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Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Review

Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Review

Whenever Olympus Labs drops a new product, regardless of category, there’s a collective gasp across the supplement industry.

This is often followed up by questions such as:

“Is this the best one yet?” “Can anyone top this?” “Have you seen the ingredient profile?”

Often, the answers to those questions are; "yes", "probably not", and "it’s unbelievable", in that order. This holds true especially with Olympus Labs new “Black Magic” line, packed with innovative ingredients, clinically tested doses, and formulas that make the products versatile in their uses for a variety of physique and performance goals.

With that in mind we turn our attention to their mood enhancing, energy increasing, appetite suppressing fat burner, Bloodshr3d.

Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d is the definition of versatile with its ability to work as a fat burner, nootropic, pre-workout, and more! We’ve used Bloodshr3d for a few weeks now and the verdict is in. Would this “fat burner” restore faith in the weight loss supplement category, or like many others before it, would it fall short of its claims and only make your wallet skinnier?

Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Review

Keep reading below to find out all about Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d and how our experience changed the way we view multi-purpose supplements. Flavor: Bombsicle

We have seen this flavor replicated multiple times over our last few reviews. It seems that a lot of companies have shifted their flavors away from the ordinary fruit punch orange and grape and moved on to candies, popsicles, and many of our other favorite sweets and treats. As we are accustomed to, Olympus labs meets and exceeds expectations with the Bombsicle flavor. The flavor is not too sweet nor too sour and resembles a perfect mix of the lemon, cherry and blue raspberry from a bomb pop. There was no chemically aftertaste and nothing artificial about this flavor! If you are a fan of Bomb Pops as a frozen treat then you will absolutely fall in love with this flavor. Bombsicle not your flavor? Not to worry; they also offer two other flavors: Rainbows N Stuff and Sucker Punch. Whichever flavor you choose, you’re more than likely to be satisfied with your choice!

Mixability: With a product like this that has such an impressive and large ingredient profile, it’s usually hard to gauge whether or not it will mix well without needing some extra liquid. We tested standard mixing in a shaker cup with one scoop to 8 ounces of water and two scoops to 16 ounces of water. The product mixes very well with little to no particles floating after mixing and no settling on the bottom. The consistency was smooth and there was no grainy texture to it while sipping. The product also does not require you to use a shaker—you can mix with a spoon or even a small coffee stirrer and still get a smooth consistency. Once again, Olympus Labs has nailed it in the mixability department.

Ingredient Profile: With 14 ingredients packed in to just over 8g per serving (2 scoops) Bloodshr3d looks promising even before the first taste! Let’s take a look at the different ingredients and why Olympus Labs used them in this truly comprehensive performance enhancer.

Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic ingredients

L-Leucine/L-Isoleucine/L-Valine (as Instaminos)- 2.75g: When dieting or trying to shed body fat, BCAA’s can play a pivotal role in maintaining lean body tissue. BCAA’s are known for limiting muscle break down and aiding in muscle recovery. Instaminos are Vegan and derived from plants—mainly corn, as a cleaner form of BCAA’s as opposed to regular BCAA’s which are derived from feathers, hair, and skin of animals (thank you OL for using Instaminos!) BCAA’s are the perfect ingredient to help you maintain the hard-earned muscle mass you’ve worked for prior to dieting down.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine-1g: A staple in most fat burners, L-Carnitine plays a several roles in helping you shed fat. The first is its ability to help your mitochondria burn fat and thus increase endurance and burn more stored body fat. The second is its ability to provide nootropic effects such as improved mood, improved memory, and increased focus.

Taurine- 1g: Taurine is another staple in most energy enhancing and fat burning supplements because of its ability to improve neurotransmission in the brain, as well as improve movement of electrolytes through the body, increased blood flow, and fat oxidation. By improving blood flow as well as helping the body to burn fat, Taurine and Carnitine provide a solid 1-2 punch to get your fat burning engine revved up.

Sophora Japonica (95% Rutin)- 400mg: While there is not a lot of information on the Sophora Japonica plant, the important ingredient here is the 95% Rutin extract. Rutin has been known to improve blood flow and increase the performance and integrity off your blood vessels. While also known as a bioflavonoid, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, this ingredient when paired with other bioflavonoids such as green tea or coffee catechins can enhance their benefits (such as fat burning).

KSM-66 Ashwagandha-300mg: KSM-66 is highly touted and often referred to as the worlds best Ashwagandha extract. KSM-66 has been shown in multiple studies to act as an adaptogen to reduce everyday stress, improve mental clarity, alertness and cognition, improve sexual performance, and improve sports performance. This ingredient doubles as not only a performance enhancer, but also a powerful nootropic. Studies also suggest that KSM-66 has the ability to improve thyroid function—a key component in your ability to burn fat!

Caffeine Anhydrous-300mg: - The king of all sports supplements. 300mg of caffeine is going to increase energy, increase thermogenesis, improve focus and cognition, reduce appetite, and improve overall performance.

Eria Jarensis Extract- 250mg: Eria Jarensis is know as one of the most powerful nootropic ingredients on the market today. Studies suggest that this ingredient provides numerous different effects to improve cognition and memory, along with focus and alertness. Eria Jarensis has also been shown to improve natural energy levels, without the use of a stimulant or adaptogen. Many users compare this ingredient to the coveted DMAA—except EJ is much safer and just as effective!

Raspberry Ketones- 250mg: What was once thought as a miracle fat burner and then vilified as a complete dud in the supplement industry, RK now has purpose on a different level. Raspberry ketones may not provide the fat “melting” effect that was once claimed, but when standardized and properly dosed, provides numerous benefits that can absolutely help with burning fat. Studies show that raspberry ketones can provide appetite suppression, adipogenic (fat burning) gene expression, and the ability to convert white adipose tissue (WAT) into brown adipose tissue (BAT). All of these effects can promote fat burning and weight loss when paired with a solid diet and exercise plan!

Green Coffee (50% Chlorogenic Acids)- 250mg: Chlorogenic acids share similar properties to other bioflavonoids (such as Rutin!) Studies have shown that it has the ability to decrease the absorption of carbohydrates which can be a key component accelerating for fat loss! The less carbohydrates absorbed, the less likely they are to be stored as body fat.

J Regia Extract- 133mg: J. Regia Extract is a source of DMHA, one of the most powerful stimulants on the market. Most of the other DMHA products found on the market are synthetic, whereas this extract is natural and more powerful at a smaller dose. Studies suggest that J Regia extract can decrease appetite, improve cognition, improve energy levels, and improve alertness. Most studies suggest that a dose between 50-100mg is enough to reap these powerful benefits and Bloodshr3d delivers a 133mg dose! This ingredient paired with other nootropics and stimulants in Bloodshr3d can provide some of the most amazing fat burning, focus, and energy levels you have ever experienced!

Vanillin- 100mg: Vanillin is known for its ability to improve glucose metabolism as well as provide beneficial effects to your LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol. This, much like green coffee bean extract has also been shown to decrease the total amount of carbohydrate absorption.

ProGBB- 50mg: Also known as Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride, the patented ProGBB is known for increasing the body’s naturally L-carnitine levels. As we mentioned above, carnitine is responsible for fat burning in the mitochondria as well as providing nootropic effects. With ProGBB you may also see increased workout capacity, improved endurance, lower body fat, and overall improved cardiovascular health. You will also notice increased sweating during your workouts and a much drier physique with continued use.

Price Point: Olympus Labs prices BloodShr3d for $44.99 which is a pretty good price given the impressive ingredient panel. However, using code HEROMOD at checkout on Olympus Labs Website gives you an additional 10% off, bringing your total down to about $40. For one of the most effective and tasty fat burner available today, this is an easy purchase.

Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic benefits

Final Thoughts:

Bloodshr3d is by far the most comprehensive fat burning supplement we have reviewed so far in 2019. To say that its effects are limited to just a fat burner would be a huge understatement. This product contains everything you need to shed pounds, increase thermogenesis, boost your mood, cognition and focus, preserve muscle during dieting and improve your overall athletic performance.

In just a few short weeks, here is what we noticed with Bloodshr3d:

• Very strong appetite suppression

• Noticeable increase in long lasting energy with no crash

• Amazing focus and improved mind/muscle connection in the gym

• Increased thermogenesis (BIG TIME sweating and body temperate increase)

• A loss of 6lbs in 3 weeks without a change in diet or exercise

• No need for additional caffeine throughout the day (Skip those cups and coffee and save some extra $!)

• No jitters, nervousness, or anxiety commonly associated with powerful fat loss products

• Improved feelings of wellbeing and confidence.

Bloodshr3d’s ability to act as a nootropic, fat burner, and pre-workout all in one makes it the most versatile product we have reviewed in quite some time. Using clinically studied ingredients and precise dosing, Olympus Labs gives you a product that you'll want to keep as staple in your regimen. We highly recommend Bloodshr3d if you’re looking for a product to help you shred up for summer while giving you clean focus and energy to get through the work day and still be ready to crush a workout so you can quickly accomplish your fat loss goals!



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