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KX10 Home Gym Now Available on KickStarter

We know many people can’t always find the time to head to a gym and get in a solid workout. Luckily for consumers, companies are starting to create home gym products that take up minimal space and add to items you may already have. One of these companies is WODFitters who have been constantly expanding on their home gym line; designed specifically for those who want to get a quality workout, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Or, if you’re someone who enjoys outdoor workouts or who travels frequently without gym access, the new WODFitters KX10 Home Gym could be the answer to all your home and travel training questions..!

The WODFitters KX 10 Home Gym Set is made up of 5 of their high-quality resistance bands, their patent pending KX10 handles, and a versatile door anchor. This is the first time we have seen handles like this in a home gym workout kit and we knew we just had to try them out. After our history with WODFitters, we had high expectations, and spoiler alert, we were not disappointed after our experience with the KX10!

What is the KX10 Home Gym Kit?

The KX10 Home Gym kit is a different style of home gym kit than we have never really seen or used before. Most home gym kits use a carabiner attachment system alongside light resistance tube bands that latch on to a door. While the KX10 Home gym does give you a handy door jam attachment, it does not rely on you needing to be near an “anchor point” to get the most out of your workout. The kit starts out by giving you a 5-pack of Wodfitters high-quality resistance bands ranging from 10lbs all the way up to 175lbs based on the band!

Next, the kit contains their patent pending KX10 training handles—which are unlike anything we have seen in a home gym kit. The handles are incredibly light weight, but sturdy enough to hold up to 500lbs of resistance! The handles resemble a J shape which allows it to fit perfectly in your hand but not uncomfortably large to the point where it may throw you off balance or provide discomfort on your hands, wrists, or joints. The handles also offer a very subtle knurling that provides great grip in your hand but is gentle enough that you won’t have to worry about skin ripping or callous build up with heavy resistance. The lower hook of the handles is wide enough that they can handle multiple of the thickest resistance bands without the worry of bands slipping off and snapping back at you.

Lastly, the kit has a thick foam-based door stopper that allows you to lock your resistance bands onto your door for things such as lat pull-downs, chest flyes, and triceps press downs.

Price point: Currently, the KX10 Home Gym Kit is available on Kickstarter for special introductory pricing and offers various levels to fit your home gym needs ranging from $49 to $179. To top it off, when you purchase a KX10 Home Gym kit you also receive a free 10-week fitness program to help you achieve your goals!

Our Thoughts:

The KX10 Home Gym’s ingenious patent pending handles are what separate this from the many other home gyms currently available on the market today. We get it, heading to the gym isn’t always the most appealing thing; traffic can make you lethargic, your work day can drag you down, and you can come up with every excuse in the book to just stay home. If you’re traveling or on vacation, your hotel or motel may not always have a gym and if they do, good equipment is hard to come by, or the hours it’s open may not fit into your training schedule. That’s why you need to try the KX10 Home Gym for yourself! It takes up less space than your toiletries and can provide you with a wide variety of exercises that other home gym’s fail to. We put the handles to the test and they are extremely versatile for upper body, lower body, push, pull, specialty exercises targeting the smallest or largest muscle groups. If that wasn’t enough, this can be a great addition to your existing home gym! The handles can hook on to certain plates and double up as a great tool for farmers carry, for example. We were able to get a full 30-minute workout, hitting every body part, and not having to sacrifice form or technique because of the equipment available. The best part about these unique handles is that they’re designed to allow you to change resistance bands in a matter of seconds. No confusing knots, carabiners, locks or latches. Just a simple yet extremely secure slip on and off design for convenience and superior ease of use.

Once again WODFitters has surpassed the expectations of their products. The variety of exercises you can perform with the KX10 Home gym is endless and we are almost certain this is the easiest adaptable home gym on the market today. If you live a busy lifestyle and are looking to add something to your at-home routine to get into better shape, or maintain your current hard earn physique with less time traveling to and front the gym and waiting for equipment, you need to check out the KX10 Home Gym today!



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