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Peformax Labs OxyMax Fat Burner Review

performax labs oxymax review

Just when you thought it was too late to get in beach shape for the summer, Performax Labs releases another product designed to help you achieve all of your goals. That product is called OxyMax, and while it won’t do all the work for you, we can certainly guarantee it will speed up the fat loss process. Rapidly.

Performax Labs OxyMax is a thermogenic fat burner designed to give you long lasting and clean energy, crazy appetite suppression, cognitive enhancement, and much more.

OxyMax was designed with the serious athlete in mind who is looking to do more than just shred up for the summer. This fat burner packs a serious punch in the fat loss AND training performance category. Many fat burners load up on caffeine and thermogenics while OxyMax loads up on clinically tested ingredients designed to accomplish more than just ramping up your heart rate.

We had the opportunity to test out OxyMax to determine if it was effective in all the areas it promised! Keep reading below to find out our take on Performax Labs thermogenic fat burner, OxyMax.

Ingredients: With 10 different ingredients naming up OxyMax, it’s important to know which ingredient is going to give you which effect. If you’re like us and include other supplements in your regimen, check out the ingredient list below to find out how certain components of OxyMax may work synergistically with other supplements!

performax labs oxymax review

Caffeine Anhydrous: 250mg- The King of sport supplements everywhere!

Caffeine has been shown to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, increase power output, increase strength, enhance cognitive functioning, and so much more. OxyMax packs 250mg of caffeine into one capsule and is a key synergistic ingredient that works well with other ingredients in OxyMax, as well as other ingredients in other products!

Eria Jarensis Extract: 150mg- Eria Jarensis is a hot ingredient on the supplement market as of late because of its ability to possess similar properties to ephedrine and DMAA. Eria J. provides a host of benefits for both body and mind. Eria possess stimulant properties, along with fat burning properties while also having a strong nootropic (mood boosting) effect. Users have experienced improved sense of well-being, memory improvement, motivation increase, and feelings of happiness or euphoria with prolonged use of Eria Jarensis. When combined with an ingredient like caffeine, it helps to elongate the caffeine potency to create a 6-8 long hour energy boost that provides you with clean, jitter-free energy. It works well with other stimulants and nootropic-like ingredients.

B-Phenylethylamine HCL: 125mg- B-Phenylethylamine is another nootropic-like ingredient that helps to increase several brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Improving these gives you a further increase in cognition, improved sense of well-being, happiness, and motivation. Those who supplement with this ingredient have also noticed increased focus and clean energy feelings. When combined with caffeine and Eria Jarensis, this ingredient can provide you with the razor-sharp focus you need to get things done both in and out of the gym.

Hordeum Vulgare: 50mg- Or as you may know it as, Hordenine, is an ingredient thought to increase fat-burning effects. Studies have shown that hordenine can produce both fat burning and stimulant effects, while also providing some nootropic effects. These effects include improved focus, increased thermogenesis, improved alertness, weight loss, and appetite suppression. Hordenine works well with other stimulants as well, working synergistically to increase the potency of their effects. While more studies are needed to be conducted to test the efficacy of Hordenine, it shows a lot of promise in the realm of weight loss supplements.

Paradoxine: 40mg- Paradoxine, or the Grains of Paradise plant, is another hot ingredient on the market, touted for its ability to improve metabolic rate and controlling fat mass. Current studies have also shown that it may contain aphrodisiac and testosterone boosting properties, although this is not its main purpose. Using Paradoxine alongside caffeine or other stimulants help to increase its fat burning ability by prolonging the effects, leading to an all-day metabolism boost and fat burning environment. Paradoxine is another ingredient that is currently being used for numerous studies to show just how beneficial its fat burning properties can be.

Nelumbo Nucifera: 25mg- Also known as Higenamine, this ingredient has been known for its fat-burning properties and sharing similar mechanisms as ephedrine. Higenamine has been known to dilate the bronchial tubes as well as act as a vasodilator to increase blood flow. Supplementing with Higenamine has shown many of the same effects as supplementing with ephedrine but much safer. Many studies have shown that you can use up to 50mg/kg of body weight with no short-term harm although no long-term studies have been conducted. Higenamine is an ingredient many enjoy using in their fat burning stack because of its ability to speed up metabolic rate without negative side effects.

Coleus Forskohli 95%: 25mg- Coleus Forskohli is an ingredient that has been on the market for a while now that has been known to increase testosterone as well as lower inflammation and increase fat loss. It also has been shown to work synergistically with other fat burning ingredients by improving the effects of those ingredients that it is taken with. Studies have shown that in doses as little as 10mg with 100% extraction, weight loss and specifically fat loss has been seen over the course of an 8-week trial. Coleus also showed an overall decrease in BMI between 2.38 and 2/6% over the course of that study as well.

Fucoxanthin: 8mg- Fucoxanthin is an interesting ingredient that has very few studies but shows a lot of fat burning promise. In its only human study, fucoxanthin was shown to provide a fat burning effect but takes anywhere from 5-16 weeks to reach its full benefit. It is stored in fat cells and remains there while inhibiting fat cell differentiation and proliferation (rapid reproduction). While there is not a lot of research done on this ingredient, the human study had shown that a dosage as small 5mg, taken along side dietary fat, can improve your metabolic rate up to 450kcal per day! That’s an additional 450 calories that your body burns, just supplementing with this ingredient!

Black Pepper Extract: 5mg- Black pepper extract is used because of its source of piperine. Piperine is added to many supplements because of its ability to prevent breakdown of other ingredients and improve absorption. Black pepper extract was added into OxyMax to improve the uptake of the rest of the ingredients while preventing breakdown in the stomach via stomach acid and other enzymes.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract: 2mg- A somewhat taboo ingredient because of its banishment in certain countries, Rauwolfia Vomitoria has been known to lower blood pressure and lower blood sugars in adults. It works similarly to bitter orange extract (synephrine) by reducing blood sugar levels following a meal. This ingredient is very potent so this small dosage is all you need for effectiveness.

Price Point:

As always, Performax Labs prices are great, even before the discounts! For a 60-capsule bottle, which we believe you can make last two months, you are looking at $44.99 before the discount on With our favorite discount code, PMAX20, you get 20% off your WHOLE order!

performax labs oxymax review

Our thoughts:

In our opinion, OxyMax has the hype, and the ingredients to back up its claims. Energy from OxyMax was just as advertised, smooth, clean, and jitter free. It doesn’t hit you out of the blue like other fat burners do and it was definitely long lasting. We would estimate that the energy lasted around 6-8 hours every day we used the product and didn’t leave us with a crash either. Cognitive enhancement with OxyMax was outstanding.

Mental clarity, improved memory, feelings of motivation, improved sense of well-being, and productivity were just some of the side effects we noted from OxyMax. In our opinion, we feel OxyMax provides better nootropic qualities than some of the primary nootropic products that are currently on the market! Thermogenesis was profound and we did notice an increase in sweating, feelings of warmth, and increased feelings of thirst that come along with thermogenics. As far as the fat burning goes, we all know by now that “fat burners” don’t help you to magically lose weight. However, OxyMax did help us to lose an average of 1.5-3 lbs per week during our usage, sticking to an unchanged diet, and exercise that we had been performing for months prior to supplementation. We noticed an increase in satiety and decrease in appetite throughout the day and also noticed that our food intake was reduced a bit. Rather than eating a few larger meals, OxyMax helped us to eat smaller meals a little more frequency because of the potent appetite suppression benefits. The best part about all of this is that OxyMax is non-habit forming, and upon completion of the product, we did not experience any type of effect withdrawals such as headaches that some stimulant products can leave you with.

We absolutely loved OxyMax; from the potency of the ingredients, to the small serving sizes, positive benefits, and awesome price point. We believe OxyMax is just what you need to improve your workout performance AND get you beach body ready with 1-2 capsules per day. Performax Labs has created another tremendous product, this time in the shape of a thermogenic fat burner. If you have yet to check out OxyMax or the rest of the Performax Labs line, we recommend you head over to their site ASAP and check it out. Remember to use the code PMAX20 to get 20% off your order! It’s time to start unleashing your potential and performing to your max with Performax Labs!



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