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Rapid Release Tech PRO2 Review


Your diet is in check, you always warm up, you’ve been getting proper sleep and you’re taking just about every supplement under the sun, but you are STILL experiencing aches and pains. You do some stretches and maybe foam roll a bit but it just isn’t cutting it. You think you can ignore it, maybe just get a massage, and train through it but months pass and now you are experiencing muscle strains and tears that keep you out of the gym for weeks or even months! If only you rolled out and stretched more frequently… or you had a tool you could use whenever you want to provide both fast and lasting relief to those aches and pains . Enter Rapid Release Tech, the company behind the Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) and one of the earliest adopters of high speed vibration tools to help heal ALL of your muscular and rehabilitation needs.

Before we dive into the product and how amazing it actually is, we will introduce you to the company, the science behind the Rapid Release Tools, and some case studies with evidence of its effectiveness.

We’re not here to tell you about the next greatest product in muscle relaxation and pain treatment, were here to tell you about the BEST tool you likely aren’t currently using to ensure you’re in peak physical condition.

Whether you’re seeking relief from that big leg day yesterday or looking to handle that nagging back pain, Rapid Release Tech can improve your quality of life today.

Who is Rapid Release Tech?

Rapid Release Therapy was founded by Dr. Stanley Stanbridge and co-founder Jeff Maier. Dr. Stanbridge had been a pioneer in the chiropractic world, starting in 1978 with an emphasis on non-surgical holistic healing. By the year 2000, Dr. Stanbridge had co-developed LightStim, a light therapy brand that focused on using visible and infrared light waves to relieve pain and with a different combination of light waves improve skin quality and texture. This turned into one of the largest selling light therapy device in the WORLD! Dr. Stanbridge also took interest in vibrational medicine and was one of the few who studied its effects and interactions with body tissues. He learned vibrational medicine provided relief to patients who experienced both muscle tension and pain and thus created Rapid Release Therapy. In 2010 he developed the first Rapid Release device and the rest is history. Now Rapid Release therapy is used all over the world by chiropractors, sports trainers and massage therapists alike. “I am brought to tears when I have the occasion to speak with a user of Rapid Release and they go on and on about how it has changed their life and the lives of their patients, family, friends; often the lives of people who were told there was no hope for a better life” says Stanbridge.

Jeff Maier, the co-founder and VP of sales and marketing for Rapid Release Tech has a slightly different background. Maier is an accomplished software engineer and Inventor who initially started his career writing “Flight Code” for Rockwell International Space Systems Division in 1981. He ties into the health and wellness industries through his creation of video games such as his virtual reality surfing and snowboarding simulators. We all know how much the world loves to use technology and Maier found a way to turn technology into a workout! As time went on, Maier decided that he needed a little more than just technology and engineering to keep him going. He hired a life coach and soon took an approach to inspire peace, love, and joy in individuals and committed his life to “ending suffering on the planet”. “I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but then I met Dr. Stanbridge and then the synchronicities started. It is amazing what the power of intention can do” says Maier.

This duo has worked together to take the health and wellness world by storm with their Rapid Release products. It is not often you see the CEO’s and VP’s of companies putting consumers quality of life before money. The duo of Stanbridge and Maier have completely invested their time and energy into eliminating pain from this world.

What are their products?

Now we move onto the fun stuff, their products! Rapid Release Tech offers two different Rapid Release tools that help to quickly release aches, pains, and stiffness, in as little as one use. The two different items they offer are for chiropractic and personal use; although you can use the “chiropractic” version for personal use as well. Let’s take a look at the two different models they offer and highlight some of the features:


PRO 2: The PRO2 model is exactly what it sounds like; the professional model that many chiropractors and athletic trainers use with their clients. This model contains 5 different treatment surfaces, all with different purposes and functions. Let’s take a look at the different surfaces first.

• Side Surface: The side surface is great for large muscle groups. This area can be placed on the body to “warm up” the muscles before moving on to deeper and harder work. This is a good starting point to try before testing out the other heads

• Treatment Cap: This area provides the beginning of a gentle therapy application. More intense than the side surface, this area provides quick short strokes on the skin to begin work on the tissues.

• Large Tip: This is the most frequently used part of the PRO 2. This tip can be used on large or small muscle groups and provides a much more intense vibration to the tissues.

• Soft Tip: The soft tip is perfect for soft textured body parts such as the hands, fingers, feet, toes, and other sensitive areas. This is the only tip of the PRO 2 that can be removed, cleaned, or replaced if damaged.

• Actuator Tip: Or as we like to call it “Your best friend and worst nightmare”. The actuator tip is a small knob that can be used to target specific areas, small muscle groups, and knots in the body. Digging this in will provide some serious vibration and does an awesome job and provide relief from chronically affected areas.

While used most frequently by professionals, we were able to try this model and absolutely love the different work and body parts you can target with it. It provides plenty of options and has just about any type of application surface you could need for relief. . This model requires an electrical outlet to be used because of its power.


The other model is named the Juvenate and has a few differences to note. One of the biggest differences is that this has a rechargeable batter and does not require you to plug into the wall to use. It is great for on the go treatment, whether you’re at the gym, office, or need some relief on vacation; the convenience factor here is great. The Juvenate also uses 3 different heads instead of 5.

• Large Tip: This is the most frequently used part of the Juvenate. This tip can be used on large or small muscle groups and provides a much more intense vibration to the tissues.

• Actuator Tip: Or as we like to call it “Your best friend and worst nightmare”. The actuator tip is a small knob that can be used to target specific areas, small muscle groups, and knots in the body. Digging this in will provide some serious vibration and does an awesome job and provide relief from chronically bothered areas.

• Large Surface: The large surface is similar to the side surface on the PRO 2, however it is called the “knuckles” of the product because of its bumps and ridges. This area is great for working large muscle groups and is great at working out knots within those larger groups. We recommend using this head on the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles.

Science backing the claims:

So, you’ve made it this far and know all about the creators, the products, and how to use it, but what about the science that makes Rapid Release Tech so unique and effective?

The Rapid Release Tech products have a vibration frequency of 150Hz; most of the studies conducted below used treatments of 100Hz-200Hz max.

Here are some of the facts and studies regarding High Speed Vibration Therapy (HSVT) with that can apply to different aspects of life:

• In a 1984 study, HSVT was used to test how well it could suppress pain in subjects compared to taking aspirin. The study showed that acute direct vibration to a pain site suppressed pain comparatively to that of aspirin pills.

• Various studies conducted from 1980-current tested the effectiveness of reduction or relief from pain using HSVT. One study took 366 participants who had various musculoskeletal pain and used HSVT on those localized areas. An astounding 69% or 252 individuals reported a reduction of pain at the area of vibration treatment (pg 9)

Another study tested 36 patients who had pain in the dental region (face or skull) and after using localized vibration at just 100Hz, 33 of those 36 individuals reported reduction of the intensity of pain, or pain all together.

• Another study performed on 267 patients tested vibration therapy up against other common forms of pain relief therapy (surgery, analgesic agents, anti-inflammatory agents, TENS (electrical stimulation), and acupuncture. The study showed 59% of those individuals reported at least a 50% decrease in pain, 72% said they increased social activity because of lessened pain, and 50% stated they reduced intake of analgesic drugs after the use of vibration therapy!

While pain is subjective and everyone’s body has a different reaction to certain therapies, every study performed with HSVT showed AT LEAST a 50% decrease in pain at localized areas.

Our experience:

We were able to try out the PRO2 model that Rapid Release Tech offers in just about every way imaginable. The large green “treatment cap” was perfect to use on quads hamstrings, and throughout the back to loosen up muscles. We felt this was a great tool to prime the body before using the different tips to get into the deeper muscle tissue. This also feels great post workout and helps to eliminate the shaky feeling after high rep compound exercises such as squats. Using the soft rubber tip and the large tip was great to target certain areas and smaller muscle groups such as the traps, arms, calves, and chest. We felt these tips provide the perfect surface area to hit smaller muscles but are still highly effective to bust up knots and scar tissues. We used these tips frequently to help us improve mobility through our shoulders and chest. One of our own staff was actually able to bench press pain free after 4 months from a nagging shoulder injury! We found out the hard way that the actuator tip is the most painful, yet most satisfying part of the PRO2 model. We used this for certain areas on the shoulder blades, calves, neck, and any other area that felt tight or experienced a “knot”. This head broke up tons of little knots in our upper back and also helped to loosen up tight pecs, hip flexors, and shoulder ailments. If you think that using a lacrosse ball is effective, you haven’t seen anything yet! The actuator tip can get all those tiny areas that most other equipment and tools can’t reach. A few of our own here at MAH said that the PRO2 did more work in one self-session than months of Graston and other Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) did!

Overall, the Rapid Release Tech PRO2 was hands down the most effective tool we have ever used to relieve muscle aches and pains, improve mobility, and get us back to moving again without any inhibitors.


Price point:

Right now, Rapid Release Tech has teamed up with Modern Athletic Health to bring our readers a pretty sweet deal. At checkout, when you put in the code MAH200 you will save $200 off your purchase of RRT products. That is absolutely correct, a $200 savings for the most impressive, useful, and effective tools we have ever seen here at Modern Athletic Health.

You owe it to yourself to look into Rapid Release Tech and their impressive Juvenate or PRO2 models and start eliminating those injuries, aches, and pains. We would like to give a huge thank you to Rapid Release Tech for allowing us to try out the PRO2 model as it is a product we are using everyday regardless of our schedule. It’s time to take back your life and forget all those years of aches and pains. Improve your quality of life, enhance your overall wellbeing, and enjoy moving again with Rapid Release Tech.



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