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Sheath Releases Two New Products for Fall

Just when you thought SHEATH Underwear had run out of ideas, they release 2 new products to the market! We fell in love with SHEATH a few years ago when they burst onto the scene with their stylish and unbelievably comfortable men’s pouch underwear. A few months ago, we came back to review some of their new style 4.0 undergarments, their sport attire AND talked about their new performance underwater line for Women! Now, we’re here to let our valued readers know that SHEATH has recently released their ARMY GREEN men’s 4.0 brief as well as their insanely comfortable new Women’s Bamboo Trainer Tee Shirt. The addition of the Men’s Army Green printed brief has already sent a buzz through the fitness apparel world and has garnered numerous positive reviews! Much like the release of the Women’s boyshort, SHEATH’s new Bamboo Trainer Tee Shirt has been selling rapidly and their stock is already low! Keep reading below to find out more about SHEATH’s 2 new additions to their already impressive product line.

Men’s Army Green Brief:

The release of the Army Green brief comes at the perfect time, when patriotism is at an all time high during the early days of September. The Army 4.0 brief was designed to include the best of both key aspects of SHEATH Underwear; including the Zen Pouch to make sure you stay cool and comfortable but also with a Fly adaptation allowing for quick maneuverability and easy access for urination. The 94% polyester and 6% Spandex blend allows for easy movement, no worries about them ever riding up, and breathability unlike any other brief on the market. SHEATH mentions that the 4.0 option is perfect for cooler climates as well as the winter months! Not only has the 4.0 Brief been extremely popular among consumers, but SHEATH mentions “it really harks back to the roots of our brand’s conception at a time when the Founder and CEO of SHEATH was serving in the United States Military.” With that being said, we can’t help but trust the work of someone who has fought in the trenches and knows exactly how uncomfortable and painful improper underwear can be. As always SHEATH offers small on up to XXL to ensure proper fit of almost anyone!

Women’s Bamboo Trainer Tee Shirt:

It may seem like it took a while for SHEATH to release another women’s product after their cheeky boyshort, but rest assured, they achieved perfection with this one! SHEATH’s Bamboo trainer tee shirt designed for women combines 65% bamboo, 28% cotton and 8% spandex, creating quite possibly the most COMFORTABLE and functional women’s activewear on the market! The Bamboo Trainer Tee Shirt is truly the pinnacle of athletic wear; light, breathable, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant and super absorbent. The Women’s Bamboo Trainer tee shirt is only offered in black right now, but comes in sizes small on up to XXL just like the men’s attire. We are looking forward to seeing other colors and designs in the near future, but hope you get your hands on this one ASAP!

As always, when placing your order don’t forget to use code MODERN at the checkout to receive 25% off your entire order! If we were you, we would get in on these deals ASAP as the new merch’ is already running out of stock! Don’t let comfort pass you buy; order up the most comfortable activewear and underwear on the market today!



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