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NEW! Sheath Underwear Sport Boxer V Review

sheath sport underwear review

Let’s be honest fellas, in reality, nothing is more important than the protection of our manhood. However, did you know that our choice of underwear can directly impact the quality and performance of our manhood? A symptom such as overheating can cause an increased chance of varicocele, poor sperm quality, and other potential risk and symptoms. Not to mention, who wants to wear an uncomfortable pair of underwear all day anyway? With that being said, if you’re someone who trains hard or works hard every day, you’re probably more concerned with the comfort of what you’re wearing rather than the function. But what if there was an undergarment that was both extremely comfortable and looked out for the well-being of your pride and joy?

Enter Sheath Underwear.

If you’re a fella who has not yet heard of Sheath, allow us to first introduce you with our previous review on Sheath Underwear, the design, and a brief company history (founded by a US Army Vet).

Sheath’s design is made specifically for us guys and provides us with a pouch that isolates our “package” from the inner thigh region; providing us with a cool, dry, and “free” feeling. Most importantly, Sheath can protect us from the risks and symptoms that come along with uncomfortable underwear. If you viewed our other article, you’d know that Sheath provides many types and styles of undergarments for men, but now they have created a “Sport” variety that will make us rethink compression wear for any of us that live an active lifestyle!

Keep scrolling to find out what we thought about Sheath’s new sports performance 8-inch leg boxer brief!

sheath sport underwear review

Everyday Comfort: So, with the addition of this new 8-inch legged boxer brief, we decided to try out first how it felt as an everyday wear item, before testing its workout capabilities. Much like the other versions Sheath offers, this underwear was no joke. If you have worn longer boxer briefs in the past, this pair will blow those out of the water. The pouch is a perfect fit, they never ride up even being on our feet all day, and make transition from sitting-to-standing a breeze. We imagined these would be a little more compressive because they are labeled as a “sport” boxer brief, but it provides the perfect amount of support while allowing you to move freely without ever having to adjust. We are pretty sure that collectively, our testers had 0 wedgies and never had to pull these up throughout the day.

As odd as it may sound, it felt like we were wearing nothing, yet provided us with support while wearing jeans, sweat pants, shorts, or anything in between. The best part: for those of us who wear khakis or other tighter fitting pants, there are no lines on the leg or bunching that other boxer briefs sometimes leave.

What’s worse than trying to look your best and seeing a big balled up roll of boxer leg through your pants? With Sheath, you never have to worry about that.

Fitness Comfort: This boxer brief passed the everyday comfort test, but how would it stand up during a training session or sport activity?

The answer is simple; wonderfully. We tested the Sheath Sport Model through a workout filled with squats, Olympic lifts, cardio, and basketball. It is important to note here that if you are looking for a fit that resembles that of your favorite compression leggings or shorts, it does not cling that tightly to you. However, it provides unrivaled support and allows for unbelievable movement and comfort without riding or sliding down.

When trying the running and jumping test, the Sheath dual pouch provided perfect balance of support and freedom that is unrivaled as well. One of the coolest things about the Sheath Sport Boxer Brief is that its 95% Modal and 5% Elastane fabric blend does not cling to your shorts or sweat pants either. The brief contains a “circular seamed urination hole” that also allows for easy access when going to the men's room.

Honestly, what DIDN’T Sheath think of with this new Sport style boxer brief?

In three short words: Best. Underwear. Ever.

Just when you thought Sheath produced the most comfortable boxer brief ever with their Sheath 4.0, they produce a sport centric model that completely changes the way we look at compression athletic wear.

Words cannot describe how truly far ahead of the competition Sheath underwear is, which is why YOU need to try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose because of their 100% money back guarantee which covers all of their undergarment products.

While some may think their price of $32 is a bit much for a pair of underwear, you can use the code MODERN for 25% off your whole order! That’s right, it brings your total down to $24 which is undoubtedly comparable to any popular compression shorts from your local sporting goods store. So, what are you waiting for? Sheath underwear is providing unrivaled comfort, support, safety and affordability for us men. What’s more important than your manhood? Absolutely nothing; which is why you need to try one of the many available styles of Sheath underwear.



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