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Olympus Labs Superior Protein Review

Olympus Labs Superior Protein Review

Just when you thought Olympus Labs couldn’t make another product that changes the market, they do. However, we aren’t talking about some hyped up pre-workout, we’re talking about protein, Olympus Labs Superior Protein to be exact.

Olympus Labs wasn’t planning on reinventing the wheel on this one—rather, this year-and-a-half long project’s goal was to formulate a protein product that can legitimately say “builds muscle and burns fat.”

We’ve seen 100’s of advertisements for protein powders that claim to do all sorts of crazy things, but Olympus Labs Superior Protein- Muscle Building Edition actually has the ingredients and studies to back it up! SO, what makes Superior Protein actually superior to other protein products on the market? In this review we will break down the formulation process, ingredients, and flavors they offer to tell you exactly why Superior Protein is named appropriately.

Keep reading below to check out Olympus Labs newest product, Supreme Protein—Muscle Building Edition.


Olympus Lab’s first batch of flavors followed the market trend of interesting, yet satisfying flavors with very unique names. We sampled ALL 5 of Olympus Labs flavors and were pleasantly surprised that each and every one of the flavors except Smash n’ Crunch (Peanut Butter Cups) had bits of cereal or crisps in them which significantly added to the texture.

Olympus Labs Superior Protein Review

Let’s dive into the 5 flavors and see below how we ranked them!

#5. Mocha Mermaid (Mocha Chocolate)- We have sampled coffee flavored proteins before and this one compared very similarly to others on the market. It mixed fairly thin and had a coffee with creamer consistency with the exception of the crispy rice they included. The mocha chocolate was sweet but not over powering. This was one of the more unique coffee/chocolate blend of flavors we have had the opportunity to sample!

#4 Not my Gumdrop Buttons (Gingerbread)- One of the funniest names we have seen on the market for sure. The gingerbread flavor is delicious and as close as we have tasted to ACTUAL gingerbread! It blows other “snickerdoodle” and “cinnamon” flavors out of the water. The only reason we didn’t rank this flavor higher was because the gingerbread is not a strong flavor. Again, it’s likely better to be on the more subtle side when it comes to flavoring.

#3 Smash n’ Crunch (Peanut Butter Cups)- Usually the peanut butter cup flavors have a good mix between peanut butter and chocolate flavoring, however this was much stronger towards the peanut butter side. The flavor was good, not chemically or artificial. The only reason this one did not rank higher was because we were expecting some sort of peanut butter crunchies or something at the bottom based on the other 4 flavors.

#2 Why so Cereal (Blueberry Pastry)- This flavor was different, but pleasantly surprising. We initially thought this flavor would resemble that of a blueberry Pop-Tart but it actually has a stronger vanilla taste with lighter blueberry notes. The cereal pieces inside are what make this our #2 ranked flavor however, as they add a burst of blueberry as you are chewing them. For those of you who have tried blueberry oatmeal or are a blueberry cereal/pastry fan, this one is for you!

#1 Toucan Twist (Fruity Cereal)- Picture this for a moment; the year is 1996, you’re waking up for school and your mom pours you Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. You crush that bowl of cereal as if it was your last and savor that sweet, creamy, fruity cereal milk goodness to start your day. If that nostalgia trip doesn’t bring you back, then take a scoop of Toucan twist and mix it with some milk. It tastes EXACTLY like the left-over cereal milk form your favorite fruity cereal. This was our clear number one because of the authenticity of the flavor; 2nd to none here.

Mixability: With flavors that have add-ins like these, there are frequently issues with mixability that often lead to chunks or less desirable consistencies. It’s safe to say that 4 out of the 5 flavors mix relatively thin in milk OR water and the other (Smash N Crunch) has a thicker consistency (contains no add-ins). We used the recommended 8oz of liquid per scoop and with both milk and water noticed that the Superior Protein mixed great. No clumping, minimal shake time, and the crisp cereal pieces mixed into the product rather than settling on the bottom and forming an oatmeal-like glob for your last sip. Overall the mixability and texture was MUCH better than we anticipated given the uniqueness of the product. We know that OL spent over a year to get this proteins just right, which we fully believe they did; a true testament to the time and energy taken to release a quality product.

Ingredient Profile: Here is the category that separates Superior Protein from other so called “superior proteins” on the market. Let’s take a look at the label and start with the nutrition facts before moving to the goodies.

Olympus Labs Superior Protein label

Looking at the label first, you’ll notice only 1.5g of fat and 5g of carbohydrates per serving (only 1.3 of that is sugar!); which, considering the flavors, is pretty conservative in our opinion. Next, you’ll notice that each scoop yields 23g of protein per serving in a 50/50 Whey/Casein Blend.

Olympus Labs Superior Protein Review

Although the label above says 23g of protein, this section also says 13.7g of Instant Micellar Casein and 13.7g of Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC). Although that does equal 27.4g of protein, Olympus Labs went above and beyond with their fully transparent label. You’ll see on the side that the WPS is standardized to 80% and the Micellar Casein is Standardized to 84.5% resulting in 23g of complete protein per serving. While most other companies don’t tell you their concentrate percentages, Olympus Labs is another pioneer in the supplement industry with regards to this aspect.

Why this particular blend of protein though?

Simple; blends are far superior to just whey protein isolate. When supplementing with a quality protein blend such as concentrate and micellar casein, the fast digesting WPC is able to be absorbed shortly after a workout, or whenever you consume it. Casein on the other hand, is a slow digesting protein that feeds your body for hours when WPC is completely digested. This ensures your body is getting all of those valuable amino acids and nutrients until your next meal.

Velositol-2g: Velositol might be one of the most powerful ingredients you can combine with protein supplements. Velositol is a patented ingredient designed to improve muscle protein synthesis which has numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that, when added alongside protein, just 2g of Velositol can:

• Enhance muscle growth

• Increase lean body mass

• Decrease DOMS and increase muscle recovery

• Increase amino acid uptake.

Recent clinical data showed a 47% increase in muscle protein synthesis when served alongside a 20g serving of protein. Wouldn’t we all like to get a little more out of our protein product? Velositol does just that.

PharmaGABA-125mg: Most of us have used GABA at one point in our lives or another, whether it was in a pre-workout, sleep aid, or nootropic—most of us have tried it. It is most known as a cognition agent that helps with focus, feelings of relaxation, and improved sleep levels, however PharmaGABA is different than its regular counterpart, GABA. Studies suggest that supplementing with as little as 100mg of PharmaGABA daily can increase your bodies natural ability to release Growth Hormone (GH) and in turn lead to better performance in all aspects of life, including improved MPS, regulated hormone levels, and improved sleep quality. A 2018 study showed that dosing 100mg of PharmaGABA per day along with whey protein nearly DOUBLED users GH, while other 12-week studies have shown that PharmaGABA can increase lean muscle mass by over 800%. Yes 800% stronger than just whey protein’s impact alone! How superior is that?

DigeZyme-100mg: Last, but certainly not least, Digezyme was added to Superior Protein to improve the break down and digestion of protein. Digezyme contains a blend of 5 specific enzymes that have been shown to increase protein absorption when dosed with a protein containing meal. These enzymes help to hydrolyze or break down protein into smaller particles to help the body absorb it faster and avoid any digestive issues such as bloating and gas that tend to come with high protein diets.

Price Point: Of course, we wouldn’t be bringing you another Olympus Labs supplement without a discount code, right? Normally, this 25-serving tub would cost you about $44.99 before discounts—however, throw the code HEROMOD in at checkout and get yourself 10% off your order through While other proteins typically range in the $29-$35 range, Superior Protein is not too far off that mark, yet you are getting a much more effective product gram for gram, as well as the added benefits of digestive enzymes, Velositol, and PharmaGABA, making the extra $5-$10 well worth it.

Our Thoughts:

What at first seemed like just another uniquely flavored protein powder has turned out to be a true muscle building formula that doubles as a protein beverage. The studies are in and the data has been collected, Superior Protein is truly a Superior muscle building protein. The flavors are amazing and OL did a great job to create flavors that will appeal to anyone, while the mixability and price point are just as impressive. The formula itself is nothing to scoff at, packed with clinically dosed ingredients designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. This is all while Olympus Labs once again shows us the true meaning of a 100% transparent label, even breaking down the exact amount of protein you are receiving from each protein source on the label. Our Suggestion- Try it for yourself, we guarantee you will love the flavor, convenience, and results you get from this protein powder. No more gimmicks, outrageous claims, and wasted money, only superior results with Olympus Labs Superior Protein—Muscle Building Edition.



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