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MAN Sports Sweat Compound Review

With summer upon us, its time to make sure we are in top shape for all the fun outdoor and water events, vacations, etc. that we all plan for this time of year. As the stimmed up overpriced and overhyped “fat burners” come flying off the shelf to assist with continued fat loss, we ask you to hold on just one second and think about a new product that can make a big impact on your physique goals. Introducing MAN Sports Sweat Compound, the ultimate cardio and workout enhancer.

Sweat compound is a stimulant free weight loss enhancer that can be stacked with any of your favorite fat burners to give you a boost without feeling jittery, or over-stimulated. Sweat Compound is a simple product, with just two ingredients, and a couple big goals in mind. The first goal is to improve the production of L-Carnitine in the body which is a key precursor to the oxidation of fatty acids. The second goal is easy; to help you sweat and rid the body of additional toxins! We had the chance to test out Sweat Compound alone before stacking it with other fat burners just to see what type of affects you can expect from this type of product. Keep scrolling to find out how Sweat Compound works, and how our experience went!

What is Sweat Compound?

Sweat compound is a cardio and workout enhancer, designed to improve the mobilization of fatty acids to be burned, and increase sweating during workouts. The key ingredient Lean GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCL) works by increasing the body’s natural ability to produce carnitine. When carnitine is abundant in the body, fatty acids are oxidized and burned creating the “fat burning” effect that many carnitine products claim. Sweat Compound can also, as the name suggests, make you sweat like crazy during your workouts. Sweating during your workouts, whether it’s just a few droplets off your head, or enough to wring out your shirt, is healthy. Let’s face it, we have all seen someone at the gym that can sweat themselves into a new shirt by the end of their workout. This isn’t a bad thing at all; sweating helps regulate body temperature and most importantly, can help you expel toxins and improve proper immune system functioning. Many studies have shown the benefits of sitting in saunas after workouts to warm the body up and induce sweating among other things. While it can be embarrassing when you aren’t working out, don’t sweat it (ha-ha!) if you’re extra wet after your workouts!

Ingredients: Its important to remember that even though Sweat Compound is labeled as a fat burner, it is not the full spectrum type of fat burner you may see on the market today. The small ingredient list is designed to specifically do 2 things; increase sweat and improve the body’s ability to increase carnitine production to improve fatty acid oxidation. But how?

Lean GBB-25mg: As we mentioned above, the main ingredient in Sweat Compound is Lean GBB. Studies have shown that supplementing with Lean GBB can naturally increase your bodies production of L-Carnitine. Lean GBB is a precursor to carnitine and has been shown in studies to increase carnitine concentration and it can be used as a treatment for carnitine deficiency syndromes. Some studies also suggest that Lean GBB has been shown to increase nitric oxide concentrations as well. This makes Sweat Compound a promising vasodilator and could possibly improve pumps and increase uptake of nutrients from the blood stream to muscles post workout. At a dose of 25mg, Lean GBB shows benefits outside the gym, possibly increasing recovery, reducing rest periods, and increasing workout performance through its L-carnitine precursor abilities. Not to mention Lean GBB has been shown in all of its studies to be non-toxic and safe for prolonged use.

BioPerine-5mg: Bioperine is the industries HOTTEST (more puns, we know) ingredient to improve uptake and transport of nutrients through the blood stream. BioPerine has been shown to enhance the uptake and bioavailability of different ingredients by up to 30%! BioPerine is an all-natural ingredient, derived from pepper, and can also provide a thermogenic effect. Bioperine also modulates metabolizing enzymes along side its nutrient uptake and thermogenic effects.

Price: As always with MAN Sports, we like to hook our readers up with a discount code when ordering through their website. When you use the code MAH20, you’ll get an additional 20% off your whole purchase, bringing Sweat Compound from $34.99, down to around $28. While it may seem a little pricy as a supplement you would want use with other fat burners to make the ultimate fat burning stack, it’s abilities as a carnitine precursor and thermogenic enhancer are definitely strong and worth the money.

Our Thoughts: One thing is for certain, their claims of “making you sweat like crazy” were definitely right! Within 15 minutes of taking before our workout we were already noticing its sweat potentiating effects. As far as the carnitine precursor abilities, this is something we cannot verify without blood work and other tests, but we did notice that it does enhance cardiovascular endurance, and longer sets during weight training felt easier. We feel this is a direct product of Sweat Compound given that all other supplementation, training, and eating stayed the same during our tests. We recommend because of the increased sweating that you do monitor your water intake and drink a little more than usual to deter any type of dehydration effects that come with thermogenic. We feel this product may also be helpful if you are an athlete who is looking to drop water weight to make a weight class of some sort. Whether its wresting, Olympic lifting, power lifting, or body building, rather than taking over the counter diuretics and wrapping yourself in garbage bags or sauna suits, let Sweat Compound help you out.

We see promise in Sweat Compound for a variety of uses and goals, any time of year. While this product may not be for everyone and may not necessarily apply to everyones fitness goals, it does have value in many supplement stacks and its benefits are clear from the first dosage. Sweat Compound is best used 30-60 minutes prior to your workout or cardio session and stacks perfectly with products like Scorch, CLA Powder, L-Carnitine 1500, Yohimbine and REM PM.

We think MAN Sports did a great job creating a product that is so easily stackable with other ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Head over to MAN Sports website today and get your hands on this HOT new product, Sweat Compound.



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