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Black Lion Research Vector Review

Black Lion Research Vector Review

Black Lion Research is back at it again; bringing brand new ingredients onto the market with a variety of benefits and packing it into one simple product. First it was Follidrone, followed by an onslaught of other natural anabolic and hormonal optimizers, which then sparked a whole host of impressive transdermals, some powerful fat burners, and just about every category of supplement imaginable into their product line. We’re back to review their newest natural anabolic, Vector, which uses 3 brand new ingredients we have yet to see or hear of in the supplement industry. Of course, we had to get our hands on Vector to see what all the hype was about, especially when the ingredients were so much different than anything we have seen on the market before. Would Vector live up to the hype? Keep reading to find out what we thought of BLR’s newest all-natural anabolic powerhouse, Vector.

Vector’s Goal

Like most product that claim to be a natural anabolic, the main goal is always to increase muscle size and strength. However, Vector’s formula does more than just increase size and strength; it has the ability to act as a natural testosterone booster, increase metabolism, and improve recovery time in the gym as well as between sessions.

Take a look at a few of the benefits that are said to be associated with Vector:

• Increase of protein synthesis

• Prevents muscle loss during caloric deficits (great tool for those cutting)

• Increases hunger (great for those who are bulking and find it difficult to increase calories)

• Boosts libido and increases testosterone naturally

• Improves metabolism

• Improves IGF-1 levels (Insulin Growth Factor helps to regenerate cells including muscle cells)

• Increases muscular endurance

• And MUCH more!

All of these benefits are what creates an environment within your body to improve size and strength, increase performance, and reduce body fat.

Ingredient List: As we mentioned, the 3 ingredients listed in Vector are new to us and definitely not in anything we have tried or reviewed before. We did some research for you to figure out exactly what each one of these ingredients does and how they’re able to benefit different aspects of your training. Considering each serving of Vector is a total of 3g, we know that these ingredients have to be potent. Let’s dive into what these ingredients are, and what they are going to provide you with.

Eriobotrya Japonica-1000mgs: Eriobotrya Japonica, also known as the Japanese Loquat is a plant native to south =central China, Japan, Korea, Parts of India, and the southern Asian islands. This plant has been used for centuries as a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, however it has been found to be rich in ursolic acid. As you may know from previous reviews, ursolic acid has a massive range of benefits such as reduction of fat accumulation, increased muscle mass in a caloric surplus, while being able to induce fat burning and preserve muscle mass while in a caloric deficit. Although some of its benefits include increased glucose uptake (increased levels of glucose into cells) the corosolic acid derived from this plant can suppress fat accumulation and storage. This plant can also directly influence an increase in muscle protein synthesis through the enhancement of certain gene expressions driven by various biological pathways. The increase in muscle protein synthesis is the driving force behind its ability to increase lean muscle mass without excess fat gain. The major factor in the effectiveness of the Japanese Loquat is how it is extracted and what it’s standardized dose is. Vector uses a 1000mg dose of this ingredient with a 100:1 extract.

Korean Mistletoe-1000mgs: Korean Mistletoe is an ingredient with so many positives that it’s going to want to make you kiss your bottle of Vector! The extracted ingredient is Viscum Album and it has been shown to play a big role in the prevention of muscle atrophy while enhancing muscle hypertrophy. In a recent study it was concluded that the Akt/mTOR pathway is what regulates hypertrophy or atrophy of muscles. During this study it was found that Viscum Album can play a role in phosphorylating (adding phosphate to a molecule such as ATP or energy) the Akt/mTOR pathway thus controlling atrophy and hypertrophy. This study found that the effects directly stimulated hypertrophy cells while inhibited atrophy cells at the same time. Other positive benefits found were increases in muscular strength, endurance, and overall work capacity. Other studies have found Korean Mistletoe to have anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and other anti-obesity properties on top of its ability to control muscle gain and limit muscle loss. How great is that for an overall benefit?

Rehmannaie Radix-1000mgs: Rehmannaie Radix is most notably known for its cardioprotective effects, anti-inflammatory benefits, and its ability to mimic erythropoietin or EPO, IGF-1, myostatin antagonists and much more. The bioactive compound extracted from the Radix plant is called Catalpol which has been shown to stimulate and synergize with many various growth factors. Studies suggest that Catalpol has the ability to increase red blood cell count (naturally, unlike blood doping), promote growth of myogenic (muscle generating) fibers, improved angiogenesis (development of blood vessels), and increase of IGF-1 levels. The Catalpol can directly improve muscular endurance by supplying increased oxygen to muscles and prevent the lactate build up. Improved recovery and muscle growth is stimulated from the increase of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) which is also a component stemming from Catalpol supplementation. Much like the other two ingredients within Vector, Radix works through manipulation of gene expression and the activation of different cellular properties.

These 3 ingredients are not your average run of the mill ‘gains boosters’. Each ingredient works synergistically yet promotes various benefits through different biological processes. We applaud Black Lion Research’s ability to find ingredients of this magnitude with clinical trials and studies to back up the claims. So, the product looks great on paper, but what have we noticed during our run with it?

Our Thoughts:

During our 4 week run with Vector (one bottle), things were nothing short of insane. The product delivers in all of the categories it says it will, and then some. Here were some of the most notable things we’ve experienced over the last couple weeks:

• Around the clock muscle fullness and prolonged pumps

• Enhanced mind-muscle connection during weight training

• Strength increases (and not subtle either!)

• Enhanced vascularity in and out of the gym. This is most evident hours after training.

• More aggression in the gym and improved alpha male feeling out of the gym

• Improved libido and sexual performance

• Increased energy levels and better mental alertness

It’s not often in the supplement industry that a product works as well as advertised. It’s downright rare that it works better than advertised! This is especially true when it comes to products with a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding them, which was most certainly the case for Vector with over 1,000 Units sold in the first 72 hours of the Strong Supplements Pre Sale in April.

Price Point:

Compared to many natural anabolics on the market, Vector is extremely well priced at only $49.95 but you can purchase Vector and the full BLR line for 25% off AND FREE SHIPPING with code MAH25 at BlackLionResearch.Com



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