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Performax Labs HyperMax Review

performax labs hypermax review

If you’ve followed us for any time now, you know that we love everything Performax Labs offers on their product line. In fact, if you’ve been following us from the beginning, you know that we have reviewed almost EVERY product in their product line; from brand new releases to reformulations of their classics. We’re back today to discuss the reformulation of one of their classics and top-rated pre-workout HyperMax.

We have tried the OG HyperMax, and also loved HyperMax XT, but now we want you guys to know about the best version of HyperMax to hit the market. For those of you who have never tried HyperMax, you’re definitely going to want to make sure you try this newest version. For those who have tried one of the original versions of HyperMax or HyperMax XT, you’re not going to want to miss out on this mega-upgrade!

Keep scrolling to find out why we think Performax Labs reformulated HyperMax is their best version yet!


As always, Performax Labs offers classics and fan favorites for most of their powdered products.

HyperMax is currently offered in 3 favorites; Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Orange Mango. Their flavors tend to taste very similar throughout their product line so if you were a fan of the Orange Mango flavored StimMax or VasoMax, we know you’ll love HyperMax. The Blue Razz and Strawberry Kiwi are newer flavors, but knowing the Performax Labs flavoring department, they’re going to taste like your favorite fruit juices, without all that extra sugar added! If you have read some of our other Performax Labs reviews, you’ll know that their products pack a big flavor, but they aren’t TOO strong. This means you can get away with mixing your HyperMax in anywhere from 8-20oz of water and still get a quality flavor without it tasting too sweet, sour, or strong. Performax Labs flavors are true to their name so pick your favorite preference out of the bunch and you surely won’t be disappointed.


Like all Performax Labs Products, HyperMax’s mixability is of top quality. Usually with most pump products, we are a little worried that it wont mix well because of the glycerol content. Luckily for users concerned with this, HyperMax contains no glycerol and is packed with other pump agents sure to stretch those sleeves and fill those muscles! 1 scoop of HyperMax is larger than your average pre-workout powder; at about 16g we do recommend you mix this with at least 8oz of water to get the best effects. HyperMax can be swirled in your favorite shaker cup and still mix almost completely clear! A few shakes or stirs with a spoon is all it takes to get rid of the tiny particles! No leftover residue, no clumping, and certainly no chalky aftertaste from the undissolved pieces. Yes, we sound like a broken record but Performax Labs has done it again in the mixability department.

Ingredient Label: A quick glance of the HyperMax label is sure to leave your head spinning (in a good way); after all, with 12 different ingredients, this is the definition of comprehensive! Instead of providing you with lengthy nomenclature, check out our breakdown below of each ingredient and its main purpose in HyperMax.

performax labs hypermax review

Extreme Pumps and Performance: 11g

• L-Citrulline: 6g- Studies suggest L-Citrulline increases L-arginine levels and can improve nitric oxide, and vasodilation; making it synonymous with pump products. Citrulline has also been shown to reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and often helps with recovery because of its ability to move nutrients through the blood stream even after your workout.

• Beta-Alanine: 3g- Most known for its paresthesia effect that gives you the pins and needles feeling. Beta-alanine is most known for its ability to improve muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular endurance as well.

• Agmatine Sulfate: 1g- A metabolite of L-Arginine, agmatine is known for its ability to enhance pump, act as a nootropic, and improve natural energy during your workout. Agmatine works by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide, making it the perfect ingredient for a pump-based pre-workout.

• L-Ornithine L-Aspartate: 1g- Studies have shown this form of Ornithine has the ability to reduce ammonia concentrations in the blood which helps to improve endurance and enhances performance during long bouts of exercise. When coupled with other nitric oxide boosters, ornithine has been thought to decrease post workout DOMS due to the reduced ammonia levels in the body

Extreme Focus and Mood: 650mg

• B-Phenylethylamine HCL: 400mg- a trace “amine” that has been shown to influence the release of dopamine and serotonin. Studies suggest that this compound has the ability to also improve cognitive abilities such as improved focus, memory, and boost feelings of well-being.

• Eria Jarensis Extract: 200mg- This is one of the top brain boosting ingredients money can buy. Studies suggest that this extract, which contains a variety of phenethylamines can improve cognition on multiple levels. This extract also can boost natural energy levels and has been shown to amplify other nootropics it has been paired with. Although completely safe (and legal) this extract has been said to have similar efficacy to banned substances like DMAA and DMHA!

• Hordeum Vulgare: 50mg- This source of Hordenine has been shown to inhibit noradrenaline reuptake. What does this mean? It can naturally improve energy and enhance nootropics that it is paired with. While the dosage of this ingredient is small, smaller doses have been proven to provide a host of positive cognitive benefits.

Extreme Energy Blend: 1.378g

• L-Tyrosine: 1g- This amino acid has been shown to help produce noradrenaline and dopamine. Many users report that this ingredient helps individuals stay energized while reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and the jitters that come with stimulants. Studies also suggest that L-Tyrosine provides stronger effects when taken during a time of stress.

• Caffeine Anhydrous: 300mg- The king of all supplements and the most widely used ergogenic in the world. Caffeine has a whole host of benefits including improved cognitive functioning, improved power output, improved strength, and more! We all know how important caffeine is, right?

• Citrus Aurantium Extract: 50mg- Also known as bitter orange extract or synephrine, this ingredient has been shown to act as a stimulant, a thermogenic, improve digestion, and an enhance blood flow. While Synephrine is often used in a small dose, at as little as 10mg per day reports have shown positive benefits with alertness, lowering of anxiety, and even improvement of metabolic rate.

• Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract: 3mg- Much like yohimbine, Rauwolscine packs a huge punch in a small dose. Studies suggest this ingredient can improve blood flow, thermogenesis, and induce serotonin like effects. Many users report nootropic effects such as feeling happy and improved sense of well-being after doses as small as 2mg!

Absorption Enhancement:

• Black Pepper Extract (Piperine): 5mg- Piperine or Black Pepper Extract is an alkaloid that has been shown to increase bioavailability of supplements that it is paired with. Some studies also suggest that it can increase thermogenesis slightly, especially when dosed with stimulants.

Price Point

Initially you may think that HyperMax is a bit pricier than other quality pre-workouts because each tub is actually 25 servings instead of 30. The retail for a tub of HyperMax is $44.99 on however; Modern Athletic Health makes sure you never pay full price! Use code PMAX20 at checkout and to get 20% off your purchase, bringing the total down to $35 for what we think is Performax Labs top pre-workout to date!

performax labs hypermax review

Our thoughts?

Performax Labs’ newest version of HyperMax is without a doubt the best one yet. We are a big fan of the improvements and love the additional nootropic components. Some of the effects we noticed with one scoop were:

-Massive energy enhancement

-No Jitters/shaky feeling

-Improved focus and mental clarity

-Increased endurance

-Decreased rest times between sets

-Major increases in muscle fullness

-Improved pump and reduced time it took to achieve a pump. *Pump was also prolonged for quite some time after the workout.

-Improved vasodilation (which isn’t always the case with a pump!)

-Power output and training volume increased over time.

-Users may also like that this pre-workout worked well with some of our sensitive-stomach users and did not cause any frequent trips to the bathroom.

With scientifically backed ingredients at clinically tested doses, we see why HyperMax was named 2017 pre-workout of the year! Time and time again Performax Labs impress us with some of the top foundational supplements on the market; and HyperMax is no different. We recommend you check out HyperMax and don’t forget to use code PMAX20 at checkout to save 20% off your entire purchase. While we await their next 5-star product, you’ll find us continuing to perform at our max with Performax Labs.



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