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MAN Sports Home Workout Adapta Kit Review

Work smarter, not harder; especially if you are working out at home! Let’s face it, we’ve all watched some fitness icon with 1000’s of followers attempt an “at-home workout” lifting a chair over their head and squatting it, or deadlifting one end of their couch alongside a ton of other silly looking exercises.

man sports adapta kit review

While this may be effective for some, to get a quality workout, you still need some quality equipment. Although most home gym equipment is incredibly expensive, MAN Sports has designed a multi-purpose home workout kit that is not only affordable, but sure to help you achieve a high-quality workout.

We’d like to introduce MAN Sports’ new At Home Workout Adapta Kit! The Adapta kit has about 20 different components to it, however we are going to break it down into 4 key parts.

This kit was designed to help you target any and every body part, at home, while keeping cost low and clean up minimal. We had a chance to use this both in the gym and at home because of the versatility of the kit.

Let’s take a closer look at what you are getting in the Adapta Kit by MAN Sports

Adapta Speed Rope:

The Adapta Speed Rope is a sleek, lightweight, adjustable speed rope perfect for any type of warm up or HIIT cardio workout. The handles are made out of metal and have knurling on them for improved grip and a comfortable feel that gives you great control of the rope. Most plastic handles often give you the feeling of “dragging” the rope when using it, but the metal handle, combined with the thin plastic rope, allows you to have a snappy, quick turn of the wrist to get the rope moving.

The rope is a thin, black plastic that does not tangle easily or even bunch or curl up. After a couple turns the rope straightens right out and can even be stored curled up without worrying about the rope staying that way the next time you want to use it.

man sports adapta kit review

One of the coolest features on the rope is the bearings up by the handle which allows for a smooth movement of the rope without any wasted motion or energy. No more swinging your whole arm to get the rope going and keep it moving, a subtle turn of the wrist is all it takes with the Adapta Speed Rope.

Lastly, the rope is easily adjusted, as all you need to do is loosen up a screw on each side with your fingers, move the handle to where it feels most comfortable, and tighten it right back up. You could adjust the size of the rope from a grown adult to a small child in a matter of seconds. This just adds to the long list of quality features.

The Adapta Speed Rope “feels” like an expensive rope and even if you were to buy it separately from the MAN Sports website for its retail price ($24.99), the price is still extremely competitive with other top tier popular speed ropes.

Being able to use a good speed rope to get the blood moving or for a post workout circuit actually made cardio fun and effortless. If you’re a jump rope advocate we recommend you check out the Adapta Speed Rope if you don’t want to spring for the whole Adapta Kit.

Adapta Loops:

Part 2 of the Home Workout Adapta Kit is the brand new Adapta Loops.

The loops are mini resistance bands that can be used in a variety of ways during a workout. The kit comes with 5 different bands with varying levels of resistance. They range from Light to XX-Heavy and each resistance allows you to utilize the band in a different way.

man sports adapta loops

The loops can be used as part of a warm-up or prehab routine for lower body or upper body. We liked to use the bands around our hips and ankles for various warm up exercises such as a hip circle, side lunges, clam shells, and squats.

The Adapta Loops also make for a great tool to warm up the upper body. We used the light and medium bands for pull aparts, rowing motions, and additional weight for some pectoral and reverse flyes. The bands also work great for machines that have a small range of motion as a way to add some extra weight and resistance for certain exercises.

Realistically the Adapta Loops have about 25 different uses at home, but combining with machines or other gym equipment only makes them more useful and your workouts more effective.

We see the Adapta Loops as a crucial part to any lower body workout, regardless of if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

You can also purchase these separate from the Adapta Kit at MAN Sports website for $24.99.

Adapta Tubes:

Part 3 of this 4-part series is the biggest and most useful portion of the Adapta Kit; the Adapta Tubes.

The Adapta Tubes are a 5-part kit complete with multiple attachments and 100’s of uses.

The bands range in size from 5lbs to 25lbs and increasing in 5lb increments. Rather than each band having a handle on it, they have a plastic cap with a snap hook that can be combined and attached to one of the attachments, OR any preexisting piece of equipment with a loop.

That’s right, you aren’t limited with the Adapta Tubes because of a handle on each one, you could attach these to a power rack, a wall hook a lat-pull down machine, or just about anything you can think of.

The Adapta Tubes also come with 2 sweat resistant soft grip handles and 2 adjustable ankle straps that the bands simply clip on.

man sports adapta tubes

These can also be used with pre-existing equipment in case you broke an ankle strap or handle somewhere down the line. In total you can have up to 75lbs of resistance if you use all bands or even more if you have your own bands that you wish to use!

Now here comes the absolute greatest part of the Adapta Tubes; the door jam. With the purchase of the kit you also get an Adapta Tube door jam which you can slide underneath, on the side of, or on the top of (depending on the exercise) the door to ensure your resistance bands are anchored safely between the door and door frame. This allows you to perform a multitude of exercises with up to 75+ pounds of resistance!

Not only are the training tools included with the Adapta Tubes ultra-convenient, but the fact that you can add or subtract resistance bands in under 5 seconds makes this perfect for at home supersets, drop sets, or burn-outs at the snap of a finger.

This is one of the easiest and most efficient set of workout bands we have ever used here at Modern Athletic Health.

The Adapta Tube kit can also be bought separately for $54.99 on the MAN Sports website.

Storage Convenience:

The final part of this 4-part kit is the drawstring bags you receive for every product discussed above.

Although this detail may be minor to some, the fact that MAN Sports ships out the entire kit in 3 small and easily storable drawstring bags shows they truly care about the convenience and use of the Adapta Workout Kit.

man sports protein review

The bands, tubes, and ropes can be quickly wrapped up and stored in these bags and it takes up less space that a tub of protein (which MAN Sports has some of the best on the market: )

Price Point:

Currently, you can get the entire Adapta Workout Kit for $79.98. However, when you use code MAH20 you will get 20% off of your entire order, including merchandise, shakers, and supplements. That brings the total for the Adapta Kit down to about $64 which is EXTREMELY affordable for anyone looking to get in shape without being able to get to a gym, or anyone looking to add some new tools to their training!

man sports adapta kit review

We absolutely loved the At Home Workout Adapta Kit from MAN Sports. This is something that we will use daily, whether we are using them in the gym, or if we are just trying to get a quick workout at home.

The kit is versatile enough that you are not limited to one location to use it and you can surely find 100’s of different ways to use each piece of equipment. For $64, you’d be silly not to make the purchase, especially if you’re someone who cannot make it to the gym or fitness club regularly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new parent stuck at home, someone who works odd hours, not confident enough to go to a regular gym, or just looking for something to help with your rehab and prehab work, the Man Sports Adapta Kit provides you with the right equipment to achieve your goals.



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