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HPS Glycoshield Review

HPS Glycoshield Review

Today’s fitness industry is predicated on carbohydrate control and glucose manipulation. Let’s face it, if you check out the social media page of nearly anyone in the fitness industry, youll see something to do with “low carb” food or “carb depleted workout” or a post saying they “carbed up for today’s arm day!” Depending on your goals, carbohydrates can be either your best friend, or your worst enemy. That is, until Human Performance Science released Glycoshield, the ULTIMATE nutrient partitioning, glucose manipulating, carbohydrate controlling powerhouse designed to help you #BeatTheCheat and achieve any fitness goal you may have. Glycoshield was designed to be used during any period in your diet (or off your diet); whether you’re cutting or bulking. The supplement industry is filled with many under-dosed and underwhelming glucose disposal agents (GDA’s) that, while they do have some solid ingredients, just don’t provide the quality, potency, and ratios that GlycoShield does. We’ve had the opportunity to use GlycoShield for quite some time and are finally ready to give it the review it deserves. Keep reading below to find out why we (and many others!) recognize Glycoshield as the best GDA the market has ever seen!

What are GDA’s and what do they do?

Before we get into the magic that is Glycoshield, we want to give you a quick rundown on what a glucose disposal agent is and what it will do for you. A GDA as most call it, is a supplement that helps your body to move and use carbohydrates more efficiently, rather than store them as body fat. When you consume carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose to be used as energy; and depending on the type of carbohydrate they will be broken down at different rates. Once they are broken down, there are a few different ways that the glucose can be used.

The glucose will enter the bloodstream and be stored as:

-Muscle Glycogen: to be used right away

-Liver Glycogen: to be used if blood glucose levels are low, usually from physical activity

-Adipose tissue: to be stored as fat because there is no other place to store it.

The goal with using a GDA like Glycøshield is to make sure that the muscles and liver stay full of glycogen, and everything else gets burned or eliminated immediately! But how is this done? Well, there are many different ingredients that fall under the GDA category but not all of them work within the body the same way. For instance, some ingredients will improve carbohydrate uptake and shuttle carbs directly into the muscles instead of being stored elsewhere in the body. This is one of the reasons that users love to take GDA’s with a pre-workout meal; it gives them a HUGE pump! Other ingredients focus on wasting and removal of carbohydrates by blocking out receptors and areas of the digestive system where carbohydrates would normally be absorbed. These ingredients are paramount in GDA’s because your body can only absorb so much glucose, even with the use of GDA supplements. By including ingredients that help block excess carbohydrate absorption, Glycøshield ensures your muscle and liver glycogen remain full but excess does not spill over into being stored as body fat. Other ingredients in Glycøshield help to regulate blood sugar, mimic insulin, and even help you to burn glucose more efficiently which can lead to fat loss! In other words, glucose disposal agents are the ultimate damage control supplement especially when following a high carb diet or during those well deserved cheat days. Now with Glycoshield, you can #BeatTheCheat and indulge guilt free as you continue to work for that sculpted physique!

Ingredients: Glycoshield has a plethora of scientifically backed, user renowned ingredients designed to do everything a GDA should do—and more! We are going to give you a quick overview of what each ingredient does, however, if you are interested in more in-depth information with clinically backed studies, head over to for a full list of ingredients used in Glycoshield (and other HPS products too!)

HPS Glycoshield ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia (50% Hydroxycitric Acid) 250mg: One of the most taboo supplements in the industry over the last few years, Garcinia Cambogia ACTUALLY does play a key role in both weight loss and fat control. The key to this is in the standardized amount of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). Studies suggest that using 50% standardized HCA can reduce visceral fat accumulation, improve fat oxidation (fat burning) and help curb food cravings. According to multiple reports, using any standardization lower than 50% can often lead to minimal results and any standardization higher than 60% can actually cause a negative effect to your body! While it may not seem obvious why HPS included a fat controlling ingredient into a glucose disposal agent, think about it like this; When consuming a large cheat meal, we have already established your body reaches a point where more glucose cannot be stored in muscles or the liver. The only other option is for it to be stored as fat! With the inclusion of Garcinia and the HCA, you can still load up on carbohydrates or enjoy a cheat meal without the worry of excess glucose being converted to adipose tissue!

Berberine HCL 190mg: Berberine HCL has such a such a long list of positive benefits that it’s hard to name which ones are the most important! Here’s our top 5 favorite benefits you can start to experience with as little as 100mg of Berberine:

• Blood sugar regulation

• Fat oxidation

• Activation of AMPk (metabolic master switch that can single handedly control metabolism)

• Increased glycolysis

• Decrease insulin resistance

So, it’s definitely easy to see why Berberine HCL is included in Glycoshield. Basically, berberine is the ultimate damage control ingredient due to its ability to help with both fat and glucose breakdown and use for energy! In fact, a quick search on the web will bring you to numerous posts of users who supplemented with only berberine and had reduced resting blood glucose levels within an hour of a carbohydrate meal! Stacked with the other ingredients in Glycoshield, Berberines’ effects are only amplified.

Salaretin™️ (Salacia Reticulata Extract) 170mg: Salaretin™️ is an interesting ingredient in that not only does it have a direct effect on lowering blood glucose, it also has the ability to block carbohydrate absorption. What does this mean? Well, with Salaretin, it works much like berberine in shuttling that glucose into your muscles and liver, however those complex carbohydrates that aren’t used for energy right away generally get absorbed in the small intestine. Studies show that Salaretin inhibits an enzyme in your small intestine that breaks down and stores complex carbohydrates. This means that carbohydrates won’t have chance to be absorbed in the small intestine. Instead, the excess carbohydrates will be excreted as waste and not stored as fat or affect blood sugar levels.

Banaba Leaf (10% Corsolic Acid) 150mg: Banaba Leaf, extracted for Corsolic Acid is another ingredient that has a long list of benefits attached to it. Let us first start off by saying that Corsolic Acid is one of the few ingredients tested in the supplement industry that has been shown to be completely harmless with long term use. Some studies had users supplement Banaba Leaf for longer than a year and those users reported zero negative side effects. Banaba leaf has also shown healthful traits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-obesity related effects as well! Many studies also suggest that Banaba Leaf extract, when stacked with other ingredients such as those found in Glycoshield, can lead to an average of 10% weight loss! Between metabolization of glucose and the added benefits of lipid control, we see why banaba Leaf was a key component to Glycoshield.

GS4+™️ (gymnema sylvestre) 120mg: Gymnema Sylvestre is possibly the most commonly used ingredients in any successful GDA on the market. While GS4 Plus has a host of benefits, the one we want to focus on is its glucose manipulation benefits. Gymnemic acid resembles similar molecular structure to glucose molecules and therefore its able to mimic glucose when taken around the time of a meal. No, the structure doesn’t change, but Gymnemic acid fills the receptor locations right on the taste buds to stop absorption of carbohydrates at the source of ingestion; your mouth! Studies also suggest that Gymnema works in similar fashion to Salaretin by eliminating absorption of glucose in the small intestine as well! This mean’s that you have a top tier carbohydrate blocker at the source and final stop of the GI tract. Lastly, studies suggest that GS4+ has the ability to regulate glucose by stimulating the release of insulin from the pancreas. This is especially important for those who may be diabetic or have trouble producing insulin because Gymnema will ensure blood glucose is removed from the blood stream and prevent hyperglycemia.

Olive Leaf Extract (20% Oleuropein) 120mg: Oleuropein is another general health ingredient that also has benefits to help prevent fat gain. Studies suggest that oleuropein regulates the expression of genes involved in adipogenesis (fat cell creation) and thermogenesis (fat burning) in visceral adipose tissue. These studies showed that, while oleuropein didn’t impact weight loss, it did prevent weight gain over the course of 8 weeks on a high fat-diet. The reason this ingredient is so important to Glycoshield is it’s ability to allow cheat meals or breaks in the diet completely guilt free! It’s ability to decrease or eliminate the production of fat cells while simultaneously increasing fat burning is unlike many other ingredients on the market!

Price Point:

We brought you the facts about the mega ingredient list included in Glycoshield, but now its time for the important part, the price. On the HPS website you can find Glycoshield for $54.99 which gets you a 180 capsule bottle. But if you throw in code MAH10 you get 10% off your entire order! That brings your total down to $49.99 per bottle which is an AMAZING deal given the amount off capsules and the potency of this product!

Our thoughts: WOW is all we can say about HPS Glycoshield. This product is not only the BEST glucose disposal agent we have ever used, but it is also the top damage control supplement for cheat meals or cheat days!

Aside from controlling blood glucose levels, we also noticed:

• Increased pumps in the gym

• Better workout endurance and improved energy

• Improved GI performance and less bloating/full feeling after meals

• Reduced inflammation on a high carbohydrate diet

• Increased vascularity

• Improved weight loss

• Craving control

• Appetite Suppression

• Guilt-free cheat meals without the uncomfortable bloated mess that sometimes comes with those days!

To say that these were the only positive benefits we received would be a huge understatement. Glycoshield is in a class of its own and is now the market standard for glucose disposal agents. While we wouldn’t recommend cheating on your diet everyday, with Glycoshield, you can! Head on over to and get yours today before they're sold out again! Enjoy freedom on your diet, improved physical health, and an easier road to that sculpted physique you work so hard for with Glycoshield.



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