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Corporeal Nutrition Fat Burner Review

Corporeal Nutrition Fat Burner Review

Many supplement companies typically draw customers in with their one corner stone product, an interesting company name, or some outrageous packaging or claims that are guaranteed to catch your eye. Corporeal Nutrition is a little bit different. At first it wasn’t a particular product or their branding that caught our attention, it was their mission statement and their goal to provide quality products free of artificial flavors, dyes, etc, that had us interested in trying out some of their products. We were lucky enough to get to know their owner, IFBB Pro Christopher Niemczyk who kindly hooked us up with some of his products for review! Enter our first review of Corporeal Nutrition’s line for their product aptly named, Fat Burner.

There’s no guesswork with this product, the name says it all! This MASSIVE 12 ingredient fat burner and thermogenic compound was designed to give you everything you want and more in a 2-a-day weight loss capsule— without the crash, jitters, or anxiety that come along with many fat burners on the market today. We ran Fat Burner for a full month to test out its claims and boy were we impressed.

Check out our full review of Fat Burner below and see why it’s currently one of our top shred-down products leading into the summer of 2019! And don’t miss out on the limited time 40% discount code for new customers at the conclusion of this review to save you some cash on your order!

Corporeal Nutrition Fat Burner Review

The Company

Corporeal Nutrition was founded on the premise to be the first sports nutrition brand with an entire line formulated without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or added preservatives, all while creating clinically dosed products that could compete with other popular brands on the market. Owner and IFBB Pro Christopher Niemczyk had developed the idea (and name) for this brand after years of consuming products filled with artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other ingredients that only caused gastrointestinal (GI) distress. After creating his products free of artificial ingredients, Niemczyk and Corporeal Nutrition took it a step further and eliminated all Dairy, Soy, Gluten, Artificial colors, Artificial flavors, Artificial sweeteners, and Artificial preservatives from ALL of their products— all while maintaining powerful products with high quality ingredients. Simply put, the brand is looking out for your best interests; not just when hitting the gym, but when it comes to your overall health and wellness. Companies know that putting artificial ingredients into your body isn’t always healthy, but very few such as Corporeal Nutrition take the time and money to find quality alternatives for their products. If nothing else, we can say Corporeal Nutrition is the first company we’ve reviewed that has removed “artificial” from their brand.

Ingredient profile:

Fat Burner contains everything you would want in a weight loss supplement and nothing you don’t. Coming in with a massive 12 ingredient formula, Fat Burner touches on multiple aspects of fat loss such as:

• Thermogenesis

• Nootropic effects

• Increased metabolic rate

• Improved ingredient absorption

• Appetite suppression

Corporeal Nutrition Fat Burner Review

Let’s take a look at each ingredient and what you can expect to feel from your very first dose.

Green Tea Extract- 300mg:

Green tea extract has long been used as a weight management tool as studies suggest that it has consistently showed fat burning properties. General dosage is between 200-500mg with 300mg being right around the sweet spot. Aside from its fat oxidation properties, studies also suggest that green tea extract can enhance blood flow, improve insulin sensitivity, and increase adiponectin (the hormone responsible for glucose regulation and fatty acid breakdown). On top of all of these things, green tea extract acts as a great antioxidant and also provides alertness and a mild stimulant effect as well. The energy powerhouse of Fat Burner starts with green tea extract.

2-Amino Isoheptane (DMHA)- 150mg:

With the bans to DMAA and other designer stimulants over the past 5 years, the market has turned to using 2-Amino Isoheptane which is also commonly referred to as DMHA. Originally conceived as a nasal decongestant, DMHA is a central nervous system stimulant that increases the uptake of dopamine and noradrenaline. 150mg seems to be the sweet spot for most users that provides a strong but not overbearing stimulant and nootropic effect. Users have reported euphoric feelings, strong feelings of tunnel vision and focus along side a major boost in energy. When combined with other stimulants and ingredients like Eria Jarensis, this ingredient will fill the void that DMAA left behind and energy drinks couldn’t reach. A stim-junkie’s dream, DMHA has been a HOT ingredient in fat-burners and preworkouts over the last year.

Eria Jarensis Extract- 150mg:

Eria Jarensis is known as one of the most powerful nootropic ingredients on the market today. Studies suggest that this ingredient provides numerous different effects to improve cognition, memory, along with focus and alertness. Eria Jarensis has also been shown to improve natural energy levels, without the use of a stimulant or adaptogen. Many users compare this ingredient to old school DMAA—except this is much safer and just as strong! Quite possibly the most unique ingredient on the market today Eria Jarensis provides long lasting focus, energy, and will have you feeling more focused than ever!

Capsimax- 100mg:

Who knew eating peppers could be so beneficial? While you might enjoy the spice from a good jalapeno pepper every now and then, Capsimax delivers all the benefits without the burn. Studies have shown that this patented ingredient has the ability to increase lipolysis (fat used as energy) increased thermogenesis, and can promote healthy metabolism as well as improved metabolic rate. One great thing about Capsimax is it is completely stimulant free and can really be used at any time. This ingredient will definitely get the sweat flowing at 100mg so make sure you’re staying hydrated!

Paradoxine- 100mg:

Paradoxine Grains of Paradise have been known to provide amazing fat burning properties, without the jittery stimulant feel. Grains of Paradise work a couple ways: First it works to turn white adipose tissue (WAT), which the body stores, into brown adipose tissue BAT which are smaller and used as energy during thermogenesis. As if this wasn’t a HOT enough benefit, Grains of Paradise can also increase your daily energy expenditure in as little as 40mg doses! Fat Burner has over DOUBLE that amount!

Theobromine- 100mg:

Theobromine is another mild stimulant that acts on a similar pathway to dopamine. Theobromine can be used as a vasodilator, stimulant, as well as an aid to assist in brain health. Although no nootropic-like effects have been noted with theobromine, its ability to signal dopamine-like reactions make it a perfect combo to synergize with other stimulants and nootropics. Essentially, theobromine provides an extra boost and keeps that energy going without the anxiety and jitters.

Erythropalum Scandens- 50mg:

This odd plant is actually one extract we have never reviewed before! Studies suggest that it can improve neurotransmission and it also works synergistically with stimulants and nootropics. Scientist believe that this plant contains a phenylethylamine (PEA) compound which will allow for increased neurotransmission to the brain and improved feelings of happiness and wellbeing. When paired with other nootropics it works to enhance uptake of those as well to increase their affects.

Bioperine- 5mg:

The most commonly used bioavailability enhancer on the market today, BioPerine has been used for years to help with uptake of nutrients and ingredients it is paired with. Although the absorption rate varies depending on the ingredients it is paired with, studies show that it can enhance bioavailability and uptake by a minimum of 30%. Once again, this is ensuring that you are getting everything you paid for in a supplement without wasting it before it gets into the blood stream.

Huperzine A- 300mcg:

Huperzine A is known as a mild nootropic ingredient that has the ability to improve various cognitive functions. Most notably Huperzine has been used for years as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease because of its ability to improve memory and reduce memory impairments with age progression. It has also been shown to improve alertness and energy, especially when combined with a stimulant such as green tea extract, DMHA or Eria Jarensis! Through the increase of acetylcholine, Huperzine A can also improve neurotransmission, improve muscle contractions, and efficiently regulate other endocrine system functions.

3,3 Diiodothyronine- 100mcg & 3,5 Diiodothyronine- 100mcg:

Both of these compounds are metabolites of the thyroid hormone. Essentially, without getting into too much of the science behind them, both of these compounds have been shown to increase thyroid functioning, primarily increasing metabolic rate as well as increased hypolipidemic effects. Because both of these ingredients are also non-stimulants, they are often stacked or put into fat burners alongside other key ingredients to enhance fat loss and increase one’s basic metabolic rate!

Price Point:

If you visit Corporeal Nutrition’s website, you’ll notice Fat Burner’s original price point is already dropped down from $59.99 to $54.99. Although this is a bit on the pricier side for a 30-day supply, the product is dosed extremely well and WILL get you results you desire! On top of that, we have a discount code for you to get another HUGE price reduction! Throw in the code CORP40 at checkout and get yourself an additional 40% off your ENTIRE order! That brings Fat Burner down to 32.99 or just over a dollar a day— cheaper, healthier, and much more potent than your favorite energy drink!

Our Thoughts:

Wow; that’s the first word that comes to mind. Although on paper Fat Burner looks like, well, a good fat burner; it’s effects above and beyond fat burning is what has us talking.

Thermogenic effect: This stuff WILL make you sweat. It’s. A combination of the Capsimax, Eria Jarensis, and Green Tea Extract creates a top-notch thermogenic effect. Heads up: It may be in your best interest to not take this before an important board meeting or date! All joking aside, Fat Burner does exactly what it’s supposed to do both in and out of the gym.

Weight loss: while using Fat Burner over the course of the month, we experienced a total weight loss of 8.4lbs while also dropping roughly 3% body fat in the process (caliper tested). This is important to note and test with fat burners because of two reasons: thermogenesis and diuretic properties. Sure, fat burners and thermogenics may make you lose weight, but if it’s just water that you’re losing through sweat and trips to the bathroom, then you’re only losing money; not fat. Fat Burner helped us lose what we needed to lose most— fat.

Nootropic effect:

This was something we didn’t expect or at least we didn’t expect it to feel this strong! The combination of 2- amino-Isoheptane (DMHA) and Eria Jarensis provide an extremely powerful nootropic effect. We noticed that this effect usually takes place about 45minutes to an hour after taking the two capsules but lasts anywhere from 4-6 hours. While the stimulant effect is profound. Feelings of calmness, mood elevation, and focus were also very apparent during this time.

Energy: most fat burners are laced with stimulants and give you that ramped up jittery ‘heart attack in a capsule’ feeling. Corporeal Nutrition’s Fat Burner does get you fired up and ready to go, but the energy is clean and smooth. No jitters, and long lasting. It hits fast enough to make you second guess that cup of coffee, but doesn’t give you that anxious stomach ache that stimulants can sometimes cause. Simply put: Fat Burner is going to replace your daily energy drinks.

Appetite Suppression:

Again, a strong and unexpected benefit of Fat Burner was the appetite suppression effect. We didn’t have to force feed but we experienced no cravings in between meals, didn’t reach for that morning donut, and certainly didn’t need a bed time snack. From breakfast to dinner, there was really an 8-hour window where food never even crossed our mind! For those looking to shred down for summer or are entering the deep stages of contest prep, this is the type of fat burner that ensures you make it to the beach or show looking and feeling your best.

Corporeal Nutrition Fat Burner Review

In case you aren’t sold yet, this is us pandering to you that you need to try Fat Burner by Corporeal Nutrition. It covers nearly every facet you could imagine in your dream fat burner. From energy, to appetite suppression, to actually helping you lose fat mass, and everything in between Fat Burner shines in every aspect. We can undoubtedly say that this is in our top-five fat burners of all time; not just ones we have reviewed but among some of the best we have used even before the conception of Modern Athletic Health. If you’ve read this far and haven’t made your way over to Corporeal Nutrition’s website, you need to now! Let Fat Burner jumpstart your summer cut in 2019! Remember to use CORP40 at checkout to get a cool 40% off your entire order.



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