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MedZone SweatZone Review

MedZone SweatZone Review

When was the last time you used a product that could truly enhance your workout AND every day life? We aren’t talking about the latest in gym apparel, pre-workout drink, or protein powder. We’re talking about something you may not have thought of when considering what leads the foundation to a successful workout; the condition of our muscles! Have you ever felt achy, sore, sluggish, or like your body just won’t kick into gear whether it’s before a training session or even just when doing some sort of outside work like mowing the lawn or washing your car? Success and ease of performance all begins with one thing—being warmed up! Enter MedZone’s workout enhancing balm, SweatZone. Don’t let the name fool you, this product isn’t just about making you sweat and drop water weight. SweatZone is designed to warm those muscles up and maintain improved circulation to help you tackle your workouts, yardwork, or any type of activity. We thought it’d be fun to put SweatZone to the test and see what it can help us achieve in the gym, box, yoga studio, and even around the house.

Keep reading below to find our full review of SweatZone, as well as a bit more about the company who makes it, MedZone, and their expansive role in the health and fitness industry!

Who is MedZone?

Founded in 2001, MedZone likely has the longest track record of effective products out of all the companies we have reviewed on Modern Athletic Health since we were founded back in 2015! MedZone was initially designed based on requests from medical professionals, athletes, and in 2002 the U.S Military Special Forces, who needed products to aid them in very grueling and specific tasks & training regimens. Made proudly in the USA and founded by a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer with over 40 years of experience in the field, MedZone soon tailored their products to fit the specific needs of consumers across all walks of life; not just athletes. MedZone’s products and uses now range from those extreme conditions U.S Special forces encounter, to Olympic level athletes, weekend warriors, and even the less seasoned fitness enthusiast who may be looking for relief from nagging soreness. Speaking of relief—that was the cornerstone that MedZone was founded on; “being able to provide relief as well as prevent, treat, and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds, and skin-chafing individuals in sports, industrial settings, and recreational activities”. MedZone is committed to being an industry leader, not just in the relief field, but their customer service is top notch as well. Over 20 years of research, testing, and formulating has led MedZone to creating a multitude of products and a phenomenal 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. Not many U.S based companies offer a 100% money back guarantee while also continuously revolutionizing the way we are able to receive pain relief. While they have clearly established themselves in the sports medicine field, they are also expanding their product line to reach those in the non-athletic community. If you haven’t heard of them before, keep your eyes peeled for more MedZone products in the future, we feel like they should be a household name if they weren’t already!

MedZone SweatZone Review

What do they offer?

MedZone offers a variety of products we have listed below but before we talk about those, we should highlight what makes MedZone products so unique. They are all over-the-counter topical products designed to be used on the skin or on affected areas. MedZone manufactures all products in an FDA-Registered Facility that is FDA-Compliant. All transdermal products are long lasting and deliver near immediate effects when used, a far cry from your more common Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen over-the-counter pain relievers. Now that you know a little bit about their products, let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

• BlisterZone- Applied in a stick much like deodorant, BlisterZone is the perfect balm to put on hands or feet when wearing new sneakers or cleats, going hiking, or even trying to break in those new high heels to prevent blisters and friction on your skin.

• ChafeZone-Much like BlisterZone, ChafeZone is applied in a “stick” form as well. ChafeZone is perfect for the active individual to prevent sticky friction and rubbing between skin and provide a smooth glide and movement.

MedZone SweatZone Review

• ChubRub- With a hilarious name like ChubRub, do we really need to say more? This anti-chafe rub is perfect for those sensitive areas that tend to chafe more frequently. Dedicated to the Plus Size Community, ChubRub is perfect for the inner thighs. underarm, and chest areas.

• PainZone- PainZone is a topical analgesic used for sore joints, aches, and muscles. This roll-on applicator is perfect to relieve soreness after long days on your feet, relieving arthritic pain, or even to take the edge off of DOMS after long workouts.

• PainZone Cream- The same as regular PainZone but in a cream form instead of a roll on.

• SweatZone- The ultimate muscle warming balm perfect to use before workouts or aerobic activity to ensure muscles are warm and pain free.

• TENS Units- MedZone offers replacement pad for Wireless TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machines. The small electrode stim machines work by delivering impulses through electrodes causing muscles to tense and relax.

• Wound Wash- Wound Wash is a spray product that helps to clean cuts, scraps, wounds and the like without the burn of hydrogen peroxide! Wound Wash is the perfect product to have with you if you’re hiking, camping, or running through areas that could cause falls and scrapes—great for OCR’s!

As you can see, MedZone is continuously adapting their product line to fit the needs of almost everybody!


Now for the reason you’re all here for; SweatZone. SweatZone is offered in 2 different formulations; the original version and the new All-Natural version made with 100% organic ingredients. MedZone designed the two different formulations for those who are conscious about what they are putting on and, in their body, and adhere to those that may have certain allergies or reactions to topical ingredient carriers. Because of this, we already have to give MedZone two thumbs up for their customer consideration. SweatZone is a heavy-duty gel (think of room temperature coconut oil) that goes directly on your skin. Once placed on the desired area, SweatZone works to wick away moisture and sweat while entrapping heat to maintain warm muscles. Think of it like wearing an additional layer of compression underneath your clothes, without the discomfort or expense of wearing and purchasing such apparel! When muscles are warm, circulation increases and can help you to improve your workout, enhance your ability to do strenuous work, and increase your level of aerobic capacity. You can also consider using their waist trimmer belt alongside SweatZone to provide more warmth and support to your core while adding to the thermogenic effect! The product isn’t a “get thin quick” scheme; it is truly designed to help you get the most out of your workouts by preparing your muscles for the work about to be done!

How it’s used:

Per the label, take a generous serving of SweatZone and apply it to a desired area without rubbing it in too much. This can be your belly, obliques and lower back, or even stubborn joints and muscles that need some quick heat added to them. Once the product is applied, you should try to let it sit for about 15 minutes before beginning your workout or activity. It is important not to wear tight fitting or compression clothing after applying SweatZone or you might end up wiping some of the gel off accidentally while exercising. After you have completed your workout or exercise, simply wipe the product off with a towel and hit the shower! It’s as simple as that!

Our Thoughts:

We’ll be honest with you, before reviewing this product we were skeptical that it would do anything; after all, we are extremely active and don’t need help sweating—that’s for sure! But after a few workouts and general work around the house, it’s apparent what SweatZone really can do for you. Yes, we noticed increased sweating and a slimming effect from that aspect of the product, but the best effects (in our opinion) was feeling like we warmed up without actually warming up! Not just a “heat” feeling, but less aching and cracking joints, more comfort and mobility, being able to bend twist, and flex without feeling that sharp twinge in a particular area. Not only did it feel great on the joints, but it eliminated our need to use things like sleeves on knees and elbows for light lifts on both upper and lower body. Yes, you read that correct, no knee sleeves for high rep squats and no elbow sleeves on those heavy presses—SweatZone provided the warmth! During housework, it was much easier to navigate and reach tight places, and relieved the soreness typically accompanied from constant crouching and climbing (welcome to being 30!). When applied prior to a yoga session we were able to achieve better pose postures, experienced far less joint clicking and restriction, and even got into some advance poses that we simply haven’t felt loose and relaxed enough to achieve without SweatZone. Needless to say, SweatZone far exceeded our expectations of what it‘s able to do and be used for.

Overall, SweatZone may not be something you NEED to use every day, but it is certainly something that is going to help improve a variety of aspects of daily life should you decide to! Each 14.5oz tub is sure to last you a good bit of time making it a great value. If you've ever needed an extra pick-me-up to enhance your workouts and fitness activities, or just something to improve your general ability to move through your day comfortably and freely, then SweatZone is definitely a product worth trying!

MedZone SweatZone Review

Price Point:

Like most multi-version products, there is a small price difference between the original SweatZone and the All Natural Version. The original is $29.99 and the All Natural Version is $37.99. However, if you use code Fitness32 when ordering through their Amazon Store, youll get 32% off your purchase! That brings the product total down to around $20 and $26 respectively! This makes SweatZone very competitively priced when looking at similar products on the market, although we don’t think there are very many others out there that can do all of the things SweatZone can! And when you give it a try, you'll most likely agree!



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