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Multiforce Alkalizing Multi Mineral Review

multiforce mineral review

Recently, Modern Athletic Health has been diving into some newer, lesser known products that really deserve attention. A couple of our most recent reviews have focused on supplements that improve overall health and well-being, rather than improving your pump in the gym or enhancing muscle protein synthesis post workout. This review of our newest find fits our health enhancing genre and provides a ridiculous amount of benefits both in and out of the gym.

Enter Multiforce, the alkalizing multi-mineral dietary supplement powder designed to maintain proper pH balance and improve your overall wellbeing.

Counter the Effects of Excess Acidity

You may have seen a lot of “pH balancing” waters in your local grocer and thought maybe it would benefit you in some way. The truth of the matter is, drinking something that contains a higher pH designed to “alkalize your body” is not necessarily going to work. The bottom line is, like any other acidic or alkaline food you consume, your stomach will either release more acid or less acid in order to maintain homeostasis in your stomach and body. If individuals experience negative side effects due to high levels of acid in their body, they really need the proper alkaline minerals flowing through their body rather than some slightly alkalized water. Multiforce multi-mineral powder is just that; a 7.5g serving of essential minerals designed to lower acidity in the body and help to relieve us from various health issues associated with excess acidity!

multiforce mineral review

We’re not ashamed to say we were a little skeptical at first because, honestly, can a mineral powder actually lead to a noticeable difference? Without spoiling the review, we were blown away once we realized the difference proper mineral supplementation can have on our everyday lives. In the short time we used Multiforce Alkalizing Mineral Powder, we experienced astounding changes in our daily health as well as our workouts, and even in our rest and recovery time. Keep reading below to find out more about Multiforce and our great experience with their alkalizing multi-mineral powder.

What is Multiorce?

Multiforce was designed to combat the typical western diet that generally lacks in fruits, vegetables, and organic foods, while often containing large quantities of sugar, processed foods, caffeine, and GMO filled products! Over time, these foods generate acid-forming chemicals in the body that in turn begin to make our bodies more acidic. Although the body has its own ways to counteract the acidity, it requires the ingestion of important minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus in the right quantities to balance it effectively. If your body cannot properly balance your pH levels, you may be at risk for:

• Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

• Acid reflux disease

• Kidney Stones

• Heartburn

• Chronic Fatigue

• Joint Pain

• Urinary infection

• And most importantly, for our athletes, increased lactic acid build-up from lengthy workouts!

With that in mind, the late Irma Schutte and Multiforce’s in-house pharmacist wanted to design a product that could combat the acidity and make a difference in our lives. Just like that, Multiforce powder was born in South Africa under the Alfred Vogel Brand because of its superior formulation and high-quality ingredients. Soon after, SA Natural Products realized that many other countries around the world would also benefit from a multi-mineral formulation and so it recently made its way to the United States where it has been shipped worldwide ever since! Multiforce is not just another multivitamin or mineral product, it is a 100% natural, gluten-free, and vegetarian friendly supplement designed to help your body re-calibrate its pH balance so you can feel your best all day, every day!

Benefits and how does it work?

We managed to touch on a lot of negatives that come about from high acid diets or effects caused from too much acid in the body, but we never really told you about the positive benefits you may experience while using Multiforce. Check the list below to see just a few positives that come along with Multiforce supplementation:

  • Elimination of heart burn and chronic acid reflux

  • Reduced lactic acid build up during exercise

  • Reduce stomach discomfort after ingestion of certain foods

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Reduction of cramps and muscle spasms

  • Improvement of natural energy/decreased fatigue

  • Many more!

In our few weeks that we have been supplementing with Multiforce, the biggest benefits that stand out are improved sleep quality, improved exercise capacity, and reduction of muscle cramps! While the other benefits were evident, these 3 seemed to be the most noticeable. We noticed sleeping through the night was much easier and we experienced fewer instances where we woke up. Upon waking we felt refreshed, not groggy, and lethargy seemed to be eliminated after just 1 WEEK of use. With regards to improved exercise capacity and muscle cramps, this stuff is amazing! We don’t always drink enough water before, during, and after training. We get the occasional muscle cramp which can go away with a few minutes of stretching, however exercise performance has improved dramatically. Workouts have been longer, cardio has been enhanced, pumps, energy, and endurance has increased, and we’ve noticed we don’t “feel the burn” as often. The clinically-proven minerals within Multiforce help your body to get back to a less acidic state resulting in all of the above benefits!


If you take a look at the ingredient label, you may think to yourself, what’s the big deal, they’re just minerals! While this may be true, they are clinically-tested dosages in unique forms of each mineral. Not only this but Multiforce also contains Stinging Nettle, an ingredient you may not want to touch in the wilderness but absolutely want in your diet! Stinging nettle has been used for years because of studies showing its powerful benefits. Multiple clinical trials have shown stinging nettle can improve circulation, detoxify the body, improve efficiency of metabolism, improve your immune system, and also has been shown to work synergistically with minerals to act as a diuretic to help excrete toxins throughout the body! This powerful combination of ingredients will help to rid your body of excess acid and help you to take back proper functioning of your body!

multiforce mineral review


Multiforce comes in 3 different flavors; Natural Lemon, Natural Mango (which we had the opportunity to sample), and unflavored. The natural mango flavor is about as close to eating a mango as we have ever tried. The taste is slightly tart, fairly sweet, but does not taste like a “synthetic” mango flavor. If you were to bite into a mango right now, the juicy flavor is exactly what Multiforce tastes like! The product is extremely refreshing in anywhere from 6-16 oz of water and can even be mixed into protein shakes and other beverages to enhance the flavor. The product mixes unbelievable well, almost mixing itself when poured into a bottle of water. A quick few shakes or stirs and its completely dissolved and color free! As if the product wasn’t great enough as it is, Multiforce does not use any artificial colors, flavors, or dyes in their products as well.

Price Point:

As if everything we mentioned wasn’t great enough, Multiforce is extremely affordable as well! Normally, they offer a 30-day supply on their website ( for $29.99. Only $1.00/serving! However, use code MAH20 at checkout to receive 20% off retail and bringing the total down to $23.99, and your price per serving to just under $0.78per day! We know we get excited about these deals pretty often but we already have the other two flavors on their way because this product is so effective!

multiforce mineral review

Our Thoughts:

Multiforce isn’t a “miracle product” but it’s something that ANYONE, athlete or not, can yield noticeable benefits from. Improving your mineral profile in your diet and restoring balance in your body is as, if not MORE important than any other thing you put into your body. The effects of high acid in your diet is both scary and dangerous. In as little as ONE week, you too could be feeling the difference that Multiforce Alkalizing Multi-Mineral Powder can make in your life. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just looking to get rid of that nasty heart burn; using a ketogenic diet approach or are 100% vegetarian, Multiforce can play a key role in enhancing your health. We suggest you head on over to the website, order up one of every flavor, and use code MAH20 at checkout to start improving your life. Reduce acid and start reaping the benefits today with Multiforce!



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