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Review: Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

kettle & fire bone broth review

Bone broth. An emerging, new and hip food trend. A common buzz word in the health food industry. But what exactly is Bone Broth, and is it actually as good for you as the companies who produce it want you to think? We’re here to let you know exactly what bone broth is, who Kettle & Fire is, and what you can expect when you try out their Grass Fed Chicken Bone Broth, which we have recently had the pleasure to review here at Modern Athletic Health!

Who is Kettle & Fire?

Kettle & Fire started in 2013 when brothers, Justin and Nick Mares were on the search for bone broth that they could both use for their lifestyles. Justin was a crossfitter who was looking to incorporate bone broth into his diet more so to aid with his busy life. Nick, who was just a high school senior at the time, had a tragic knee injury playing soccer and was on the hunt for something to help with his healing and recovery process. Justin went online to help Nick with his search for bone broth, but unfortunately found only frozen broths made from non-organic products and non-grass-fed cattle. This was enough to deter Nick and Justin from purchasing online and take the initiative to create a quality bone broth product of their own! After a year of formulating recipes and numerous attempts to create the perfect bone broth, Nick and Justin’s passion for developing a superior bone broth finally came to fruition, and the rest is history. Kettle & Fire can now say they have succeeded in creating the best recipe, with the best bones, highest-quality ingredients, and environmentally friendly packaging! With over 1500+ positive reviews of their product, Kettle & Fire is the premier bone broth on the market today.

kettle & fire bone broth review

What is bone broth?

If you’re new to bone broth, it’s uses, and it’s benefits, we’ve got you covered. Bone broth is a broth (go figure!) made from animal bones and connective tissues. These bones and connective tissues are boiled in a broth and simmered anywhere from 10-20+ hours with herbs, vegetables, and spices! Unlike a soup broth or stock, the bones provide high collagen content, more bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and amino acids that can only be found within bones and connective tissues. Most of these nutrients can’t be found in a normal soup broth and bone broth is one of the products that provides type II collagen and gelatin proteins. Type II collagen protein is needed for repairing torn cartilage, relieving joint pain, reducing inflammation, improving gut health and the intestinal lining, boosting immunity, and so much more! Bone broth is considered a superfood due to it’s major role in treating all of the above listed ailments, and more. The best part about bone broth is its ability to be used in a variety of ways. It can be heated up or left at room temperature and sipped like a tea. Often it is used as a base for a soup where meat and vegetables are added to it. The broth can also be purposed in a sauce, or even added to rice, risotto, cauliflowered rice, or quinoa when cooking to add additional flavor. You can add it to meats thrown in the crockpot to add flavor or ensure you aren’t getting dry pulled pork or shredded chicken. Users also like throwing it in smoothies, sweet or savory, to reap the added benefits that comes with just 8oz of bone broth. There’s numerous other ways that bone broth can be used and we recommend heading over to Kettle & Fire’s blog and checking out their long list of recipes, uses, as well as the meal plans they offer, to see how the founders themselves incorporate their bone broth into their daily lives!

Seems like a pretty solid product, but why Kettle & Fire’s Bone Broth???

So, we have told you just about everything you need to know about bone broth, but what separates Kettle & Fire from the rest of the bone broth companies? Simple; their commitment to doing things the right way, using only the highest quality ingredients, and making sure that you will always be satisfied with their products. Kettle & Fire only uses 100% organic and grass-fed bones from hormone and antibiotic free cattle and chickens. Next, they only use 100% organic vegetables in their broth as well, making sure you aren’t getting veggies full of pesticides and other chemicals. They simmer their broth for a minimum of 10 hours and sometimes for longer than 20 hours to ensure you are getting all of the vital nutrients you need in each serving of bone broth. Their broths and soups contain no additives or preservatives and are one of the only broths that have a shelf life of over 2 YEARS! All products from Kettle & Fire are shipped in responsible packaging and 100% recyclable material that is also small and easy to store. Not to mention, Kettle & Fire’s bone broth is paleo, keto, and Whole30 approved while also being gluten free! Need we say more? Kettle & Fire not only pays attention to the details with their product, they want all consumers to know that they are getting only the best and cleanest ingredients with every single order.

kettle & fire bone broth review

So, what did we think?

At Modern Athletic Health, we have tried our fair share of bone broths, often to be a little disappointed by the flavor or texture of the product. Kettle & Fire’s Chicken Bone broth not only tastes absolutely amazing, it’s macronutrient numbers add a boost to whatever you mix it with. We tried it first by warming it up and sipping on it like a tea. It has an earthy flavor with a bit of a “chicken soup” tone to it. It is much heartier and fuller than other flavored chicken bone broths we’ve had. We were able to throw this in a crockpot with chicken and pork to make shredded chicken and the bone broth adds a noticeable flavor to the meats you mix it with. Although we added minimal seasonings to the crockpot meats, the bone broth brought out tremendous flavor that you would expect from adding a seasoning packet, and then some! When adding it to meals such as ground beef and rice, it turns the rice into a delicious risotto type consistency with a flavor similar to the packets you mix with ramen noodles... but better tasting, and better for you! The macronutrients for the chicken bone broth are a bit better than the beef bone broth with 1g of fat 0g of carbs and 10g of protein. The beef bone broth has 0g of fat, 0g of carbs, and 6g of protein per serving. The mushroom chicken bone broth offered by Kettle & Fire has 1g of fat, 1g of carbs, and 10g of protein per serving. The beef flavor and mushroom chicken flavor is something that we cannot wait to try in the future!

Kettle & Fire have been featured in top magazines such as Men’s Health, Paleo Magazine, Martha Stewart, Shape, and so many more for their amazing bone broths. Now, you have the opportunity to try this health enhancing elixir yourself for a fairly low price. Kettle & Fire ships out their bone broths in a 2-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack, and 18-pack; the more you order at once, the cheaper the price per carton is. You can also subscribe to their monthly ordering system and receive an even bigger discount on your order. Kettle & Fire also offers free shipping on all orders that have 6+ cartons and have a 30-day return policy and money back guarantee. If for any reason you just don’t like the products, you have 30 days to return and get a full refund. You can also use KETTLE15 at checkout to receive an ADDITIONAL 15% off your order, bringing your savings even higher and the price even lower.

We loved Kettle & Fire from top to bottom. From their mission statement, to their commitment to quality, and everything in between. Kettle & Fire want YOU to realize that they’re more than just another company, they have your back and your best interest with regards to your health. We are extremely grateful we had the opportunity to try Kettle & Fire’s bone broth and even more grateful that our eyes were opened to a high-quality superfood that has become a staple in our diets. We recommend you head over to today and checkout what the bone broth hype is all about.



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