 and the 2 packs down to about $60! The aforementioned Stack with HPS Parøslim is available for the discounted combo price of $59.99 if you’d like to add some more Grains of Paradise to your supplementation.

Our thoughts: It’s not often we have the opportunity to say this in the supplement industry but the brand new Shredderex proves to be a huge addition by subtraction. What do we mean? Well, if you were always a fan of stim heavy fat burners then you may have a small place in your heart for the original Shredderex, but this reformulated, fat burning-focused formula has really blown us away! In our recent weeks of using Shredderex at varying doses (up to 2 capsules per day) we noticed:

• Increased energy without the jitters

• An average of 1.5lbs lost per week (without changes to diet)

• Improved workouts/endurance even when it was taken hours before

• Appetite suppression

• Improved feelings of well-being and happiness

• Improved focus

• Calmer attitude throughout the day

• Visible reduction in water weight, primarily in the chest and lower abdominals (v cut)

Even as the proclaimed stim-junkies we are, we found that one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach, usually upon waking and mid-afternoon, was all we needed to make it through the day. We felt energized but not jittery or anxious, didn’t need to reach for a coffee or energy drink during longer work days, and felt no urge to binge or cheat on unhealthy food options. Even though we had no change to our normal diets we still dropped about 4.5lbs in 3 weeks!

shredderex paroslim ncn hpscience

We may always love the original Shredderex but its new look, new formula counterpart is here to stay. Companies do not always succeed at remaking and reformulating a classic, but NCN Supps is certainly one that did. If you’re looking for a moderately stimmed, cognitive enhancing fat burner that will improve your mood, body composition, and help you to achieve your physique goals, then look no further. Don’t forget, using code ncnsupps20 at checkout on the NCN supplements store gets you 20% off OR their amazon page will give you an automatic 20% off the NCN website price! As always, we want to give a huge shout out to NCN Supps for letting us try their new Shredderex. Oh, and for all the NCN Supplement lovers out there like ourselves, we have heard talks of another brand new product in the near future… so stay tuned to and @modernathletichealth on IG for news and giveaway opportunities!



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