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Savage Barbell Apparel Expands Their Line

savage barbell apparel review

The fitness industry is packed with hundreds of different clothing lines with unique colors, quotes, and special logos. While most of this apparel looks great on a website or instagram page, it isn’t always designed with the lifter’s comfort and functionality in mind. Ladies especially, we have seen 1000’s of different leggings, sports bras, tanks and tee’s that all look fashionable but won’t live up to the wear and tear test. We’re sure you’ve often wondered, is that $60 sports bra or $80 pair of leggings really worth it?

Well, Modern Athletic Health is here to save you some of the guesswork, time, and hard earned money associated with buying your fitness apparel.

Introducing Savage Barbell Apparel and fitness wear. Savage Barbell Apparel wasn’t just designed to make you look like you train; unlike many other apparel brands out there, it’s actually going to help you feel better while you train. While their apparel line is expansive (and that may even be an understatement!) we had the opportunity to have some of our female reviewers at Modern Athletic Health sample and review their large variety of popular sports bras and a few other pieces of Savage Barbell Apparel! Keep reading below to find out a little more about the company, what they offer, and what we thought about Savage Barbell Apparel.

Who is Savage Barbell Apparel?

Their website doesn’t tell a whole lot about the Savage Barbell Apparel story but after doing a little research and getting to know the ownership, we were happy to find out a little bit more about them. Savage Barbell Apparel is a U.S. based company out of Huntington Beach, California. Their company was started in 2015 and is 100% owned by firefighters in the surrounding area. The company is known for top-notch quality and comfort of its men’s and women’s products, as well as providing great customer service to their consumers. Over the last 4 years, the company has been dedicated to creating apparel that not only looks great on you, but keeps you comfortable whether you’re a weekend warrior or hardcore gym rat.

What do they offer?

Although our main focus is on their women’s apparel, specifically the sports bra line, their entire collection of men and women’s gear is massive. For men, they offer more than just T Shirts with neat logos; their men’s collection offers:

• T-Shirts

• Shorts

• Hoodies

• Hats & Accessories (including wrist wraps, banners, shaker cups, and sew on patches

• Socks

• Joggers coming soon! (Stay tuned for a review!)

And they even offer a clearance section on their older styles of apparel. Each of their apparel selection on their drop-down menu offer a variety of patterns, colors, and textures offering something for everyone.

Now for the women’s attire:

If you thought the men’s line offered a lot of options, wait until you see what Savage Barbell Apparel offers for women’s gear.

The women’s selection offers:

• Shorts

• Sports Bras

• Premium Tops

• T-Shirts

• Tank Tops

• Leggings

• Hoodies

• Hats &Accessories (including everything listed above for the men’s attire)

• Socks

And of course, they also offer their own clearance section on various apparel much like the men’s do. While we could go on and on about the different things that are offered for women, we are going to take a look at their selection of sports bras.

savage barbell apparel review

Upon first glance, it may be a lot to take in given that they have over 25 different selections of sports bras ranging from Extra Small all the way up through Large. To list every single style of sports bra would take ages but they offer some favorites such as the classic 2-strap, knotty back, racerback, and high-neck! Each sports bra offers a unique color, pattern, and fit. No matter which bra you click on, each has its own sizing chart to ensure you get the most comfortable fit you can possibly order.

Each bra is designed with a nylon/spandex mix with 4-way stretch, and a dry-fit/moisture wicking material. As if it wasn’t already comfortable enough, the bras come with removable inserts to allow for custom adjustments for each women’s preferred shape and level of support. Name another company that customizes their bra’s this well! With over 20 different designs and colors and numerous strap options, its no wonder they have 1000’s of 5-star reviews! Savage Barbell Owner Dave Gallagher told us that most women will purchase one or two bras on their first order, and within a week of receiving their package the same customers are back ordering the entire line! That says a lot about how great these sports bras really are.

savage barbell apparel discount

How are their Prices?

Based on a little research (and some anecdotal evidence from our women reviewers) Savage Barbell Apparel’s Sports Bras are up there with some of the best priced QUALITY sports bras on the market. Sure, you can find some cheap ones for $20 but is it really worth it if they don’t provide the comfort and support that they should while you’re active? With that in mind, all of the sports bras listed on the Savage Barbell Apparel website are listed for $45 before our discount code.

If that price isn’t quite in your range, you can use code MAH25 at checkout to receive an additional 25% off your entire order site wide! That’s right, although we emphasized the quality of their sports bras, using code MAH25 will get you 25% off whatever you order from the men’s or women’s line! Based on the thoughts from our lady reviewers and some other market research, that makes Savage Barbell’s sports bra some of the most inexpensive and highest quality on the market; regardless of brand!

But don’t take our word for it—Read for yourself exactly what is being said about these sports bras:

savage barbell apparel review

“If you order one I guarantee you’ll end up ordering the rest!” Meagan; CO

“The most customizable fit in a sports bra I’ve ever had” Amy; FL

“Train like a savage, look like a queen” Jess; MA

“Worth every penny, especially with 25% off!” Kelly; VA

“I love the different styles and color options. I get to customize my look and still have the same comfort and support no matter which one I decide to wear to the gym” Kelsey; WA

Be sure to visit and use MAH25 for 25% off your entire order!



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