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Purus Labs Ketofeed Review

puru labs ketofeed review

The Ketogenic diet has quickly become the plan of choice for most individuals looking to drop weight while still being able to indulge in things they otherwise couldn’t on a low fat diet. Even though the diet may seem more convenient to some than others, supplementation isn’t always the easiest. During ketosis, the last thing you want is to ingest carbohydrates of any kind, especially sugars, or anything that may spike glycogen and insulin levels in the blood. This often means that individuals on a ketogenic diet will not consume a regular low fat high protein shake post workout because yes, protein can be converted to glucose via a process called gluconeogenesis. At other times of the day, if you’re looking for a meal in a pinch, a regular protein shake just won’t cut it either. This was the exact reason that Purus Labs created KetoFeed, the ketogenic formulated protein shake that can be used after the gym, during the day, or just about any time!

KetoFeed is unlike other proteins on the market in that it was designed to help you fuel your body with high quality fats and protein, while omitting any carbohydrates or sugars. As if the macronutrients didn’t look good enough, the flavor is unbelievable as well! We had the chance to try out one of the two flavors that Purus Labs offers with their Keto Feed product, Salted Vanilla Caramel. This product was one that we looked forward to reviewing for quite some time due to many of us at Modern Athletic Health Following the Ketogenic Diet approach. We planned on being extra critical with this review but picking apart great products certainly is tough. Keep scrolling to get the low-down on this phenomenally designed (and flavored) ketogenic-based protein powder, Ketofeed.

Mixability and Flavor:

As we mentioned in the intro, we had the opportunity to try the Salted Vanilla Caramel flavor, however they offer a Samoa Chocolate Cream flavor that sounds absolutely amazing as well! First off, Keto Feed is without a doubt one of the best, if not THE best mixing protein powders we have ever used. We used this strictly in 8-12 oz of water and it nearly dissolved by itself in the liquid. Throw a scoop in, shake it a few times and BOOM it is completely mixed. Mixability also passed the spoon and glass test, mixing almost completely smooth with only a few seconds of mixing. For as high as the fat content is in this product, we were absolutely shocked at the lack of clumping or chunks found in both the shaker and stir test. Mixing this with coffee or blending it up in with ice to make a “Frappuccino” makes this the most versatile ketogenic protein powder on the market!

The Salted Vanilla Caramel flavor was hands down the best caramel based flavor we have ever tasted in our existence at Modern Athletic Health. The flavor does not come on too strong or have a fake chemically flavor. It tastes and shares the same consistency as drinking your favorite salted caramel coffee creamer! The flavoring of Keto Feed is so great, we would venture to say that it puts those expensive coffee drinks to shame. We are already looking into trying the Samoa Chocolate Crème flavor, because if it is even half as good as the Salted Vanilla Caramel, Purus Labs has created another winner.

Nutrition Label: The nutrition label and ingredients used to formulate Keto Feed are what separate it from your basic run-of-the-mill protein powder. Let's take a look at the supplement facts to see why Keto Feed has the perfect design to provide you with much needed fuel any time of the day! The very first thing you probably notice is the 10g of fat right at the top of the of the nutrition facts. Those 10g of fat are coming from medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which have been studied and shown to have numerous positive effects on both your body and mind! MCT’s, rather than being stored as fat tissue, are utilized immediately as energy. MCT’s have also been shown to enhance thermogenesis, provide satiety, and have neuroprotective properties by raising levels of ketones in your brains! This can help clear up “brain fog” and improve mental clarity, focus, attention, and even memory. This is also important for those of us on a ketogenic diet as it helps to nourish fat stores that were used post workout, as well as balance out your fat/protein ratio. As we mentioned above, having a large protein shake post workout can spike insulin because of the large amount of BCAA’s included. The combinations of whey protein in conjunction of MCT’s slow the digestion rate and prevent that spiking of insulin post workout!

purus labs ketofeed review

As you continue looking down the nutrition label, you’ll notice that there is absolutely 0g of carbs and 0g of sugars. Keto Feed uses other ingredients besides sugars to provide you with a delicious flavor without the excess calories.

Next you will notice 20g of protein per scoop, coming from whey protein isolate, one of the cleanest forms of protein powder available. As we already know, consuming whey post workout or when we are protein deficient is necessary for building lean muscle and preserving our hard-earned muscle mass. 20g of protein per scoop and 10g of fat provide a great 2:1 ratio that those following a ketogenic diet will appreciate.

Lastly, as you continue looking down the list, you’ll see that Purus labs added important minerals and electrolytes such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride into Keto Feed. These minerals and electrolytes will help your body to function properly and provide support to those of us who may not consume adequate amounts of those minerals every day. For those of you who have tried Keto, you know how important consuming adequate amounts of electrolytes is. This is why we applaud Purus Labs for the addition of these minerals and showing the careful attention to detail that consumers deserve.

Price Point: When we heard that Purus Labs was releasing a specialty product like Keto Feed, that the price tag would be hefty. In fact, many of the other ketogenic based protein powders on the market today are around $50 or more for under 20 servings! Purus Labs however, made Keto Feed much more affordable than the competitors.

If you head over to right now you will see that a 15 serving tub runs you about $34.95. Although that may seem pricy, we have the discount code as always to bring your total down below $30. Enter code MODERN20 at the checkout and receive 20% off your entire purchase, which would bring your Keto Feed down to about $28 per tub! For the quality of product, the flavor, and the versatility that Keto Feed gives us, that is a crazy good deal!

purus labs ketofeed review

Our Thoughts:

We really did try to pick apart Keto Feed the best that we could but Purus Labs has made an outstanding product from top to bottom. This protein’s flavor is second to none and we are hoping to drop you guys a Samoa Chocolate Crème flavor review in the near future as well! It’s rich and smooth taste make it the perfect powder to be put in coffee, blended with ice, or thrown into baked goods to add a protein kick and a boost of flavor. The price is EXTREMELY competitive compared to other ketogenic based protein powders and Purus Labs quality approach to supplements puts them over the top. We absolutely loved Keto Feed and the idea of a protein supplement for those of us following a ketogenic diet. We would love to give a big thank you to Purus Labs for not only providing us with one of the best tasting protein powders on the market today, but also showing us that protein shakes on a ketogenic diet are feasible. If you follow a ketogenic approach or are just looking to add a more nutrient dense protein powder to your diet without the added sugar and processed junk, look no further than Purus Labs Keto Feed.



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