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Alphawolf Nutrition Force X7 Review

Alphawolf Nutrition Force X7 Review

10 years ago, “natural testosterone boosters” were viewed as the strongest alternative to AAS and PH’s (Anabolic Steroids and Prohormones). After years of research, it turned out that many of the common ingredients found in those natural testosterone boosters were nothing more than speculation and were minimally effective at best. Mega-dosing ingredients like Tribulus and D-Aspartic Acid were shown to provide little to no benefits and soon after, natural testosterone boosters were just a thing of the past, that is until about a year ago when numerous companies did their research and started formulating products with proven and scientifically backed ingredients. Since then, natural testosterone boosters have undergone a “rebirth” and have earned their place back in the supplement market. One of those companies that have done their due diligence with their product formulation is Alpha Wolf Nutrition, a smaller company that produces a natural testosterone booster as their only product (for now). Enter Force X7, a natural testosterone boosting and support supplement designed to help you increase strength and size while also helping you to maximize your own body’s testosterone production as efficiently as possible.

At 3 capsules a day, you can begin to reap benefits such as:

-Increased natural energy

-increased aggression (the good kind)

-improved feelings of wellbeing and endurance

-increased strength

-all sorts of benefits in the bedroom (fellas…)

-reduced levels of stress related to work and active lifestyles

Alpha Wolf Nutrition trusted a few of us here at Modern Athletic Health to try out and review a full bottle of Force X7 to determine whether or not they could put natural testosterone boosters back on the map. Keep reading below for our full review of Alpha Wolf Nutrition’s Force X7.

Who is Alpha Wolf Nutrition?

Before we review the actual product, we always like to learn and help educate our readers a little bit more about the company and their vision. Force X7 was designed by lead product developer of Alpha Wolf Nutrition, Robert Clark. Clark, an extreme fitness enthusiast, has been working out and staying active just about any way possible for almost 30 years! But, he as well as most men know that as we age, we tend to see a dip in testosterone levels and overall performance in and out of the gym. With that in mind, Clark set out to design a product for men that is effective, science based, and full of beneficial ingredients that focus on results. “After doing nearly 6 months of hardcore in-depth research, reading scientific case study after case study and personal trials, I found that most testosterone boosting products appear to be created with profits in mind, instead of doing what they claim” says Clark. “I wanted to develop a testosterone booster that was based on real science and around results for the people using it first”.

After 500+ hours of research, Force X7 was formulated. Since the initial release in 2017, Alpha Wolf Nutrition has redeveloped and altered the original formula to make this second coming of Force X7 even more powerful and more effective than the first. This second release, which is what we are reviewing, has hit the market and is already garnering tons of 5-star ratings by REAL users!

Modern Athletic Health was able to try the first release and was highly impressed but the revamped version is truly something in a league of its own… With a mission statement geared towards honesty, quality, and effectiveness, it’s hard to not love Alpha Wolf and their vision (before you even try their product!)

Ingredient Label

Alphawolf Nutrition Force X7 ingredients

Vitamin D3- 25mcg: To some this may seem like a silly ingredient to highlight in a natural testosterone supplement, however, it is in fact one of the most important vitamins with regards to testosterone production. Vitamin D3 plays a key role in your testosterone levels due to its ability to inhibit aromatization of testosterone into estrogen. In summer months your body gets a substantial amount of Vitamin D from the sun. This is by far the best way to get your Vitamin D3 and often, those who spend time in the sun get more than enough. This is why there is only 25mcg included in Force X7; studies suggest that over abundances of Vitamin D3 can actually provide a negative effect on your body! Your body can regulate the Vitamin D you receive from the sun but it cannot regulate the extra Vitamin D you receive in supplement form. With a small dose of Vitamin D3, Force X7 provides you with enough Vitamin D3 to keep your stores full, but not an obscene amount that can cause a shut down of your own bodies own processes.

Vitamin B Complex (varying amounts): The Vitamin B complex included in Force X7 plays a key role in your body’s general health as well as testosterone support. B3 helps to control your cholesterol levels, the base of testosterone. B6 helps to promote androgens in the body and also helps to metabolize estrogen, lower prolactin levels, and improved growth hormone secretion. B12 plays a major role in just about every bodily function we have. From energy to testicular function, B12 plays a major role in our bodies and deficiency is one of the leading causes of poor health in the United States.

Magnesium- 45mg: Although a small dose, this powerful mineral plays a key role in testosterone support. Studies suggest that in as little as 4 weeks, magnesium has the ability to increase your free and total testosterone by 24%.

Zinc- 15mg: Zinc has been long known to help increase and support testosterone levels. Many of us have probably supplemented with ZMA at some point in our lives and either had better sleep or maybe had a little more pep in our step. Many studies have shown the benefits of Zinc supplementation with regards to testosterone but its effects are even more profound in trained athletes. Studies have also shown that Zinc plays a key role in protection against exercised induced testosterone reduction, which is something that we all have to deal with, especially if we are active daily.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha-500mg: There are two main forms of Ashwagandha, KSM-66 and Sensoril. KSM-66 has been known to have numerous performance benefits while the other provides some performance and some nootropic effects as well. Studies suggest that KSM-66 has been shown to provide effects such as:

• Adaptogen and stress relief effects for everyday cognitive and physical stressors

• Improved mental clarity, focus, and alertness

• Improved sports performance (power, reaction time, endurance)

• Increased vigor, energy levels, and blood flow

Ashwagandha has been used for years in medicinal practices but recently has been hailed as one of the top sports performance supplements money can buy! In fact, one study showed an average increase of 18.7% testosterone while also improving size, strength and fat loss! What a combo!

MACA Extract 10:1-250mg: Many users of MACA are often disappointed when supplementing it by itself. While it’s true, it doesn’t increase testosterone overtly, when combined with other ingredients it plays a key role in testosterone support. Studies have shown that MACA has the ability to increase libido and blood flow during that “special moment” along with helping the body’s endocrine system function properly. Most are disappointed when they notice MACA isn’t giving them the size and strength they desire, but an improved libido is a huge key in overall testosterone support and improvement.

Panax Ginseng Extract-200mg: Panax Ginseng is a superior form of ginseng that helps with blood flow and oxidative stress. Once in the body, ginseng helps to convert arginine to nitric oxide and can also prevent inflammation and oxidation within the body. By improving blood flow and decreasing oxidative stress, your body can be rid of free radicals and improve your health starting at a cellular level. The increased blood flow can improve performance in the bed room, and in the weight room, ensuring positive workouts at BOTH places!

Shilajit- 200mg: This powerful and rare extract is standardized for fulvic acid in Force X7. Many natural anabolics love using Shilajit because of its testosterone boosting ability and also its ability to combine with other ingredients to make them extremely bioavailable. Looking at testosterone, studies have suggested that fulvic acid can increase serum testosterone levels up to 23.5% while increasing free testosterone up to 19%. This was all accomplished with doses between 200mg-250mg, the amount used in Force X7.

Long jack Extract 100:1- 100mg: Long jack extract or Tongkat Ali as some companies list it has shown major abilities to increase libido, sexual well-being, and improved testosterone levels. It also has the ability to reduce cortisol and levels of stress as well as its benefit to testosterone levels. Long jack has also shown great ability to help individuals with hypogonadism (low-testosterone) bring their testosterone levels up to normal levels. The promise behind Long jack extract makes for a safer alternative to starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT!

Boron-10mg: The element Boron provides big time benefits with such a small dose. Boron has been shown to reduce the sex hormone binding globulin SHBG and allow for more testosterone to flow through your body. SHBG binds to sex hormones in your body and prevents its effects meaning Boron’s job is to make all that testosterone flow as freely as possible. This means supplementing with Boron will help you maximize your body’s ability to utilize the testosterone you already produce while also freeing up the extra testosterone produced by the ingredients in Force X7! Studies also showed that born plays a direct role in Estrogen reduction (-39%). Amazing how such a small dose of an element can completely change your hormone profile!

Bioperine-5mg: Last but not least, one of our favorite bioavailability ingredients on the market. Bioperine is here to help you move all of these ingredients above into the body where necessary. When combined with an ingredient like Shilajit, your body is sure to receive all of the ingredients with little to no degradation as it passes through your digestive tract into the blood stream!

Our thoughts:

Usually, it is hard to tell effectiveness of a natural testosterone booster at a younger age. When using Force X7, we were a little skeptical at first being that most of our testers were under the age of 30, with one being 30, and may not notice the extra testosterone boost that tends to be more apparent in older gentlemen. With that being said, we were blown away with what we noticed by this product. First off, this stuff drives your libido through the ROOF! Younger men, if you are looking for a boost in the bedroom, Force X7 is going to be your best friend. Second, this product stays true to the company name; it isn’t always the easiest to describe but Force X7 does give you that confident “alpha” feeling men have more than likely felt at some point in their life. Users will feel a sense of power, confidence, assertiveness, and positivity during your use of Force X7! Some of the other benefits we noticed were

• Improved workouts

• Increased strength

• Increased size/muscle fullness (the mirror test)

• Appetite increased

• Decrease in bodyfat/weight (mirror test)

• No negative side effects associated with increased testosterone production (oily skin, acne, etc.)

• And more!

Force X7 is exactly what you are looking for if you want that added boost in the weight room, the bedroom, and every day life. Alpha Wolf Nutrition designed Force X7 to be everything you need in a natural testosterone support supplement without any harmful side effects. As Alpha Wolf Nutrition’s mission statement says, “We design our products to help you fulfill your passion and excitement for life. Its about maximizing the man you were meant to be.” So, why not starting being the man you were meant to be? Start achieving your best YOU and become a Force in the gym, bedroom, and life with Alpha Wolf Nutrition’s Force X7.

Alphawolf Nutrition Force X7 Review

Price: The price of Force X7 is right on par with other natural testosterone boosters and “natural anabolics” on the market today.

If you order from today you are looking at $49.99 per bottle or a buy 3 get 1 free deal. However, Modern Athletic Health never wants our readers paying full price; enter code ALPHA10 at checkout and you'll get 10% off your order! For what it’s worth, this is one of the first natural testosterone boosters we have used that actually backs up its claims with science and effectiveness, making it worth every penny!

Alphawolf Nutrition is also the proud Sponsor of professional boxer, Jimmy Quiet Storm Williams under the management of SiggPay Sports. For more information on Sponsoring Pro Athletes via SiggPay Sports, email



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