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WodFitters Floss Bands Review

Wodfiters Floss Bands Review

WODFitters is slowly becoming our favorite training equipment company. Not only because of their variety in equipment from mobility tools to apparel and everything in between—but because of their amazing pricing, customer service, and dedication to putting the consumer first. When we were offered the chance to review the WODFitters Floss Bands for compression, mobility and tack/flossing, we jumped at the chance to see how they compared to others on the market. After being so impressed with their resistance bands (and even purchasing their trigger point foam roller on our own) we knew that these wouldn’t disappoint. Of course, after working with WODFitters, they gave us the chance to review their whole line of floss bands! They shipped us their Black (regular strength) and Red (Extra strength) combo pack in both regular width and their 4” extra wide sizes!

If you haven’t heard of flossing or are questioning whether or not to buy a pair, keep reading below to find out why you NEED WODFitters Flossing bands to take your training and mobility to the next level.

What is Flossing?

From chiropractors to sports medicine doctors, the health and fitness industry has fallen in love with flossing over the last 5 years. No, this has nothing to do with your teeth but it’s actually a phenomenal way to increase your range of motion (ROM) in tight joints as well as improve blood flow and the movement of muscles. Initially made popular by CrossFit athletes, flossing is essentially wrapping a joint— or muscle surrounding a joint — tightly with a compressive rubber band. After wrapping your desired spot snug (but not so tight that you lose circulation) you then begin to move that body part through a range of motion. For instance, if you were to wrap your knee or ankle, you would then perform a few sets of body weight squats. If you were to wrap your elbow or shoulder, you may bust out a couple sets of push ups or curls to get the blood flowing.

Wodfiters Floss Bands Review

When wrapped there is 3 main mechanisms that work to help improve your range of motion and decrease any potential pain response :

1. Compression “Distraction”: If you find yourself struggling to get through full ROM in a specific movement, flossing creates a distraction around the joint that allows for extra room in the joint capsule. By doing so, there is more room to move in that joint capsule with less, or in some cases, no restrictions.

2. Muscular Movement: Many physical therapists or sports medicine specialists will refer to this as “muscle gliding”. Essentially by flossing and tightly wrapping a joint or muscle, you are forcing the flossed area to move through a specific motion repeatedly. By doing so, you “floss out” the muscles, helping to break up adhesions and scar tissue and helping improve range of motion

3. Ischemic Compression: Ischemic what? Simply put, when wrapping the bands tight, you essentially slow the blood flow to a specific area while working it. When the band is removed, blood will rush to the area enhancing nutrient delivery and improving recovery through improved blood flow to the desired area.

Through these 3 processes (and more!) flexibility, mobility, and recovery can all be greatly enhanced, allowing you to push harder, longer, and more effectively in the gym—and feel healthier, happier, and less pain in your daily life.

Who is Flossing for and how can it Help you?

• If you have tight joints that may not always work through a full range of motion when exercising

• If you have aches and pains or joint problems such as tennis elbow or pain in your hip flexors

• If you have sore joints or muscles days after training—essentially soreness in your joints from heavy squats or pressing.

• If you are recovering from an injury and looking to get your range of motion back (even from years ago!) without the pain.

• Any man or woman looking to optimize their pre workout warm up or post workout cool down periods

• Anyone who may have neglected proper stretching, foam rolling, or other recovery tools in the past.

• Anyone wanting to take their recovery to the next level and perform at their peak day after day in the gym

If you fit the bill of one of the descriptions above, then flossing is exactly what you need. We may sound like one of those infomercials but honestly, in as little as 5-10 minutes per day, you can make a HUGE difference in your performance just by flossing those nagging body parts.

Check out the video below on for a quick guide on mobility flossing!

Why WODFitters?

For starters, it is important to mention that WODFitters has a customer satisfaction policy unlike any other we’ve seen on the market. WODFitters offers a full 100% 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their products. That’s right, you can use their bands (or any product) for 60 full days and still return it for a full refund. They also offer a lifetime warranty on any products that have a manufacturer defect on them. WODFitters recognizes that if used properly, the customer should not have to pay for a product that does not last.

Next, the products are competitively priced and cheaper than some of the “top-rated” companies on the market. Currently a pack of their regular strength, extra strength, or combo pack containing one of each bands is $24.99. Their extra wide combination pack is $39.99 which is cheaper than we’ve seen anywhere else on the market. Couple that with the WF30 code and you’ll receive 30% off your order bringing the prices down to $17.49 and $27.99 respectively. For a quality floss band from other companies, you’re looking at spending about $12-$20 per band; with WODFitters, you’re getting a pair for that price! Oh, and have we mentioned free shipping on all US orders over $25.00? What more could you ask for!?

Wodfitters Floss Bands Review

Our Thoughts:

We’ve used floss bands before and WODFitters Floss Bands is certainly ranked up there with even the most popular companies. The quality, tension strength, and nice powdered backing feel are a great touch and ensure you won’t be ripping hair or pinching skin. We feel that for the price, the WODFitters Floss Bands are the best on the market and something that everyone should have, whether considering yourself a serious athlete or just someone looking to reduce pain and increase range of motion from stiff muscles and joints. Once again, we appreciate the chance to review another high-quality WODFitters product and look forward to seeing what else they have in store for 2019!



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