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NCN Supps Genbolin Review

NCN Supps Genbolin Review

So far in 2019, many of our reviews have been on products with a short ingredient list. At a glance, you might think companies are skimping on their products, especially if you’re used to seeing those long ingredient lists in products like pre-workouts. But there is truth to the old adage, “less is more”. With those recent reviews, we have noticed the ingredients are of a higher quality, higher potency, and higher dose—all leading to a more effective product without the fillers that used to be marketed as key ingredients. If that isn’t intriguing enough, we’ve noticed that this trend is occurring with many reputable companies who have turned their focus to premium, clean, and effective products, ultimately giving the consumer what they really want and deserve. Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals (NCN) is one of these companies. They started their company on the shoulders of Shredderex (renamed from Shredderall) one of our all-time favorite fat burners. Since then they’ve been hard at work creating their second product on the other end of the fitness spectrum— Genbolin, a non-hormonal anabolic that might have the purest form of Laxogenin on the market today. We’ve reviewed products with Laxogenin before, but what makes THIS one remarkable is NCN’s certificate of analysis (COA) showing their ingredient to be 99.1% pure.

We’ve used and loved the benefits of Laxogenin before, but never have we experienced one of this purity (at least to our knowledge) since many brands do not go through the trouble of obtaining and making public their ingredient COA’s. As such, we had to try Genbolin to see how its purity compared to the other Laxogenin products on the market. Keep reading to find out more about NCN’s newest natural anabolic, Genbolin.

What is Laxogenin?

For those who have not used or read about Laxogenin products before, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what it is, and what you can expect out of it. 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin, or just Laxogenin, is a steroidal saponin that is derived from plants. Yes, we said steroidal, however it is a non-hormonal saponin that can have some of the anabolic effects as AAS/PH’s, with zero side effects. These saponins or sapogenins are part of a group called brassinoids that can be derived from a multitude of different plants. When supplemented into your diet, Laxogenin has the ability to help individuals pack on some size and strength in the gym but also plays a role in fat burning and body recomposition.

Look below to find a full list of benefits that are associated with Laxogenin supplementation:

• Non-Hormonal: Although it is considered a highly anabolic compound, Laxogenin is NOT hormonal and will not cause things such as testosterone shutdown or gynecomastia. You may see some websites throwing around a study that claimed Laxogenin to have some effects as strong as the steroid Anavar—but have no fear, your hormones are safe!

• Improved protein Synthesis: This might be the biggest effect that has been demonstrated with use of Laxogenin. Multiple studies suggest that Laxogenin can improve muscle protein synthesis (MPS) anywhere from 50%-200% more than your normal rate. Although it is not yet completely clear how this mechanism works, these studies have also shown that Laxogenin has the ability to reduce protein degradation as well. The studies showed that the degradation is both time and dose dependent but this means that Laxogenin can provide muscle sparing effects as well as keeping more protein available for uptake by your body!

• Increased Muscle Size and Strength: This benefit is a result of many other positives listed in this section. By increasing muscle protein synthesis, improving recovery times, reducing inflammation, lowering of cortisol, and improving sleep quality, Laxogenin is a complete size and strength natural anabolic. One study even showed that competitive bodybuilders who dosed these saponins alongside their current anabolic steroids had a synergistic response, reporting that muscle mass was greatly increased and had resulted in a 10-20lb muscle gain over two months! While the effects will not be as profound in non-steroid users, Laxogenin works synergistically with anything it is stacked with and effects will only increase with those other supplements!

• Improved Recovery: Through the increased of muscle protein synthesis and specific adaptogen properties, Laxogenin can increase recovery in a few ways. The saponins in Laxogenin have also been shown to improve the efficacy of muscle protein synthesis through the improvement of mRNA synthesis. That means that the 50%-200% increases in muscle protein synthesis can be even more beneficial due to your body’s new-found efficiency to stimulate that muscle protein synthesis.

• Increased Nitrogen Retention: This benefit goes hand in hand with the increased muscle protein synthesis and decreased protein breakdowns. While not everybody understands the benefits of nitrogen retention, we can explain it in simple terms. Nitrogen is an important part of amino acids—the building blocks of protein. By retaining more nitrogen than your body releases, you will have more available for those amino acids, which will in turn mean there is a larger reservoir of amino acids and proteins available for use in your body.

• Improved muscular Fullness: While there isn’t a concrete study on this benefit, there have been numerous anecdotal reports of feeling fuller, harder muscles. Improved muscle fullness will not only leave you looking bigger, but it can also be a huge confidence booster as well! The improved muscle fullness will also help you to achieve more impressive pumps in the gym.

• Reduction of Cortisol: Studies have suggested that Laxogenin can also help to regulate and control cortisol levels. Why is this important? Well, Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone and it can have numerous negative side effects. Increased weight gain, high blood pressure, poor sleep, and muscle weakness are just a few symptoms associated with higher levels of cortisol. Though the pathways are unclear, Laxogenin can lower cortisol levels and keep them in check, meaning stress is no longer in control of your body and you can push your workouts to the limit without the worry of over training.

• Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Studies have suggested that Laxogenin also provides powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain reduction properties. A study showed a man in his 60’s who was slated for a double knee replacement started dosing Laxogenin one week prior to his surgery. He claimed the pain had diminished just 3 days after starting his first dose and post-surgery results were even more astounding. The subject was able to return to standing and walking large distances a week after his surgery and his surface inflammation and scarring was reduced greatly when supplementing with Laxogenin. Although there aren’t many human studies showing the pathways by which Laxogenin works to reduce inflammation and pain, the anecdotal reports speak for themselves. In fact, many users preferred Laxogenin to an MSM/Glucosamine, or chondroitin product!

• Glucose manipulation: Laxogenin has also been shown to control glucose levels and increase thyroid function, making it perfect for a bulk or cut! Although studies don’t purport its ability to increase glucose metabolism, they do say that they help to support proper oxygen and glucose metabolism in the body.

So, what DOESN’T Laxogenin do—and with this in mind, how many more benefits can you reap with a 99.1% pure version of Laxogenin in the form of Genbolin? On a side note—Laxogenin is a product that works relatively quickly and does not require time to build up in your system. You should start to see results similar to the ones we listed above by the end of your first week on the product!

NCN Supps Genbolin COA

What Makes NCN’s Genbolin “different”?

By the end of our review, we’ll probably sound like a broken record with as many times as we have mentioned the purity of Genbolin; but that’s the cornerstone of NCN’s products! Aside from being highly effective, NCN’s Laxogenin is different from others on the market. Yes, the dose is only 50mg per capsule, but you are receiving 49.55mg out of a possible 50mg of pure Laxogenin. Other companies have higher dosed products, including some compounds that are in upwards of 300mg a serving—but how much of it is pure Laxogenin? There really isn’t any way to know....

While those amounts certainly tower over Genbolin, most companies do not release a certificate of analysis (COA) or disclose the purity of their Laxogenin products. For those that do release the amount synthesized Laxogenin in their product, often, you may see as little as 20%-50% standardized as pure Laxogenin! Not with NCN, their commitment to providing the purest products on the market is one of the many reasons we respect their brand, their formulators, and their mission. NCN is a brand you can trust with the quality and proof to back up their claims.

NCN Supps Genbolin Review

How do you use Genbolin?

NCN provided us with a handy dosing chart that can be used depending on your level of comfortability, goals, and experience. Genbolin is best dosed with/around food and spread evenly throughout your day. We recommend that you start with 2 capsules per day—one with breakfast and one with dinner to assess your results before adding additional capsules. Genbolin dosing is very flexible however, if you should see yourself dosing at 4 caps per day, you can break it down to 1 with each meal, you can use pre and post workout, or any time you consume food! Because this product is safe for both men and women there is no need to worry about dosing based on that. Check the chart below to see how NCN recommends dosing Genbolin.

*It is worth nothing that we dosed 1 pill in the AM and 1 in the PM for the entirety of the bottle, lasting a full month. We suggest taking the capsules about 15-30 minutes prior to meals!

Our Thoughts:

We’d be lying if we said we’ve tried a better quality purely Laxogenin product on the market. We have always loved different Laxogenin based products, but none have quite had the benefits that Genbolin had on us in just one month. Here were some of the things we noticed during our trial:

• Joint support and anti-inflammatory properties: One word: Outstanding. We’ve been dealing with some joint problems and inflammation stemming from prior injuries as we are all athletes here at Modern Athletic Health. Genbolin not only helped us to get back into the gym and train different lifts and exercises we have not done in a while but it helped us do it pain free. This is by far the best joint support supplement we have used in quite some time and that isn’t even its main intended purpose. The power of pure Laxogenin is amazing!

• Increased muscle fullness: Imagine walking around all day with a pump without having to go to the gym. That’s Genbolin. No, you don’t have the painful sensation in your arms that you might experience with a pump, but muscles look bigger, fuller, and let’s just say it’s a lot easier to fill out a shirt!

• Improved muscle strength/size: While Genbolin is definitely useful on a cut, we would highly recommend using it during a bulking or recomposition (cyclical caloric diet) phase. Over the course of a month, we gained 4lbs and body fat went down slightly (based on caliper test). Despite not being in a caloric surplus, we were still able to pack on a few pounds of sold muscle without the added fat gain. This makes Genbolin a solid tool for recomping! A great approach would be 3-4 capsules on high calorie/training days and 2 capsules on low calorie/cardio/rest days.

• Improved recovery: This was most noticeable beginning week 2 of the month-long trial. Although workouts did not change drastically while using Genbolin, our recovery periods between workouts seemed to shorten and we felt much fresher going into the workouts.

Overall, all facets of training have just felt better since starting Genbolin. We are extremely grateful that this product is safe for year-round use without harmful side effects as it’s become a new staple in our own supplement stacks!

NCN Supps Genbolin Review

Price Point:

Right now, you can get your hands on a bottle of Genbolin through this link for just under $40.00! Not only is it currently on sale but you can get an additional 20% off of your total by entering code NCN20 at checkout! For the quality, effectiveness, and benefits you are receiving, you’d be silly not grab an extra bottle or 2 while you’re there! And, if you’re like us and enjoy the coveted cheat meal/carb cycling approach to your diet, we highly suggest checking out the LEAN GAINS Stack on which combines Genbolin and HPS Glycøshield (which we reviewed here) to ensure all those delicious carbs and Laxogenin are going straight into muscle tissue!



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