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Review: Azoth Nootropic Formula

azoth nootropic review

Azoth was founded in 2016 by 26-year-old entrepreneur and CEO Prady Tewarie, who is not only an elite bodybuilder, but a lawyer nonetheless. Tewarie’s knowledge of the fitness industry and supplement ingredients is expansive, but his understanding of the importance of time is what really caught our eye and was the catalyst for his company and flagship product, Azoth.

Tewarie created Azoth with a “Get Sh*t Done” mentality (which is also the company motto) and the goal of being able to accomplish everything you can in the 24 hours you get every day.

In a recent interview with Tewarie, he noted that “at the end of the day, the world is run, changed, and moved but those who get sh*t done and all the skill, talent, and money in the world can’t make up for it”. Quite a thought provoking quote that speaks volumes about the company’s goals and reasoning behind the product.

In under 6 months, Azoth has already sold over 10,000 units of the across 37 countries and has garnered attention from investors such as Kevin Harrington, who you may know from the ABC’s Shark Tank.

azoth nootropic review

Tewarie was drawn into the supplement industry during law school, when time was at a premium. He says that between finishing school, trying to earn his pro card, and growing five (yes 5!) businesses, he was looking for ways to be as productive as possible every single day. Like most of us, he tried pre-workout products, energy drinks, and so on, but experienced the sugar crashes and headaches that many of us also have when going through the same process.

As soon as nootropics came on the supplement scene, Tewarie was hooked and decided he would stick his nose into the market to see what kind of product he could develop that would not only work for him, but for many other consumers who wanted to maximize their time and productivity in a healthy way .That’s when Azoth came along and Tewarie developed one of the few nootropics on the market that has a 100% transparent label, and tells you exactly what is in each capsule. In fact, so many of the nootropics on the market today that have 5-star rating and tons of positive reviews don’t even hold a candle to what is offered in Azoth’s formula. Chances are, many of those proprietary blends are under-dosed and in can in no way back up the claims that are presented on the label. Azoth can, and this is why we will always back honest companies and top-quality products.

So now that you know about Azoth, Prady Tewarie, and his vision for Azoth and consumers, why is this company not advertised and talked about how it should be?

That’s easy to answer. Tewarie focuses on 3 things; building great relationships, transparency, and no direct advertising. Azoth currently has no sponsored athletes or social media managers. Tewarie has gone so far as to give away 1000’s of bottles of this product in customers orders that they did not even pay for; that’s right, for free. Not only that but the first 1000 orders of Azoth had hand written labels as well as a hand-written note from Tewarie inside the package.

azoth nootropic review

Amazing customer service didn’t stop there. Tewarie would drive to a 24-hour USPS store at all hours of the night to ship customer orders just so that they would get it a day or two earlier. If you think that is kind, he also has not limited locations to where the products are shipped; international orders were filled and shipped regardless of if he made money on the product or not after shipping costs were paid. Azoth also offers an “Unsung Heroes Contest” where people submit stories of obstacles they have had to overcome and are featured on the Azoth website. These people are what Azoth has been all about; overcome obstacles and meeting challenges throughout life head-on.

Azoth CEO Prady Tewarie also goes the extra mile when distributing product to retailers, discussing deals, and educating employees on the product that they are going to be selling so that they can explain to consumers the “what, why’s and how’s” of Azoth. All of this is done on Tewarie’s own dime and they have still been able to create all of their sales while spending less than 5% of their total profits on marketing.

It’s clear that Azoth’s approach to marketing, sales, and product effectiveness is unique but effective. Prady Tewarie’s goal is to provide the best nootropic available to his customers and ensure that they are getting their money’s worth and making the most out of every day. We commend Azoth for their unique approach to building a brand while putting profit, marketing, and sales on the back burner, ensuring that customer service and consumer happiness is on the priority.

Naturally, we had to try the product for ourselves before backing a piece like this. The small serving, large dose, caffeine free nootropic formula did not disappoint.

Azoth was created with the overall health of the consumer in mind. Rather than juicing up their nootropic supplement with excessive amounts of caffeine or under-dosing the actual nootropic ingredients, Azoth set out to prove that you can reap all the benefits of a nootropic without even needing caffeine.

Azoth uses high doses of clinically proven ingredients that when combined, are the perfect combo for stress reduction, increases in productivity, and noticeable mood elevation. Not only are you getting all of those benefits, but you’re also eliminating the potential headaches, caffeine crash, sleep disruption, and caffeine dependency that comes along with being caffeinated every day. With just 3 small pills per serving, you have the chance improve your overall quality of life with virtually no negative side effects. Let’s dive in to see what makes Azoth such a game changer.

Supplement Facts:

azoth nootropic review

First off, we need to start off by saying kudos to Azoth for making sure that their label was 100% transparent and had no proprietary blends. With nootropics, it is important to know exactly what dosage you are getting with each ingredient because, like most things, too much of a good thing can be bad. Azoth discloses their full label and just by looking at it, you can tell its outstanding.

Ashwagandha Extract- Ashwagandha Extract is derived from a root and has been used for 100’s of years in Asia as an aid to lower anxiety, alleviate sleeping problems, and has been shown to provide adaptogen properties. Adaptogens are compounds that help your body as well as your mind adapt to the physical end emotional stressors of daily life. When you couple a stressful life with any type of physical activity, your body needs to react and adapt fast to all of the stressors you are throwing at it. Ashwagandha aids your body to help it adapt and make those daily stressors not seem so stressful anymore! Other studies have shown that Ashwagandha can help to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and provide a calming effect.

L-Tyrosine- L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. Most often we see L-tyrosine in some nootropics listed as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, however the regular amino is as beneficial as ever without the Acetyl group attached. The two Neurohormones that L-tyrosine aids in producing are extremely important to your mental health. Noradrenaline and dopamine both control your mood and general feeling of happiness, but also control your stress levels, memory, and other cognitive tasks.

Phosphatidylserine- or PS for short, is a well known cognitive enhancer that aids in memory improvement. Many studies have shown that supplementing with PS can aid in memory improvement while also decreasing memory loss, especially in the elderly. Other studies have shown that supplementing with PS has shown a decrease in exercise-induced cortisol (or as many note it as; the stress hormone) post-workout. A standard dosing of PS is around 300mg but Azoth gives us a powerful 500mg dose. This dose makes sense given Tewarie’s motives for creating Azoth. As a bodybuilder going through Law School, the physical and mental demands and stressors faced would require such a dose. PS is something that should be included in any nootropic and Azoth makes sure to put this important ingredient at the forefront.

Sulbutiamine- Many may not know what sulbultiamine is, or why it is included, but some studies have suggested that this ingredient plays a huge role in lowering and alleviating mental and physical fatigue. At a standard dose of 400mg, the exact amount in Azoth, Sulbutiamine is said to be a neuroprotector that specifically aids in protecting neuronal cells in the brain from oxygen and glucose deprivation. What does this mean for you? More oxygen and blood flow to the brain is going to ensure better performance and cognitive functioning. Better cognitive functioning is going to improve the mind-muscle connection, which in turn is going to lead better performance in the gym, in the classroom, and anywhere in life. While we are still waiting for more concrete evidence and studies, there are so many positives that come along with Sulbutiamine that we applaud Azoth for including it in their formula.

Alpha-GPC- Alpha-GPC is one of the greatest cognitive aids on the market today. We wish that more supplements included Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (Alpha-GPC for short) because of all the positive studies that back the ingredient. Recently, studies have shown that Alpha-GPC aids in an increase in mind to muscle connection, increased power output, improved reaction times, recall ability, memory enhancement, reflex time, and many other cognitive functions. In the nootropic world, Alpha-GPC is the offensive line of all the ingredients. This is the ingredient that does all of the little things that make Azoth so great but may not get the credit that is due because there are so many other goodies packed in the formula. At 300mgs per serving, Azoth included the clinically dosed amount that is going to help you reap all the benefits described.

Theacrine (Teacrine)- Is there a hotter ingredient on the market right now than Teacrine? The answer is simple: NO. If Alpha-GPC is the offensive line of Azoth, then Teacrine has to be the quarterback. Teacrine has multiple studies showing its’ cognitive and physical benefits such as mental and physical energy increases, memory enhancement, mood enhancement, increased feeling of motivation, improved cognitive functioning, increased reflex quickness, and so much more! Teacrine is the driving force behind all of the other ingredients and let’s not forget its special power; the ability to increase the performance of all other ingredients on the label! That’s right, studies have also shown that Teacrine has the ability to increase the performance of other supplements and ingredients. As if the dosing of this product wasn’t great already, this MVP is now making all of the other ingredients work even harder for you.

Hordenine HCL- Hordenine HCL is commonly used in nootropics because of user-reported effects on boosting mood elevation, increase in focus, and its aid in concentration and attention. While there is not a ton of research and studies that have provided conclusive evidence on Hordenine, many users over multiple studies have reported only benefits when supplementing with Hordenine HCL. Other studies have shown that Hordenine can also work synergistically with certain racetam or choline ingredients within the nootropic family to boost their effects. While we wait for more clinical studies on this ingredient, we’re still happy Azoth included this into the mix, especially with all the user-based positive feedback.

Bioperine- So many products have Bioperine included in it, and at such a small dosage, but have you ever wondered or researched what this actually does? If not, do not worry, we have done the research for you on this patented ingredient. Bioperine’s job is to enhance the uptake and bioavailability of the ingredients that it is paired with. It is a 100% natural ingredient and has been shown to be a natural enhancer of nutrients. Plain and simple, this is an ingredient that helps the others get into your blood stream and be used the way they should be while making sure the integrity of the other ingredients is not compromised. At a 10mg dose, Bioperine ensures everything else in these 3 capsules gets to where it needs to be.

Huperzine A- The micro-dosed giant of the nootropic world. In short, Huperzine-A is a cognitive enhancer that inhibits the enzymes that degrade the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. What this means for you is with the inhibition of those enzymes, your neurotransmission increases. An increase in neurotransmission means an increase in a mind muscle connection, cognitive functioning, memory improvement, and so much more. Huperzine-A has also been shown to contain all of these benefits without any harmful side effects at such a low dosage.

Cost: The bottles are small with only 45 capsules per bottle and with the serving size being 3 capsules, that means there is only 15 full servings per bottle. The cost of the bottle is $24.99 right now on but using the code MAH10 will get you 10% off your whole purchase! With the discount you are paying about $1.50 per serving but realistically for all that you are getting, it is completely worth it. For nootropic veterans and newcomers alike, when you see the formula, you know that a product like this is well worth more than $25.

azoth nootropic review

So, what did we think?

Bottom line, this is a unique and effective nootropics. Because of the omission of caffeine or stimulants in general, users do have the option to take Azoth with caffeinated products or beverages if they choose to do so. The formula is great and does everything it is supposed to; provide you with energy (jitter free), razor sharp focus, quick thinking, improved mental clarity, and so much more. In the gym, this nootropic definitely helps with the mind muscle connection and can be easily stacked with either a non-stim, or stimmed pre-workout. The fact that this nootropic is easily stackable with so many other products at even a fraction of the suggested serving size makes it 100x more user friendly. We definitely think that Azoth is something you should be interested in, whether you’re looking for gains in the gym, mental gains in the classroom, or just need something to lift you up during life’s down swings.



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