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FitSnack Box Review

As we continue to look for the hottest and healthiest snacks and products on the market today, we can’t help but feel like a monthly subscription box is the best place to look. After all, these boxes usually have a variety of snacks and there’s bound to be at least one thing that you would enjoy. We stumbled upon a company called Fit Snack that that sends out monthly subscription boxes of top tier healthy snacks and beverages that consumers are sure to love. Ranging from sweet and savory snacks, to full sized energy drinks, electrolyte and sport drink powders and even a sample workout you can do each month. Our Fit Snack box was packed, and we mean PACKED full, with a variety of items we enjoyed well over the course of a week. We want to give a major shout out to Fit Snack for sending us a box to review, and for the chance to share who they are and what they are about.

fitsnack box review

Let’s take a look at a sample Fit Snack box and tell you why you need to consider investing in this subscription box!

Who is Fit Snack?

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box designed by sisters Anita and Rose Muniz to provide you with health-conscious foods, innovative snacks, fitness programs and tips to support your active lifestyle. Rose Muniz, the founder and CEO of Fit Snack, is also a fitness competitor, philanthropist, and an executive of Accenture; a company managing dozens of global Omni-Channel experience projects for top Forbes 100 clientele. Anita Muniz, CMO, Nutritionist, and Trainer is the full-time marketing and Operations director for Fit Snack. Her many certifications and degrees along with being a former collegiate swimmer and current triathlete have helped her to understand the importance of being on top of your health and wellness. Because of this, Anita dedicates her time to helping thousands of people live a healthy, happy, and nutritious life. Unlike other monthly “health-based” subscription boxes, Fit Snack doesn’t provide you with your average snacks you can find in any grocery store. Their goal is to provide you with an affordable selection of top-quality healthy products and lifestyle tips delivered to your door every month. They understand that quality snacks aren’t always available or affordable at your local grocery store. They also realize that stores such as Sprouts and Whole Foods aren’t available or convenient to everyone and if you are ordering full sized products online, its hard to know if you’ll actually enjoy them without trying them. The Muniz sisters idea was to create a box that provided consumers with these healthy treats at a fraction of the cost while also offering them things like at home workouts, free music downloads, and comprehensive health and wellness tips. Rather than focus on providing just food to individuals, these two entrepreneurs wanted to envelop health as a whole and provide consumers with everything they need to improve their lifestyles.

Sample Box: If you’re interested to see what a sample box from Fit Snack looks like, checkout below what we received in ours! If you’re wondering, the box we received has 8 different items in it and the typical box has between 7-10 different items every month. More often than not, each product you receive comes in a multi serving container so it’s more than just a single serving snack box. This definitely increases the value of the box when you compare it to many of the other snack subscription boxes on the market.

fitsnack box review

Here’s what our box looked like:

Numa Foods: Numa foods makes an all-natural milk-based chewy snack infused with peanuts and dried cranberries. The individually wrapped chews are handmade and produced with non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients to provide you with a delicious, nutritious, and energizing treat.

Pop Zero: Pop Zero is a healthier, tastier popcorn with tons of flavor and absolutely zero regrets. The classic buttery popcorn flavor is relatively low carb and has 0g of saturated and trans fats per serving.

Just the Cheese: Just the Cheese minis are low-carb high protein snacks made from all-natural Wisconsin cheese. The cheese is baked and crushed into little bite sized morsels making it easy for on the go snacking.

Go Girl Energy Drink: This delicious Peach Tea flavored energy drink is an absolutely delicious and refreshing beverage. Infused with Yerba mate and sweetened with organic Agave nectar, this energy drink will surely tantalize taste buds and make you rethink those Monster or Rockstar energy drinks you love.

Vahdam Teas: Vahdam teas are processed, cleaned, and packaged on site in India to ensure each serving is as fresh as possible. Vahdam teas are not fermented or oxidized meaning you get the highest levels of antioxidants and flavonoids possible.

Sensible Foods: Sensible foods creates all naturally crunchy vegetable snacks that make for a great potato chip alternative. This dry-roasted edamame is the perfect salty treat to satisfy your cravings in much healthier way.

Sahale Snacks: Our personal favorite, the Sahale snacks are a pomegranate and vanilla infused cashew. These nuts are sweet, salty, and a little tart, and can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth or urge for something crunchy. Absolutely delicious!

Skratch Labs: Skratch Labs is a powdered electrolyte mix designed to help replace minerals lost in sweat during your workouts. This powder is made with high quality real ingredients and contains double the electrolytes of leading sports drinks.

Also found within the box is a product highlight sheet telling you everything you receive in the box along with discount codes if you’d like to order a single product from their respective company’s website! On the backside of the product highlight sheet is a monthly workout sample plan and fitness tip that you can do from the comfort of your own home.


Similar to most subscription boxes, Fit Snack offers discounts for their subscription if you purchase multiple boxes in advance. Although their subscription is relatively affordable compared to many other boxes, the additional discount is a great deal as well! Here are what your options look like when paying for a subscription:

Single Month Plan: $19.90 per month +$7 Shipping and Handling

Three-Month Plan: $18.90 per month + $7 Shipping and Handling

Six-Month Plan: $17.90 per month +$7 Shipping and Handling and bonus Humble Brush

One Year Plan: $16.90 per month = $7 Shipping and Handling plus a bonus Humble Brush, Water Bottle and Bonus Box

As you can see, the more months you purchase in advance, the greater deal you’ll receive! However, if you order now, you can get an additional 20% off your first box simply by ordering through this link! This deal brings the price per box total down to the lowest we have seen among ALL healthy subscription boxes.

fitsnack box review

Our thoughts: A lot of subscription boxes are flat out junk; overpriced and underwhelming. This box is certainly not one of them. We enjoyed every item in the box and can tell that the items selected were hand-picked to create a diverse health and wellness pack. Fit Snack also seems to put “seasonal” flavors and products in their box which shows careful attention to detail and what is hot on the market. This is shown with the fresh flavored mango Go Girl Energy Drink and light and earth, fresh from the garden edamame from Sensible Foods. Looking at past boxes and what has been circulated recently, we think it’s safe to say that this is worth checking out, at least for one month. This is a box we would gladly purchase ourselves and even give as a gift to a friend, health enthusiast, or someone who is looking to make healthier choices in their life. We would like to thank Fit Snack for letting us review their box; we can guarantee we will be coming back for more!



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