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Innovapharm Enduralean Stim Free Review

innovapharm enduralean stim free review

InnovaPharm has been pumping out product after product and every single one of them has been a major hit. It started with their performance enhancing pre-workout, Limitless, then their delicious amino acid product, Novamino, and who could forget their original powdered fat burner, Enduralean? Well, InnovaPharm decided to kick it up a notch and formulate their endurance enhancing fat loss powder to be stimulant-free and easily stackable!

To test the effectiveness of the stim-free version, we decided to run a full 84 serving tub before making our final thoughts on it. We loved the original Enduralean so much that we ceased all other stim supplements while using Enduralean stim-free to put its power to the test in a few different cutting and recomp phases. We also tried it alongside a few other products including HPScience LipoShield as part of the EnduraShield stack to see how much more we could gain (or in this case lose) from stacking the two products.

Keep reading below to find out what we thought about InnovaPharm’s newest stim-free endurance enhancing fat loss powder, Enduralean.

Flavors: If you’ve read our past reviews of InnovaPharm products, you’d know that their flavor department is quite possibly the best in the business. It doesn’t matter what they formulate, the flavors always seem to be top notch. We were excited that, although we received a full tub of the Fuji Apple Pear flavor, they did send us samples of their Acai Berry and Lemon Italian Ice flavors to test as well. Before we give a review of each individual flavor it is important to know that adding this to an already made drink is an amazing way to get a huge fat burning boost out of your calorie free beverage of choice. Mixing with a low-calorielemonade, iced tea, or one of your favorite flavor packets only amplifies the taste of both products and makes for the perfect shredding drink!

Here’s what we thought of each flavor:

innovapharm enduralean stim free review

Fuji Apple Pear: This flavor tastes identical to their Novamino version with just a hint of tartness to it. The flavor again, is most comparable to your favorite apple juice product with just a hint of sour. The serving size is a relatively small scoop that packs big flavor! Because of this, we would recommend putting a scoop in at least 8oz of water to get a nice and smooth flavor. If you like your supplements a little more soure, feel free to mix with 4-8oz of water instead.

innovapharm enduralean stim free review

Lemon Italian Ice: This flavor makes for the PERFECT calorie free alternative to lemonade. It is both refreshing and addicting and is very easily stacked with lemonade or other low-calorie drinks. Try mixing a scoop of this in with your favorite iced tea and some additional water to get a fat burning low calorie Arnold Palmer!

innovapharm enduralean stim free review

Acai Berry: The Acai Berry was a little different than we expected it to be. Usually when you see Acai products its mixed with blueberry, pomegranate, or another type of berry, but never on its own! The Acai Berry flavor was good, but slightly bitter in its aftertaste. The flavor itself does taste just like Acai but it is not as flavorful as the others. Mixing this with a blueberry pomegranate flavor drink will bring out some sweeter notes to go with the sour aftertaste!

Mixability: As always, InnovaPharm products are second to none when it comes to mixability. One small 3g scoop mixes great in anywhere from 4-16oz of water. Even with the smallest amount of water, there are very few remnants left behind in the bottom of the shaker. Even so you can swirl it a few times before consuming. With the addition of more water you have absolutely no particles floating or sinking to the bottom. We probably sound like a broken record but this makes it perfect to add into your favorite beverage to add some fat burning power to it!

Ingredients: A glance at the ingredient label will probably have you searching first for a magnifying glass in order to read the small print, and then google for info on some of the specially formulated compounds within Enduralean. We are going to save you the trouble and tell you what each aspect of Enduralean is going to do for you instead. Rather than get into the deep scientific nomenclature of each ingredient, we are going to break down the ingredients into 2 parts; the first will focus on the Mind-Muscle Performance Blend, and the second will emphasize what to expect out of the Targeted Fat Melting Matrix. Although we aren’t a huge fan of Enduralean being a proprietary blend, we notice a lot of solid ingredients added into it that, at any dosage, will make an impact on your weight loss goals. Checkout below to find out what to expect from each category in stim-free Enduralean

innovapharm enduralean stim free review

Mind-Muscle Performance Blend: The cool thing about stim-free Enduralean and InnovaPharm in general is that every one of their products does more than what it’s primary use is. With stim-free Enduralean, the goal isn’t just about fat loss, it’s also about improving endurance and performance in the gym or wherever you choose to exercise. The mind-muscle performance blend is designed to improve workouts, increase focus, and provide you with the energy to complete long bouts of exercise. First, the choline bitartrate and L-tyrosine combine to form a powerful nootropic effect that improves focus, enhances cognition and can improve memory. HICA is added to protect the body from going into a catabolic state during exercise and prevent muscle breakdown. The Ashwagandha extract has numerous benefits including improving strength, stamina, exercise capacity, and reducing stress. This can benefit the mind and body especially when undergoing the stress from a long workout. Terminalia Arjuna is an interesting ingredient that has cardioprotective properties but it can also lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and increase aerobic capacity. This ingredient is actually a best-kept secret as it can reduce the effects of high blood pressure and other negative side effects synonymous with increased use of caffeine or other stimulants! The last two ingredients “Intellectus” and Huperzine-A are both cognitive enhancers and can decrease cognitive decline. Intellectus has been shown to improve cognition as well as improve intestinal integrity when dosed over time. It is important to note these effects are enhanced when dosed over 2 consecutive weeks. As you can see, all of the ingredients in the Mind Muscle performance blend can improve aspects of the workout through improved cognition or reducing catabolic properties that are associated with long exercise bouts. Now let’s take a look at the fat burning matrix!

Targeted Fat Melting Matrix: Now for the moment you’ve been scrolling for; how is this going to help me burn fat? Well, the very first ingredient is a carnitine complex which can be a great performance and cognition enhancer as well as a fat metabolizer. The two forms of carnitine used in the fat melting matrix are designed to improve absorption while ensuring improvements in lipid oxidation. The next ingredient is AfraLean standardized to 16% paradol. AfraLean has been shown to aid in the decrease of visceral fat and improve metabolic rate. Not to mention it can improve regulation of hormones, enhance sexual performance, and has anti-cancer properties. Paradol, the compound taken from the plant Grains of Paradise, is one of the most potent and exciting ingredients within Enduralean because of its many positive benefits with no negative side effects. All of these effects can be noted at a dosage as small as 10mg per day. Forskolin is the next ingredient included which has been shown to potentially boost testosterone in men while also improve fat loss. Studies suggest a small dosage of just 250mg have the ability to decrease bodyweight by 9lbs in 12 weeks. The Tri-Phase PPAR Agonist or 13-Methylberberine is basically an enhanced version of berberine which can work as an insulin sensitizer and exercise mimetic. The better your insulin sensitivity is, the less insulin required to move glucose into cells to be used for fuel. If you can better utilize carbohydrates this way, there is a lesser chance of them being stored as bodyfat. In short, 13-methylberberine helps your body to improve insulin sensitivity and lessen carbohydrate storage as fat. Last but not least, Fucoxanthin is an ingredient that works well over time. Fucoxanthin works by building up its stores in the fat cells over time (this ingredient works great if used over the course of months!). While in the fat cells, it works to induce fat loss and inhibit fat cells from growing or differentiating and forming new cells. Essentially, fucoxanthin will fill up those cells where fat is generally stored and ensure more fat is not stored there! It is very important to realize though you will need to supplement with this over the course of weeks to months to reap its full benefits.

After reading those ingredient benefits, what’s NOT to love about stim-free Enduralean!

Our Thoughts: We used the whole tub of stim-free Enduralean before jotting down our thoughts. Rather than writing a novel of how amazed we were with this product, take a look at some of the key takeaways we garnered from a 2-month use.

• An average of 13lbs lost (between multiple users) in 2 months

• An average of 4.3% reduction in bodyfat (between multiple users) in 2 months

• Heightened sense of wellbeing during the day and during workouts

• Decreased lethargy especially during a caloric deficit

• Improved workouts (easily stacked with a scoop of your favorite stimmed pre-workout!)

• Increased endurance during workouts

• Improved sleeping patterns/more restful sleep

• Improved vascularity

• Less anxiety/stressful feelings

• Decreased cravings and appetite reduction

All of this and more was noticeable at just 1 scoop per day. When we tried 2 scoops per day spaced out between 6-8 hours, we still noticed all of the benefits, just more enhanced. Did we mention (yes, we have) that this product can be stacked with your favorite pre-workout, intra workout, or any beverage to improve its effects or add a fat burning kick and burst of flavor?

We absolutely LOVED Enduralean!!!

innovapharm enduralean stim free review

Price Point: As always, Modern Athletic Health has a major hook up to help you afford what we like to think as the “King of Stim-free Weight Loss Powders”, Enduralean. Use code Modern20 for 20% off your entire purchase at We want to mention that each tub of Enduralean has 84 scoops in it, making it last nearly 3 months for just under $35. How could you not want to burn fat and improve your workouts for about $12 per MONTH. And if you’re looking for the hottest weight loss stack that 2018 has seen thus far, head over to and pick up the EnduraShield Stack for $54.99! Considering the fact that Enduralean is $54.99 by itself through Innovapharm's website, you'd be a little bit crazy not to order the EnduraShield Stack from HPS which includes a full tub of HPScience Lipøshield! Adding Lipøshield will allow you, in simplest terms, to turn off the metabolic processes and pathways that allow your body to store fat. Additionally, Lipøshield will effectively starve fat cells and cause them to release stored body fat into your system to be burned off as energy without the need for additional cardio or dieting. This is a very powerful combo and is 100% caffeine and stimulant free! For the time being, it’s safe to say Enduralean has cemented itself at the top of the stim-free fat burning market. If you don’t know InnovaPharm and HPScience by now, its time to jump on the bandwagon and get quality products, effective results, and customer satisfaction at affordable prices.



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