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Primeval Labs Primavar Review

There’s never a shortage in the supplement market of “Natural Anabolics” that claim to give you huge increases in size and strength while keeping you lean, and with no side effects. Unfortunately, many of these supplement claims stop right at the label! As of recent, we have reviewed a few natural anabolic compounds that we see as beneficial, and although some of them don’t have a ton of data backing them, there is a lot of anecdotal feedback documenting their efficacy. One of those ingredients can be found in Primeval Labs natural strength and mass enhancer, Primavar.

primeval labs primavar review

Primavar is a simple supplement (formula wise), consisting of only one ingredient, the natural anabolic powerhouse, 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin, or Laxogenin for short. This is an ingredient we have reviewed in the past, but never ran it as just a standalone with no other ingredients added on. We decided to take Primavar for a month while using the dosage listed on the label with no additional changes to our diet and supplement regimen to see how Laxogenin affects us. Some users swear by it while others experience hit or miss results; but what did we see? Keep reading below to find out our thoughts about Primeval Labs’ Primavar, as well as to learn a little bit more about the natural anabolic compound, 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin.

What is Laxogenin?

Although we have reviewed Laxogenin before, we will give you a quick run down of what it is, and where it comes from! Laxogenin is a “steroidal saponin” derived from a species of plant called Smilax Sieboldii. Yes, you read that correct, STEROIDAL however it is not the same type of anabolic steroids you might be thinking about. Laxogenin works in a way that can feel similar to anabolic steroids, just on a much more subtle level. For instance, this compound has been known to provide many positive effects to body composition, strength, recovery, joint health and inflammation, and so much more.

Although research and scientific data isn’t as prominent as ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine, research has shown that many of these benefits are consistent among users. Where the scientific data may be lacking, the anecdotal evidence says that Laxogenin may possibly be one of the best natural anabolic compounds that is available on the market today. Studies have shown users reporting some of the following effects from dosages as low as just 50mg twice a day:

• Increased lean mass

• Adaptogen properties

• Improved recovery

• Lowering of inflammation and swelling

• Improved strength

• Improved thyroid functioning

• Reduced catabolism (especially in a caloric deficit)

• Improved Thyroid functioning

Laxogenin is great in that you don’t HAVE to cycle it, although it still is recommended. It is non-hormonal and does not require any sort of PCT (post cycle therapy) or ON-Cycle support as it is non liver toxic. Laxogenin is also extremely stackable and can be ran with numerous other supplements that can assist in your goals of gaining lean muscle. Look to incorporate Primavar into your regimen, especially if you’re using any type of:

• Protein Powders

• Creatine

• Amino Acids

• Pre-workout powders

• Natural Testosterone boosters

• Fat Burners

• Joint Health Products

primeval labs primavar review

How do you dose it for best results?

Studies have shown that Laxogenin is best supplemented when you spread the dosage throughout the day. In Primavar’s case, you’re getting 125mg of HIGH QUALITY Laxogenin per serving, and we used 2 capsules per day per the label suggestion. 250mg per day is one of the higher dosed Laxogenin products on the market which is what makes it so potent! We, as well as Primeval Labs recommend you spread these does out by 6-8 hours for optimal performance. We liked to take our first dose right away upon waking or with breakfast and if you’re like us and work out in the afternoon, take that second dosage near your workout time. As long as the 2 capsules have been spread out, you are in great shape! Many of the positive benefits happen over time and are not something you see immediately which is why continuous dosing is so important to the success of Primavar!

Price Point?

As expected, Primavar does carry a hefty price tag based on all the benefits and performance enhancers that accompany it. When you head over to you'll find Primavar for $64.99. HOWEVER, using the code MA30 will get you 30% off your entire order, making this anabolic powerhouse much more affordable for everyone!

primeval labs primavar review

What did we think about Primavar?

We were big time responders to Primavar’s effects. We have loved Laxogenin in the past but never had the opportunity to use it as a standalone which makes it difficult to test the ingredients of a product, rather than the effects or supplement as a whole. Laxogenin did have some certain effects that were more profound than others. Check the list below for what we noticed during our month long run with Primavar:

• Improved recovery- Both between lifting sessions and towards the 1 month mark we experienced better work efficiency during lifts.

• Improved Endurance- Longer gym sessions were possible over our Month-long run

• Increased strength- While we didn’t test out 1RM’s during our run, we certainly noticed that we were able to use heavier weight for more reps and more sets

• Reduced Inflammation- While DOMS were still present, joints felt better than usual over this last month with no major change to our exercise scheme while also lifting heavier

• Improved body composition- We noticed an average of 4lbs lost while looking more muscular using the mirror test.

• Increased Hunger- While this may not have been a direct result of the Primavar, we noticed increased appetite over during our run. This may have been a direct result to the improved recovery aspect we noticed.

So, while the data isn’t all concrete on the effectiveness of Laxogenin, we will continue to stand behind our experience and tell you that Primavar is the real deal. Our suggestion is that Laxogenin, specifically Primavar is something that any serious athlete should try. If you’re looking to take your training, recovery, and body composition to the next level, Primavar is the perfect supplement to fit your goals. If you’re looking to lean up, get stronger, and get that hardened dense look, then Primeval Labs’ Primavar is going to be your go-to. We would like to thank Primeval Labs for sending us out a product of this magnitude to try. We can say without a doubt that Primavar far exceeded expectations and that Laxogenin needs to be in your supplement repertoire. Continue to stay tuned as we take on a few other Primeval Labs products in the near future.



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