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Olympus Labs I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition Review

olympus labs reign review

We’re just barely into 2019 and Olympus Labs is already back at the drawing boards creating new products, flavors, and formulas for their products. Olympus Labs has a massive product line filled with muscle builders, natural anabolics/post cycle products, thermogenics, general health supplements, and stellar pre-workouts such as I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition.

Their rebrand from the “King of Pre-Workout’s", Re1gn, has had nothing but positive feedback since the original 5 flavors were released in 2017. Recently, they dropped 2 new flavors, Fairy’s Kiss and Pandora’s Potion, to the already creative and unique line they offer. We recently got our hands on some of the new Black Magic Edition.

Keep reading below to find out what we thought about Olympus Labs I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition.


We heard that the flavor of a serving is relatively strong, so we opted to use one scoop in about 16oz of water at first. We then tried 10oz and 20oz respectively, in order to compare how well things mixed. One thing we noticed was that the powder dissolves instantly with the stir of a spoon. I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition only requires a couple shakes in a shaker bottle, even if you use a smaller amount of water for a serving. The product does have a few small particles floating around, regardless of the amount of water used. However, the drink was smooth with no grittiness and the particles did not leave any residue in the cup or a film on the inside of our mouths. Once again, Olympus Labs crushed the mixability and dissolving properties of another pre-workout!


While we were only able to sample the Dragon’s Mist flavor, it is easily a flavor we may stick to in the future. With a name like Dragon’s Mist, it’s hard to really put a “flavor” to a name. This light blue drink had a bit of a berry flavor to it and was fairly sweet. For those of you who have tried the large cans of Peace Tea, it tastes similar to the “Sno-Berry” flavor, with a bit more added sweetness. Think of a berry flavored Kool-Aid mix, teaming up with the Sno-Berry Peace Tea, and a hint of a tropical punch flavor at the finish. To sum up our thoughts, its amazing but really unlike anything we have ever tried before. It seems that a lot of Olympus Labs’ new flavors have been giving that sort of impression of “we don’t know what it tastes like but its pretty damn good”. Definitely two thumbs up from us here at Modern Athletic Health.

Supplement Label:

Not only does I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition taste amazing, its ingredient profile is top notch as well. Olympus Labs compiled a completely transparent label that tells you everything you are getting within a serving. Here’s the breakdown of everything you are getting within a serving of I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition.

olympus labs reign review

L-Citrulline 5g:

As many of us are seeing lately, Citrulline is becoming a staple in all pre-workout products. I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition contains 5g of this powerful ingredient, sure to help your performance in numerous ways. The first being its ability to reduce muscular fatigue during workouts. Citrulline helps to shuttle ammonia and lactate out of the muscles which is generally why you may feel a burn during heavy sets. Many individuals who use citrulline regularly note a decrease in rest time between sets and being able to perform more reps than usual during sets. Citrulline can also help if you are someone who puts in long workouts or even multiple workouts a day. Studies have shown that citrulline can also aid in a reduction of muscle soreness 24-48 hours after your workout as well, meaning it has both short term and long-term benefits. Last, but certainly not least, some studies have shown that citrulline has the ability to increase your blood flow through the increase of l-arginine in the blood. While many studies are not concrete on this function, users do note that they incur better pumps during their workout and improved recovery post workout. 5g of citrulline is more than enough to give you that extra boost in the gym.

Pomegranate Powder Extract-1g

A lesser known and used ingredient. Pomegranate powder extract has been used for its vasodilation properties. Studies have also shown its ability to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oxidative stress, hyperglycemia, and inflammatory activities. Multiple studies have shown that this powerful antioxidant can also be used in the prevention and treatment of several types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and other serious diseases. We are excited that Olympus Labs is ahead of the game in using such a powerful ingredient that is still being researched to see how it can further enhance athletic performance.


AGmass Agmatine Sulfate is another one of those ingredients like citrulline that seems to do a bunch of things in addition to its main use; a pump agent. Agmatine Sulfate regulates nitric oxide and has the ability to improve vasodilation quickly. Agmatine has also had many studies on it regarding its' nootropic properties as well. Studies suggest that in addition to a profound pump effect, agmatine has the ability to improve memory, attention, and increase serotonin in the brain. Other studies suggest agmatine has shown adaptogen properties and can reduce mental stress and physical pain, as well as boost nutrient partitioning abilities.

Vaso6- 300mg:

Vaso6, a patented ingredient formulated by Compound Solutions is clinically proven to increase vasodilation by 50%. Vaso6 is so much stronger, that just 300mgs increases nitric oxide 10x better than 7 GRAMS of arginine! Some of its other benefits include superior nutrient delivery to muscles, more efficient blood flow for ATP production and muscle recovery, and an antioxidant effect. If you are trying a “pump” product and it doesn’t contain Vaso6, you might just be wasting your time.

Intense Energy Matrix:678mg

The intense energy matrix is really 4 different ingredients combined into 1 category.

olympus labs  I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition review

The first item on the list is 300mg of caffeine anhydrous. Caffeine has been shown to improve cognition, reaction time, improve alertness, increase blood flow, and increase performance, among other things.

Eria Jarensis Extract is next on the list and this powerful extract has shown similar functioning to ephedrine and DMAA. Eria Jarensis has not only shown its stimulant properties, but it also has many nootropic like properties that improve sense of well-being, motivation, and euphoria. For the cliff notes version, if you have ever had the opportunity to try PEA, DMAA, or Ephedra, this is the exact same thing, just safer and not quite as strong!

Ingredient number three, Julgans Regia Extract may be one of the most useful ingredients you've never heard of. This is one of the very few products we have ever used that included this ingredient and we continue to wonder why it’s not used any more. Juglans Regia has been used for years in Chinese medicine to aid in many things including decreasing inflammation, reducing feelings of physical and mental stress, and reducing blood glucose levels. Juglans Regia is considered an adaptogen of sorts, which helps the body get used to the stresses of things such as difficult workouts. This ergogenic aid, when combined with Eria Jarensis has been shown to reduce body fat as well. This potent combo has so many benefits its hard to list them all!

Finally, the last ingredient in the matrix is the Olympus Labs patented St1m-X which contains alkaloids extracted from the C. Macroceras plant. Olympus Labs has yet to disclose what St1m-X is all about but the ingredient works very well with other stimulants in the product. This intense energy matrix is enough to kick anybody’s butt into gear and to think there’s 8 other ingredients that are stacked in synergy with one of the best energy combinations we have ever tried before!


The 100mg of Theacrine yields 40% tasteless Teacrine which is one of the hottest ingredients on the market today. Teacrine’s benefits range from increases in physical and mental energy, mood enhancement, and improved cognition, to improved power output, physical performance, and memory enhancement. Plus, this product works synergistically with every other ingredient in I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition and amplifies them! One of the biggest benefits of Teacrine is its synergistic abilities to amplify other ingredients it works with.


AstraGIN is undoubtedly one of the most underrated ingredients in pre-workouts. AstraGIN does not directly increase performance, however it increases the absorption and nutrient delivery process of the ingredients it is paired with. This ingredient ensures that all of the nutrients within are getting delivered into the blood stream, quickly, where they need to go.


The extract of Sceletium Tortuosum has been known and used for its nootropic effect. Many users report this ingredient helps with improved cognition, sense of well-being, increased mood, and feelings of motivation. Adding a small dose of this into I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition gives you a huge nootropic effect. Combine this with Teacrine and the energy matrix, this stuff is STRONG!

Our Thoughts:

After being able to use I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition, we can say that this product is surely going to be in the running for pre-workout of the year for the foreseeable future. Yoou are getting a profile that is packed with some of the most impressive ingredients on the market today; all at clinically backed dosages! This product gives you insane energy; not the jittery shaky kind, but the “it’s time to wake up and crush some weights” kind.

The biggest thing we noticed is this energy seems to last for HOURS, and we mean hours. We reported feeling the effects up to 5 hours after ingesting, and because of this, the one thing that we want consumers to know is that taking this 6ish hours before bed can be risky, no matter how stimulant tolerant you may be. It is also advisable, for those who like to double dose, that you do not do so in this case. It simply isn't needed.

Nootropic effects that come with I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition are just as profound as the energy. Our gym experiences were filled with feelings of well-being, motivation, and tunnel vision, as well as alertness and aided in an improved mind and muscle connection. The pump and vasodilation is also like none other, largely credited to the inclusion of Vaso6, which is also used in several other Olympus Labs products such as Massacr3 and Ep1logue (reviews coming soon). It helped us get through a 2+ hour workout, and we still carried a pump hours later.

This pre-workout is perfect for those who have tough cardio workouts following their weight training sessions as well. We ended all of our sessions with some sprint rows or other forms of interval training, and our energy and drive never lessened during our workouts. Basically, you’re getting a pre-workout and nootropic with amazing flavor and unrivaled performance for an unbeatable price.

Which brings us to the cost discussion.

olympus labs  I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition review


If you head over to The Olympus Labs website you’ll find a tub of I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition is listed for $44.99 which to some may seem pricy for a pre-workout. However, if you enter the code HEROMOD at checkout, you get 10% off your purchase (applicable to all products and apparel/accessories). This brings the total down to $40.49! That is an absolutely insane price for a product of this magnitude with this ingredient profile. Especially when you factor in that you can absolutely get away with only using a single scoop for each workout.

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olympus labs  I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition review



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