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Renaissance Periodization Review

renaissance periodization review

If you’re fairly serious about training, chances are you may have considered using a training or coaching service at some point. And if you’re an active user of a social media account, chances are you’ve seen hundreds or even thousands of individuals and companies offering their online coaching services. From training, to diets, to use of anabolic steroids, and everything in between, it seems that EVERYONE offers some sort of coaching service. With that being said, how many of those people or companies would you ACTUALLY TRUST? 1? Maybe 2 if they have top tier clients or a history of successful athletes? We’ll cut to the chase and talk to you about one of the most successful, science based, and informative companies we have EVER been lucky enough to work with.

Introducing Renaissance Periodization (RP), or as you may know them on social media, RPStrength. Renaissance Periodization, or RP as many refer to it, has a rich history in successful body transformations, improved health and wellness, science-backed diet and training programs, alongside a huge staff dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We’ll certainly dive into the specifics that RP has to offer, but their team has over 20+ individuals ranging from doctors, to professors, dietitians, world champion athletes, scientists and more! RP has the science, knowledge and resources to create programs capable of helping anybody, regardless of number of years training or prior experience. Renaissance Periodization was kind enough to send us a custom-made diet template complete with everything we needed to achieve some of our goals!

renaissance periodization review

Ready to hear more? Keep scrolling to find out all about Renaissance Periodization and our experience using their comprehensive diet program.

Who is Renaissance Periodization?

As their website states: “Renaissance Periodization was founded with the understanding that science is the surest path to truth, and in this field, to results”. RP was designed to help anyone looking to alter their physique, improve sports performance, improve overall health, and achieve their goals. Their method is unlike a lot of cookie cutter programs that most coaches or companies offer. Using formulas, calculations, literature reviews, and science backed studies, RP eliminates the “bro science” and one size fits all programs that are so often offered in today’s fitness industry. Check out this link to hear a little bit about RP straight from CEO Nick Shaw!

renaissance periodization review

So, sure RP uses science, calculations, and individualized programing with everything they do, but who is this team that creates so much success? In short, RP has thirty (30!) individuals on their staff dedicated to create the perfect program for any individual looking to change their life. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that these 30 “individuals” are actually comprised of:

20 PhDs 7 Registered Dietitians 4 Professors 2 World Champion athletes 2 Research Scientists 1 Practicing Medical doctor 1 Head D1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

4 College level sports coaches

Talk about having members from every possible facet of the health and fitness world!

Not only does RP have the knowledge to back up their programming, but they have the athletes and coaches who have lived and used the system for years! You wouldn’t take diet advice from someone stuffing their face with pizza, or training advice from someone barely able to bench the bar, so why settle for programming from a company that doesn’t use the best brains and brawn in the biz?

We’re convinced that Renaissance Periodization has the most comprehensive team of specialists in the entire fitness industry.

What do they offer?

Maybe the easier question to answer would be, what don’t they offer? Renaissance Periodization offers a ton of different services and some awesome apparel on their website.

Here’s a relatively abbreviated list of what RP has available. ( check out for the full list of available services and apparel!)

• Memberships: Monthly or annual memberships that are both very affordable and informative. Memberships allow you to be totally included in everything RP has to offer. Things such as forums, webinar, blog posts, direct connection with RP team members, and so much more!

• Templates: RP has over 20 available templates that will cover literally anything you want to achieve. They offer flexible dieting templates for men and women, bulking or cutting phase templates, vegan templates, and specialized diet info such as night time hunger or clean eating! With regards to training, they offer specific men’s and women’s templates for physique athletes, bodybuilders, Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, hypertrophy or strength specific, full Macrocycle templates and so much more! Renaissance periodization has such a complete training package, you won’t ever have to worry about exercise selection in training again!

• Coaching Packages: While templates are extremely informative (which we will explain later) RP offers coaching packages that allow you to work 1-on-1 with a coach OF YOUR CHOICE! That’s correct, you can actually pick the coach you want to work with throughout your program. These coaching packages are designed anyway that you want; you can work with a coach to bulk up, slim down, increase muscle mass, or just improve your overall health and well-being. The services offered by RP are completely up to the YOU, the consumer. Just another way RP caters to their ever-growing consumer group.

• E-Books: RP’s E-book selection is vast, and again covers just about anything you could think of that is fitness related. These are different from templates, although, there are templates that you can purchase for dieting or training. RP offers various cookbooks, guides about proper nutrition, training, scientific principals about strength and hypertrophy, recovery, training specific to men and women and more! Each E-book is tailored to a specific goal and envelops the athlete as a whole, not just focusing on one part of your lifestyle.

• Apparel: Last but not least, RP apparel is some of the most comfortable clothing you can own. RP offers men’s, women’s and unisex apparel, as well as some hats, beanies, shaker cups and more in their store. We recommend checking out the apparel if you are looking for comfortable clothing you can wear in the gym or on your leisure time.

Our Sample program:

As we mentioned right off the bat, we were able to get our hands on one of their diet templates set up specifically for one of our reviewers. With respect to Renaissance Periodization, we aren’t going to give all the shiny details, but we will tell you everything you are getting and should expect when ordering up a template for yourself (we promise its worth it!). There were 4 PDF’s sent to us, each with important information and guides letting us know exactly how to go about using the template. Keep reading below to see what each packet entailed and how you can use it to get the most out of the program.

renaissance periodization review

The Diet itself: We chose a cutting diet package designed specifically for weight loss. The diet program is more comprehensive and includes more tips than we would even think of to begin with! The 9 page diet plan came with a page full of quick tips and youtube links that answer basically any questions you may have when starting the diet. Next, page 2 was a complete sample serving size guide that shows you roughly what X-amount of carbs, fat, and protein look like with comparisons. Obviously measuring and weighing is going to be the most effective way to go about dieting, but this isn’t always possible or easy. A quick reference sheet like this is perfect for beginning dieters or those who have a busy lifestyle and might always be on the go. Next, we received 3-4 months, almost 12 full weeks of dieting complete with possible food selections, measurements, timing, and macronutrient breakdowns. The diet plan itself has different cycles each week which pay attention to daily activities, training intensity, type of workouts, and more. This diet plan is also extremely flexible with the types of foods you eat and although it gives recommendations, there are guides included that justify how you can adapt and make changes. RP knows that not everyone’s diet can be perfect all the time, but with this program, you will be as close as you can get!

Diet FAQ: The second packet we received was a complete 23-page diet FAQ sheet. This sheet covered basic measurements, macronutrients, how to substitute foods, protein, carb, and fat questions, vegetable, hydration, meal timing, and anything else you could possibly think of! The FAQ guide also contains a lot of nifty hints and tricks such as what to do when missing a meal, proper cooking, potential allergy risks, and more. This FAQ sheet even covered some topics we never thought of when approaching a diet. Again, the RP system is so complete, youll never need to follow another diet plan again!

renaissance periodization review

Template Instruction Guide: The template instruction guide is just that, a guide to help you understand how to use the template and how to make changes while going from week to week. Your diet plan is going to look different than anyone else’s so it is important to make sure you are following the guide that is tailored to your goals. This guide also talks specifically about making changes to your diet as your goals change. For instance, our plan template gives us the entire rundown for cutting, but if we decide to start bulking when we are finished, or want to focus on a maintenance phase, it guides us through those phases and ensures a smooth transition. This packet is about as close as you can get to 1-on-1 coaching without actually needing to purchase it. This also covers a lot of questions you may have while dieting, such as what amount of weight you should be losing per week, and how to adapt the program if you seem to be losing weight faster than estimated or you’ve hit a plateau.

Workout Information: The last, but not least important packet was with regards to determining the rate of your workouts. The reason this aspect is so important to the diet itself is its ability to adjust your diet so that you are able to be at your peak for every single workout. This also allows you to refuel and rehydrate properly after your workout based on the intensity. While workout intensity is subjective, RP offers a descriptive system that allows you to closely monitor workouts and easily determine how to adjust your nutrition accordingly.

Price and our thoughts?

One of the best things about Renaissance Periodization is they do not have a one-price-for all service. Every single program, template, and Ebook is unique and has a different price tag attached to it. With that being said, we can get you a sweet deal as always by using code RPX10 at checkout to get you 10% off ALL templates and E-books.

renaissance periodization review

We definitely recommend you hop on this deal ASAP and try their programs if you’re looking to change your life and health for the better.

To say RP is comprehensive is a huge understatement, regardless of what service you are looking to get into. On week 3 of our program, our user has lost 4.2lbs and retained all of their strength during the program. The diet program is one of the easiest programs we have ever followed and most importantly, it is super flexible and guilt free. That’s right, RP also considers the inevitable party or alcoholic beverage and how to track that against your diet. While it isn’t always recommend for the most serious athletes, RP understands that everyone is a little different and enjoying yourself is important to your mental health sometimes!

Without a doubt, Renaissance Peridoization is a company we will continue to use ourselves as well as recommend to family and friends. Their programming and services were leaps and bounds more impressive than we could have ever imagined. Even the sample templates are extremely informative, full of help, and are better than many of the 1-on-1 coaching programs offered by companies and former athletes. The science, calculations, and performance aspects that are considered for their diet and training programs are second to none and its no wonder so many people have had such success utilizing the RP systems.

Head over to and check out the results of just a “few” of those athletes. Or check out one of their multiple social media accounts for daily posts about individuals seeing success with their programs. Whether you’relooking to improve your physique for beach season, needing help with contest prep for that bodybuilding competition, or just looking for a little boost in getting healthier and improving your overall well-being, Renaissance Periodization has a program for you. Let science get you stronger, faster, and healthier with Renaissance Periodization.



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