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Review: High Level Nutrition Chill Bundle

chill bundle review high level nutrition

How many times have you heard someone say “take a chill pill and relax” and thought it was actually possible? No, we aren’t talking about any type of prescription drugs, but rather something safe, natural and non-habit forming! Not only are you going to feel much more relaxed, but this is going to help you to kick those sleepless nights after long work days and tough training days. It’s time to #LiveHighLevel and improve your quality of life (and sleep) with High Level Nutrition’s Chill Bundle.

The Chill Bundle stack is comprised of two different products from the High Level Nutrition line; Hibernate and MagMax. MagMax supports healthy energy levels and relaxation of the mind and the muscles. Hibernate helps put you to sleep, stay asleep, and assists your body to get into a normal sleeping pattern. These two products work synergistically to create the ultimate sleep stack to ensure your mind and body are getting the most out of your rest time. We had the opportunity to test out the Chill Bundle and it definitely impressed here at Modern Athletic Health. Let’s take a look at what’s included in the Chill Bundle and our thoughts on this amazing sleep stack!


High Level Nutrition’s Hibernate is a small dose, heavy hitting sleep aid that contains hand picked and scientifically proven ingredients that help users to feel relaxed, fall asleep, and stay asleep through the night. This isn’t like prescribed sleeping pills that will knock you out and make you feel drowsy the next day. High Level Nutrition’s blend and dosage of selected herbs and ingredients work with your body to get your normal sleep cycle back on track and help you to get the most out of sleep. One of the best things about Hibernate is that it is a 1 pill dosage, and it is EFFECTIVE at just one capsule. Regardless of how poor your current sleep is, Hibernate can change that with just a single cap. The fact that the label is completely transparent as well makes Hibernate’s effectiveness easy to understand.

chill bundle review high level nutrition

Let’s take a look at the ingredient list:

chill bundle review high level nutrition

Magnesium- Magnesium plays a key role in a variety of the body’s functions. Most Americans are actually deficient in magnesium which can result in muscular symptoms, fatigue, insomnia, lowered cognitive functioning, and so much more. Studies also suggest that magnesium has the ability to reduce anxiety, calm nerves, relax muscles and provide a calming effect- which is exactly what most of us need right before bed time.

Hops Flowers 4:1 Extract- If this sounds familiar to some of you, that’s probably because it is! Hops flowers are also used when harvesting hops for your favorite adult beverage; BEER! Hops flowers have been used for years to provide a sedative effect to the central nervous system and have also been shown to help reduce feelings of anxiety and insomnia.

Lemon Balm Leaf- Lemon Balm Leaf is actually a derivative of the mint family, but the leaf has a slight lemon scent, hence the name. Lemon Balm Leaf has been thought to help with many gastrointestinal issues, but also has been thought to help sleep disturbances such as insomnia. This herb has been used for hundreds of years to also provide calmness and reduce anxiety in addition to promoting sleep.

Chamomile Flower Extract- You may have tried chamomile tea before bed to help you sleep when you feel a cold coming on or you are just feeling completely burnt out. Chamomile Flower extract has a variety of health benefits but most notably it helps with upset stomach and falling asleep. This herb has also been used for centuries and does have some scientific, as well as anecdotal evidence pointing to its ergogenic effects regarding sleep.

Passionflower Herb Extract 4:1- Passionflower extract has a variety of uses such as relieving sleep problems, digestive issues, anxiety disorders, and is even used to relieve symptoms that come with narcotic drug withdrawal. Passionflower works by increasing levels of GABA in your body which can reduce the firing of neurons that can lead to anxiety. When combined with the other ingredients in Hibernate, it works synergistically to provide and keep a calming and relaxed effect over a long period of time. Studies suggest that passionflower extract provides a lot of the same benefits of the prescribed drug oxazepam, which is frequently provided for patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

5-HTP- 5-HTP is a regulator of the hormone serotonin. Why is that important? Well, serotonin is the “feel-good” neurotransmitter that helps us to maintain a positive mood, as well as keep normal sleep cycles. If you lack serotonin secretion, you probably have poor sleep and may experience mood swings or even depression. 5-HTP can also regulate and enhance your feelings of well-being and happiness. When dosed before bed, it adds to the rest of the ingredients abilities to remain relaxed and almost “care-free” in order to help you drift off to sleep.

Melatonin- Melatonin is the hormone that your body produces to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It is the most important hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycles. Melatonin is frequently sold by itself and can provide numerous benefits, however when it is stacked with the rest of the ingredients in Hibernate, it provides a relaxation powerhouse for the body and mind.

chill bundle review high level nutrition

chill bundle review high level nutrition

MagMax: High Level MagMax contains very few ingredients but provides a big punch at a small dose. The main ingredient, magnesium is also featured in Hibernate, but this time in a larger dose. Although the dose size is just 1 capsule, you can take up to 2 per day which would provide you with 100% of the RDV of magnesium! The rest of the ingredients help to relax muscles, regulate electrolytes, regulate healthy energy levels, and can aid in heart health. Let’s check out the ingredients within MagMax!

chill bundle review high level nutrition

Magnesium- As we stated above, magnesium plays a crucial role in many bodily functions— over 300 biochemical functions within the body to be exact! It is estimated that roughly 80% of American adults are deficient in magnesium and each capsule provides you with 200mg of this “Miracle Mineral”. Studies show magnesium plays a crucial role in functions such as heart health, positive sleep cycles, natural energy, activation of ATP, and can also help prevent migraines and muscle aches and spasms! Aside from being an important electrolyte, taking magnesium daily can aid in preventing neurological and muscular effects. Many magnesium products cost in upwards of $25-$30 and are under dosed and capped off with fillers. MagMax has more magnesium and absolutely no fillers for a fraction of that price!

Proprietary Herb Base- The proprietary herb base is a 23mg ingredient that works alongside the magnesium benefits in MagMax. Medicago Sativa extract, which is derived from alfalfa, has been shown to aid in numerous functions but most importantly can prevent atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries as well as provide reduction of calcium build up in the blood. Parsley leaf, or Petroselinum crispun, has been shown to improve blood flow, alleviate menstrual pain, and the plant leaf itself has many vitamins and minerals it provides. Lastly, yellow dock root is known as a blood purifier and detoxifier as it stimulates bile production and aids in the digestion of fats. This herb base works together to purify and cleanse your blood as it moves throughout your body. Rather than doing a 7-day juice cleanse, taking a capsule of MagMax daily can help to keep the body detoxified and pure!

Our Thoughts:

We took the products together, generally about 1 hour before we were headed to bed; per the hibernate directions. Although MagMax can be taken at any time to aid in muscle relaxation and an overall calming effect, we found it is best taken near bed time or when you are relaxing. When the products are combined, you really do feel “chill” and relaxed. It isn’t a product that is going to make you feel drowsy, but it takes away the small anxieties or disturbances you may experience in your every day life. The Chill Bundle also seemed to enhance mood before bed. We found that it helps you to fall asleep much faster when the products are taken together and you can actually feel yourself calming down. Over the entirety of our usage, not once did we wake up in the middle of the night for any reason. Quite frequently, the combo did put us in a deep enough sleep where we had dreams, however the dreams were not strange like they can be with certain sleep and relaxation products. Lastly, and probably most importantly, the Chill Bundle does not cause a hangover effect. This means when you wake up, you do not feel groggy, tired, and searching for caffeine to get you out of bed. Rather, the Chill Bundle leaves you feeling refreshed and energized upon waking. This is the only product that we have tried thus far that does delivers these consistent results with every usage. It’s never hit or miss with the Chill Bundle; the effects are always spot on. Without a doubt, this is something we would recommend to anybody, even if you do not have trouble sleeping. The positive benefits from proper magnesium consumption is worth the cost alone.

chill bundle review high level nutrition

Check this Deal:

Believe it or not, this bundle is extremely affordable, coming in at $27.00 on However, you can current get a phenomenal deal for 30% off by entering the code HighLife at checkout. That’s right, you can get 30% off the already crazy low price the Chill Bundle is at. While you’re visiting the store, we recommend you check out their other health and wellness products as well, because those products are also going to be discounted with the HighLife code!

High Level nutrition has just made healthy levels of sleep both safe and affordable. The non-habit forming Chill Bundle is designed to relax the body and mind, and keeping your wallet relaxed as well. We absolutely loved the Chill Bundle and again, it is something we have already recommended to friends and family, regardless how great or poor their sleep habits are. High Level offers a 100% money back guarantee as well. It’s time for you to live life at the highest level possible with High Level Nutrition.



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