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Detach Coconut Water Evolved Free 4 Pack

detach drink pre sale

Between pre-workout powders, energy drinks, and countless other RTD’s, traditional sports drinks are a thing of the past. In a world once ruled by Gatorade and Powerade, fitness enthusiasts worldwide have since shifted their preferences to tailor made, lower calorie, greater benefit beverages that often have electrolytes, amino acids, and reduced sugar content. In fact, one of the hottest hydration beverages in the fitness industry right now is coconut water (and its variants) because of the natural benefits such as low sugar and high electrolyte content!

A big problem is, coconut water itself is a refined and acquired taste and is hard for many to stomach. It is also not as tailored or beneficial to function outside of just hydration. So, we started our quest for a “sports drink” that took us BEYOND regular sports drinks and just hydration alone. That’s where we found Detach.

Detach so fittingly “detaches” the way we think about common sports drinks; In a nutshell is a simple fusion of flavor and function that expands on natural benefits of coconut water alone. Soon, we think Detach is going to be taking the industry by storm -- but before they drop their official pre-sale, we wanted to give you the skinny on why you need to refresh, rehydrate and refuel your body using Detach.

Keep reading below to find out all about Detach and what it’s going to offer you in early December 2018.

What and Who is Detach

Detach was founded by Stathy Touloumis on what seemed to be a personal quest to fit his and his wife'slifestyle. “The idea stemmed from my wife looking for a simple drink to help her stay hydrated and also give her enough focused energy that supports her training … after back to back yoga sessions post a full working day.” After searching around on the market and finding most drinks were either too high or low in sugar, full of artificial sweeteners, “diet” sweeteners or ingredients, and of course, the less than desirable flavors, Stathy went to his own personal experience and drawing board to come up with a solution. Over the next three, yes THREE, years, Stathy worked diligently trying to incorporate great flavors, natural ingredients (organic or non-GMO), and a nutrition profile that appealed to not only a gym rat, but people who just need a boost in their everyday life. “During this time, I learned a lot about a balanced lifestyle and how to make training and nutrition work for real people - by that I mean those of us not in the tiny percentage who have a genetic gift to cover most of the experienced improvements” says Stathy. Through this long process of trial and error, Detach was born!

While the product itself is full of wholesome, clean ingredients, one of the greatest things about Detach is the company’s kindness and commitment to give back to the community.

Detach donates a portion of their profit to different charitable causes such as the Alzheimer’s Association -- 4th year participation in The Longest Day (, World Bicycle Relief, and the King Ridge Foundation among just a few! Their goal and promise to give back to the community and continue to support healthy patterns for all is a message we can all take part in. Detach is truly helping fuel the maniacal health and fitness movement.


Now the refreshing, re-hydrating, and refueling Detach is looking to hit the market and change the way you look at sports drinks -- in three great flavors! Light Citrus, Pina Colada and Blood Orange are their three flavors that they are offering with their pre-sale this December. While the flavors sound delicious, the nutrition label is what really has us licking our lips!

Take a look below: 0g of fat and 14g of carbs for the WHOLE bottle!

detach drink pre sale

Not only are the macronutrients on point, but the ingredient label is fully disclosed, contains no artificial flavor, and is packed with tons of organic ingredients and electrolytes. Detach uses organic coconut water, which is loaded with potassium, and the addition of purified sea salt gives us bonus sodium to optimize the electrolyte balance You may also notice that there are key amino acids (non-GMO protein building blocks), complete with Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, and Theanine that are going to help fuel those tough workouts and lengthy training sessions! Detach has everything you would look for in a sports drink, and more!

Price/Intro Pre-Sale

As always, Modern Athletic Health has a sweet deal for you with the Detach “1st Try!” pre-sale promotion. Follow the steps below to get your hands on Detach for NO charge!

• Click on “Get Yours Now”

• Check your cart (promo code should be applied)

• Enter Address for shipping information ($7.95 shipping and handling fee does apply here)

• Submit and come December, enjoy a variety pack of 4 bottles of Detach absolutely free!

More than just hype:

Whether you’re using it to replenish your body after a long workout, or looking for an afternoon pick me up without giving in to that sugary soda or carbonated beverage, Detach has you covered. It is not often we see an RTD product and think “wow this will make a difference for such a diverse demographic” but Detach does! And in case you forgot, Detach nobly donates to many charities and causes, making them one of the most respectable companies we have had the opportunity to work with! Pre-sale for Detach has already started and cases of their 3 amazing flavors will begin shipping this December. Founded by real people, for real people, we highly recommend you head over to the website above and pick up your sample pack or pre-order your case of 12 today before their pre-order sells out! Start making smaller, smarter choices today and incorporate Detach’shigh quality beverage into your life today.



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