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Chops Snacks Brisket Jerky Review

chops snacks review

Finding a snack that’s healthy, delicious, cost efficient, and convenient seems downright impossible. More often than not, if its healthy, its not delicious; if its actually pretty tasty, then chances are it isn’t going to be the most healthy option.

On the off chance you find something that is both healthy and delicious, it seems like it’s ALWAYS overpriced! We’ve searched far and wide and we may have found a solution that fits the snack food trifecta, oh, and its super convenient too.

Modern Athletic Health would like to introduce you to a game changing snack that might just become your favorite go-to when you need that little something extra to keep you going. Enter CHOPS Snacks, the delicious beef jerky made with tender brisket and high-quality ingredients.

We could cut the article short and just say this stuff is amazing and you need it in your life, but we suggest you keep reading to find out which flavors you’re going to love and what makes CHOPS’ beef jerky so unique and amazing!

But First…. Who is CHOPS?

Crafted on a small family farm in the Pacific Northwest, CHOPS’ story may sound like the company was created by accident! It all started when Dusty Jaquins wanted a high-protein snack and decided to buy some beef jerky from the local store. Disappointed by how tough and flavorless the jerky was, Dusty decided to start experimenting in the beef jerky game himself in a quest to create a tender, flavorful jerky. Soon after, Jaquins created the perfect recipe, using all-natural USDA Choice & Select beef brisket (sourced from American steer) and high-quality spices. It’s worth mentioning most other companies use top round, a relatively lean cut of beef, for their beef jerky. Despite CHOPS’ use of brisket, they still keep the fat content at JUST 3 grams for an entire bag! That’s right, 1g per serving and only 3g of fat in an entire 3oz bag.

Since that summer of 2013, CHOPS has been shipping out the most tender beef jerky the world has ever seen in 4 delicious flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, and Red Chili Pepper. You won’t find CHOPS selling any other products on their website besides jerky; but we’re quite alright with that given how amazing it is.

Next, let’s take a look at the Nutrition Facts.

You really only need to look at 1 of the 4 nutrition labels to see exactly what you’re getting in each 3oz bag of CHOPS snacks.

Besides the ingredients and flavoring, the only difference you may find on the nutrition label is the amount of sodium in each bag. Each 3oz bag contains a total of 3g of fat, 24g of carbs, and 27g of protein.

chops snacks review

While this may not be ideal for low-carbers and ketogenic folks, if you read the ingredients you will notice that CHOPS use fruit juices and brown sugar as their main sugar source.

Another positive is that you can ‘pronounce everything on the label’, everything they use is a high-quality ingredient, and you could find everything on the label at your local grocery store. This means no additions of high fructose corn syrup or other preservatives; this beef jerky contains only the best ingredients. We definitely commend CHOPS for sticking with simple ingredients that lead to complex and highly enjoyable flavors.

Here’s what we thought about each flavor!


This “original” is far from the plain and boring assumption that comes with the name. This original has a sweet and a little bit of a spicy and tangy flavor you don’t normally get from an unseasoned jerky. There is a subtle black pepper flavor with the original as well, so if you are a fan of other black pepper flavored jerky, you will surely love this! Of course, we can’t forget to mention the tenderness of the jerky as well. The original literally melts in your mouth almost like a choice steak would after a few bites. If you are looking for a safe choice (flavor wise) for your first order, you can’t go wrong with the original CHOPS!


Like most teriyaki flavors, the CHOPS version is tangy and sweeter than the original, but we would even venture to say it is a little bit tangier than other teriyaki jerky’s we have tried. The pineapple and garlic flavors come through and there is a little bit of an added heat that makes it feel a little tropical! The soy sauce and ginger flavor you get with classic teriyaki jerkies are still evident, but the rest of the ingredients combined make it far from “classic”. If you are a teriyaki lover and have yet to try the CHOPS version of teriyaki beef jerky, you are definitely missing out and should act accordingly!!

Sweet and Spicy:

This flavor was an absolute favorite here at Modern Athletic Health. Finally, a beef jerky that provides a sweet taste with a subtle heat that doesn’t hit you until after you’ve consumed it! The sweetness comes from the brown sugar, pineapple, and lemon juices, but doesn’t leave you with a tart taste. It is more like a tropical juice flavor rather than a sour that some other sweet and spicy jerkies have. You don’t feel the heat until you’ve consumed a few pieces but it comes at you perfectly and doesn’t leave you searching for liquid to cool your taste buds. The combination of cayenne, red pepper, and jalapeno leaves the right amount of heat in each soft and chewy bite. If you know someone who has a sweet tooth but also enjoys a good kick, this is the perfect flavor for them!

Red Chili Pepper:

Last but not least, the spiciest of the bunch; Red Chili Pepper. This flavor is perfect for anyone who enjoys the hotter flavors in life. Each piece of jerky is coated with crushed red pepper and provides a spicy bite from start to finish. The heat isn’t too crazy that it takes away from the flavor of the jerky but it did give us a little bit of the sniffles after eating. If you are someone who isn’t a big fan of spicy, we suggest you try one of the other flavors first before trying the Red Chili Pepper. For those who love a bold, spiced snack, we highly recommend trying the Red Chili Pepper Jerky and we are sure it will head the top of your favorites list.

chops snacks review

What about the price?

If you head over to, you’ll notice that under each flavor of jerky there is a couple of pricing options. If you buy a single order it is $6.99 per bag, which is fairly competitive with many other competitor beef jerky prices. You can also order a pack of 8 of any single flavor and that price is $47.99, about $1 cheaper per pack if you order this way. They also offer a monthly subscription option which gets you an 8-pack delivered to your door every month for $42.99 which is by far the cheapest option($5.38/bag)! However, if you’d rather try every flavor before purchasing a pack of your favorite you can also try their variety pack which comes with one of each flavor for $25.00. You can also further your deal by entering code CHOPS5 at checkout for $5 off your order of $25+. This discount will make CHOPS as cheap, if not cheaper than any other bag of beef jerky you could manage to find.

CHOPS Snacks sticks to what they know and what they have perfected; Beef Jerky. You won’t find a more tender, flavorful, delicious beef jerky product on the market! In fact, they guarantee that if you’ll love it or you can get a 100% refund on your purchase of CHOPS snacks! So, what do you have to lose? We loved it and we are certain you will too. Finally, a delicious, healthy, cost effective, and most importantly, convenient snack for on the go.



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