Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Review

Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Review

In an industry that is FULL of BCAA products, it seems that EAA’s have gotten lost in the mix. While BCAA’s do have their place, especially in protein deficient individuals or those looking to increase their daily protein intake, the claims that come along with BCAA based products aren’t what they appear to be. Their main use is to act as a muscle sparer during workouts and prevent muscle burning, or catabolism. Your body can synthesize the 3 components of BCAA’s naturally, so although they can be helpful, supplementing isn’t always necessary. On the other hand, EAA’s are NOT synthesized by our bodies and because all amino acids are the building blocks of protein, if you are not getting enough EAA’s in your diet, you wont build all of that precious muscle you’ve been striving for. Finally, we have been able to get out hands on an amino acid product that tastes great, is affordable, and contains BCAA’s, EAA’s and a few other patented goodies to help optimize gym performance, improve recovery, and build muscle.

We would like to introduce to you Iron Brothers Supplements BCAA/EAA Formula.

Iron Brothers Supplements is a company that is all-in when it comes to creating top quality products at affordable prices. Their supplement line has recently expanded and they have 10+ supplements on the market today alongside some accessories and apparel offerings as well. We’ve been able to use their BCAA/EAA Formula for a while now and are ready to break down this Amino Acid product for you!

Keep reading below to find out what puts Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Formula in a league of its own!

Flavor: Iron Brothers made this aspect simple for us to review by only offering one flavor of the amino formula; Fruit Burst. The flavor itself is very tasty, but hard to describe. It tastes almost like a handful Starburst Jelly Beans mixed in with a bunch of different flavored Airhead’s! Its flavor is sweet at first and then gets slightly sour. It does have a very “candy-esque” taste without the harmful damage to your teeth or diet. We also tried this as a snow cone and ice cubes, which turned out amazing. Iron Brothers’ BCAA/EAA Formula is a game changer in that it actually makes a tasty frozen treat as well, making this one of of the most versatile amino acid products we have tried recently.

Mixability: The mixability of this product is actually above average for an amino acid product. Usually we mix the standard 12-20oz of water and get decent a decent mix with a few floating particles and some foam. This product actually had little to no noticeable foam and mixed very smooth. One thing that was definitely noticeable for us was not having to vigorously shake our bottle to make sure it wasn’t gritty before taking a sip. When using this as a frozen treat or flavored ice cubes, there was again, no gritty texture and mixed smooth. We would love to try this as an amino acid-based Jell-O that would work perfectly as an intra workout treat or post workout/in between meals snack. Iron Brothers nailed mixability with this product and solidified its spot as one of the best tasting and mixing amino acid products we have tried.

Ingredient Profile: Being that it is an amino acid complex product, we won’t go into the boring details about each amino acid and all of the benefits included, rather we will hit you with some facts about each benefit included on the nutrition label.

Let’s dive into what sets this BCAA/EAA Formula apart from others.

Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Review

Electrolyte Complex: You’ll notice right at the top that the formula contains a small amount of sodium, potassium, and chloride. While the amounts are far below your daily recommended value, the important aspect is that it contains some key electrolytes that will help to keep you hydrated during your workout. Any number of electrolytes can play a key role in ensuring proper muscle functioning, muscle contractions, reduced risk for cramps, and other important factors. This is just one reason that Iron Brothers Formula is a more complete amino acid formula.

Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Review

BCAA’s-5g: The first real ingredient listed is 5,000mg’s of BCAA’s in a classic, scientifically backed 2:1:1 ratio in the patented Instamino’s form. This patented form of branched-chain amino acids limit muscle breakdown and improve the muscle’s ability to repair itself after exercise, safely reducing the time between workouts. While you won’t notice the “extreme muscle growth and size” that so many products falsely claim, you may notice improved recovery and less soreness with the 5 grams of Instamino’s added in.

Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Review

Carb10 -5g: Carb 10 is not just your basic carbohydrate or sugar laced carb to help give you energy during your workout. Carb10 is a low-glycemic carbohydrate that provides a scientifically backed 82% lower insulin response and 27% lower blood sugar response than maltodextrin-based carbohydrates. Carb10 is a “clean carb” designed to provide you with intra workout energy without the blood sugar spike and crash that leaves you feeling lethargic and tired during your workout. Carb10 was also designed to eliminate any type of digestive discomfort that some experience from high “carb-loading” before their workouts. The 5g of Carb10 included in this comprehensive formula will give you bonus energy during your workout without feeling weighed down like a sport drink may leave you feeling.

The small amount of carbohydrate also means that this product is Ketogenic friendly for those following a ketogenic diet!

D-Ribose-500mg: Next we see the addition of D-Ribose which provides an energy and power boost to this product. Studies have shown that D-Ribose plays a key role in enhancing endurance and prolonged physical exercise because of its ability to synthesize the components of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is your body’s main source of energy and without it, we would not be able to function. This makes D-Ribose a huge addition to this intra workout complex and adds a big time boost to individuals who partake in longer bouts of exercise or endurance-based workouts!

EAA Complex-820mg: Rounding out the rest of the ingredients is the EAA complex complete with 6 different EAA’s. As we stated above, BCAA’s have their place in your diet but without adding additional EAA’s whether its from food or supplements, you are not getting a full spectrum of proteins. The added amounts of EAA’s can improve recovery, help to build muscle tissue, reduce soreness and post workout DOMS, and can directly lead to increased strength and performance. We are impressed that Iron Brothers decided to create a product using both BCAA’s and EAA’s in order to create a comprehensive amino acid based intra workout product.

Price Point: While BCAA products are generally fairly cheap, often being between the $15-$25 dollar range, EAA products are often just the opposite; expensive and under dosed. Finding a complete BCAA/EAA product is rather difficult and usually very expensive as well! However, we recommend you head over to AMAZON where you will find a full 30 serving tub for $25.97, which in itself is an outstanding deal! But we can do a little better than that… Enter code IRONBR15 at checkout to get an additional 15% off your order of ANY and ALL Iron Brothers Supplements! That brings a full serving tub of this awesome intra workout product to just $22.07... this is a STEAL and makes this a must have intra workout product that you NEED to try!

Iron Brothers BCAA/EAA Review

Our Thoughts: After some extended time using the BCAA/EAA Formula, we noticed improved recovery, improved workouts, reduced recovery item DURING the workouts, and most importantly, happy taste buds. This comprehensive intra-workout product is so versatile that it can be used as more than just a workout beverage and could be used in delicious cold snacks and treats to help you cool down in this summer heat. The flavor is great and the mixability allows for you to actually enjoy your amino acids without the bitter aftertaste and gritty texture. Iron Brothers Supplements vision was to create top notch products with unprecedented quality at an affordable price, and they delivered. In case we forgot to mention, Iron Bro’s products are made in the U.S.A in an FDA and GMP certified facility and made with Non-GMO ingredients. Couple that with their use of patented and scientifically backed ingredients and you’re in for one heck of a quality product. As always, we want to give a big thank you to Iron Brothers Supplements for allowing us to try their comprehensive intra workout formula. We can’t wait to see if they release new flavors in the future and have already picked up a few extra tubs for our own stash! Keep your eyes peeled for more of their products including our review of their new pre-workout product in the near future!

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