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Kodiak Attack Pre Workout Review

Kodiak Attack Pre Workout Review

2019 is shaping up to be the best year yet for pre-workout products. As the new year rang in, TONS of companies started to expand their lines with pump based, energy packed, secret ingredient blends, sure to be the next best pre-workout. While on our quest to find some (very) early contenders for pre-workout of the year, we stumbled upon a brand we ACTUALLY haven’t reviewed yet, Kodiak Sports Nutrition.

We have heard a lot of positive things about their entire line, including their pre-training amplifier, Attack. Attack is more than just your run of the mill pre-workout, it’s 10 ingredient profile is designed to improve performance and strength, give you immediate hard-hitting energy without the crash or jitters, and improve vasodilation to help you achieve monstrous pumps! No, Attack isn’t just another Pre with a bunch of standard pump ingredients and fillers, but actually a quite comprehensive performance enhancer with ingredients to help you peak mentally AND physically. We had an opportunity to try a few (of the many) flavors of Attack—could this be an early front runner for pre-workout of the year? Keep scrolling to find our full review of Kodiak Sports Nutrition’s Attack.

Flavor- When we first heard of Kodiak sports Nutrition, all the buzz was around the variety (and quality) of their product flavors—and not just with Attack, but with all of their products! Attack just so happens to have THIRTEEN different flavors and although we did not have a chance to sample all of them, we have reason to believe the hype is real about Kodiak Sports Nutrition’s flavoring crew.

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Peach O’s- Chances are, you may have seen these mysterious orange and yellow peach ring gummies in your grandparents pantry once or twice. While this gummy candy isn’t at the forefront of its popularity anymore, those who have tried them will fondly remember the flavor. We can, without a doubt, say that the Peach O’s flavor of Attack tastes EXACTLY like those gummy candies. Initially, you get a burst of a natural sweet peach flavor that lasts through the entirety of your sip. Attack finishes with a little bit more of a sweetness and candy-esque flavor without being overly sugary all the way to the end. There is no bitter aftertaste and no chalky flavor with this product. If you’re a fan of peach products or peach iced tea, we guarantee this will blow you away!

Starpunch- The name and logo of this flavor certainly gives away what the product should taste like—and they nailed it. Starpunch tastes like your favorite red and pink Starbursts mixed with a red white and blue Bombpop. At first you get a unique “punch” flavor unlike any other fruit punch’s we’ve reviewed before. That flavor is soon taken over by a fruity, almost tropical berry flavor that is both sweet and refreshing. Unlike most punch flavored products, Attack’s Starpunch is far from chemically or artificial tasting. If you’re someone who enjoys the “red” flavored beverages, we highly recommend you try Starpunch!

the scoopie

One thing to note about both flavors we were able to try is that the flavors were as authentic or close to their respective names as we have ever tried. The flavors were on par if not above some of the best flavored pre-workouts we have ever tried! As if the delicious flavors weren’t cool enough, Kodiak Sports Nutrition throws in these handy scoops—perfect for measuring and emptying into a shaker cup OR a water bottle!

Mixability: A big aspect to reviewing a new brand is how well their product mixes. Sure, the flavor can be great but if it’s a struggle to choke down because of particles, chunks, and a sand-like consistency, is it really worth it? Lucky for us, Attack’s mixability is flawless in every single way. We mixed 1 scoop (10g) in anywhere from 4-16oz of water and there were no particles, nothing floating, and nothing resting on the bottom of our cups. Although the 4oz of water trial made the flavor quite strong and consistency a little thicker, the ingredients mixed completely with no remnants left over. The mixability of Attack is up there with some of the best in the industry!

Ingredient Profile:

Kodiak Attack Pre Workout Review

Attack Performance Complex

3-Aminopropanoic Acid- 3,000mg: More commonly known as Beta-Alanine, this ingredient is a cornerstone in most pre-workout supplements. As you may already know, Beta-Alanine is known for the paresthesia or tingly affect it gives to users. Beta-Alanine is known for its role as a carnosine enhancer which can increase muscular endurance, improve rest times between sets and increased repetitions during your workouts. Beta Alanine takes time to build up in your body, but once it does you will notice a huge increase in endurance during your workouts!

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- 750mg: Derived from L-Tyrosine, this variation of the amino acid Tyrosine is more readily absorbed because of the acetylation. L-Tyrosine is known for its ability to improve cognition, and is metabolized by the body to produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine epinephrine and adrenaline. By supplementing with L-Tyrosine, you will notice increased endurance and drive because of its ability to open metabolic pathways and increase these hormones’ flow throughout your body. Tyrosine can give you that extra “drive” during your workouts by delaying physical and mental fatigue and give you that extra burst at the end of your set! Studies have found that Tyrosine combined with caffeine (such as the complex below) can improve cognition, alertness, focus, and reaction time even after exhaustive exercise! L-Tyrosine is the perfect workout ingredient to make sure you don’t fall short and ATTACK every rep of every set!

Caffeine Complex-350mg: The king of all workout ingredients and the most widely used one at that! Studies suggestion caffeine can increase thermogenesis, blood flow, improved power output, alertness, digestion and so much more—making it paramount for any pre-workout product! Attack doesn’t just use one form of Caffeine; they combine Caffeine Anhydrous and Dicaffeine Malate (Infinergy) to deliver 350mg of long lasting, jitter free, clean energy through your workout. Studies have suggested that Infinergy, due to its bond with Malic Acid, has the ability to create a “milder” caffeinated effect that lasts longer, is jitter free, and lowers the risk of energy crashing! 350mgs of any caffeine is enough to get users hyped, but because of this combination, you won’t have to worry about to much energy or that dreaded crash mid-workout.

N-Phenethyldimethylamine HCL- 50mg: More commonly known as Eria Jarensis extract, this is another staple of ours when looking for a solid pre-workout product. Eria Jarensis has been touted as one of the strongest nootropic ingredients on the market today. It contains a variety of phenethylamines which can improve cognition on multiple levels. Eria Jarensis has also been shown to improve your natural energy levels without providing a stimulant effect as well. This extract has also been known to improve nootropic effects when paired with other nootropics or caffeine! Many users have reported that Eria Jarensis extract is as strong as substances such as DMAA while still being completely safe for long term use! This ingredient is sure to get you dialed in, focused, and have you feeling stronger than ever during your workout.

Cytidine 5’-diphosphocholine-25mg: This unique ingredient, that we have not really talked about or reviewed before, works by diffusing into choline and cytidine once in the body. This ingredient has been known to provide powerful nootropic effects, even at a dose as small as 25mg! Multiple studies suggest that supplementation can improve memory and cognitive functions, improved attention and reaction time and help you dial in that tunnel vision that is so important to a successful workout. Cytidine 5’-diphosphocholine’s effects are only enhanced when paired with caffeine and other nootropic ingredients such as Eria Jarensis!

Huperzine A-50mcg: If not for Huperzine A, chances are the nootropic effects in Attack would not be as powerful. Huperzine A inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine which will in-turn, allow more to be moved throughout your body. Acetylcholine is responsible for cognition and proper muscle contractions and without it flowing through your body, the “mind-muscle” connection may not always be there. Huperzine A ensures that acetylcholine flows freely through the body while also helping to enhance focus, increase memory, improve your mood, and studies have shown that it can also improve learning performance! An all-around important ingredient for your mind and body, Huperzine A’s effects are profound with as little as 50 micrograms!

Attack Vasodilation Matrix

Citrulline Malate 2:1- 3,000mg: A staple in most pre-workouts today, Citrulline Malate is known for its ability to convert to nitric oxide to improve vasodilation, lower blood pressure, and help to deliver nutrients through the body. Studies have shown that citrulline can reduce fatigue, improve endurance, improve recovery (due to the increased blood flow) and decrease rest times—both during your workout and between workouts. Long term supplementation with Citrulline has been found safe and can amplify your body’s ability to resynthesize ATP as well. As if this wasn’t enough, citrulline is known to give you those skin splitting pumps so often chased after in the gym. Although 3,000mg isn’t a huge amount, its well within the studied and clinically tested range for best results.

Arginine Carglumate- 500mg: This form of Arginine is one we have not seen in quite some time! The Arginine is paired with a carglumic acid which can help to reduce blood ammonia levels and alleviate the “burn” that you feel during high rep sets or endurance activities. We already know that arginine is a potent vasodilator, known for improved blood flow, and improved nutrient delivery but this form is able to help decrease the amount of ammonia in the blood stream at the same time!

L-Ornithine- 500mg: L-Ornithine is a lot like arginine; working synergistically together to improve vasodilation, decrease metabolic waste, and improve nutrient delivery. Ornithine is also known for its ability to lower DOMS due to the removal of ammonia from the blood stream. This works extremely well to ensure your ability to get through longer workouts and not feel so rundown in the days after!

Beta Vulgaris L. (Beet Extract)- 100mg: Beet Extract is known to be rich in nitrates which can improve nitric oxide in the body. Combined with caffeine, arginine, and ornithine, Beet Extract is just the icing on top of the pumped-up cake!

Our Thoughts:

Kodiak Sports Nutrition’s Attack surprised us in the best ways! We were not expecting such a flavorful and delicious product to go along with one that mixes so well. As far as performance goes, Attack has all the parts needed to make a highly effective pre-workout.

Some of the highlights from our use was:

• Immediate (10-15min) energy that lasted in upwards of 4 hours (careful taking this before bed!)

• Tunnel Vision and razor-sharp focus

• Heightened sense of well-being

• Increased endurance during workouts

• Improved recovery time between sets and between sessions

• BIG time pumps and vascularity enhancement

• Increased power and explosiveness

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Overall, Attack provides you with energy, nootropic effects, power enhancers, and pump agents at an affordable price.

Price Point: Normally, a 25-serving tub of Attack will run you about $49.99 on However, we never let you pay full price here at Modern Athletic Health! With that being said, at checkout make sure you use code KOD30 to receive 30% off your entire order! That brings the price of Attack down from around $50 to a much nicer $35! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @ModernAthleticHealth and sign up for our emails so you can find out when we review more Kodiak supplements!



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